Facebook Crystal Ball Fortune Teller Readings

Free Scrying #2 for my Facebook Crystal Ball Fortune Teller psychic readings are revealed here.

If you have found this free reading and not yet visited my Facebook page it is not too late to use the answers revealed below.

You will see my image below contains five crystal balls. Each has a theme.

1 - Career   2 - Money   3 - Love   4 - Spiritual   5 - Wellness

How to ask your free Crystal Ball Fortune Teller question:

Please be in a relaxed state of mind as this will help you tune into the psychic realms. Think of one question only for the scrying and match the theme of your question with the relative number on one of the crystal balls. Then imagine projecting your question into that ball. Hold the thought for a minute or two, then let it go.

Free Scrying #2 for my Facebook Crystal Ball Fortune Teller Reading are revealed below this picture. 

Facebook Crystal Ball Fortune Teller Readings | Scrying #2

Facebook Crystal Ball Fortune Teller Answers 

Psychics answer questions about careers

Crystal Ball 1 – Focused on Career Questions

"I have a sense of things being blocked. I see you have choices, but the outcomes of those choices are hidden. For the best results use a feminine energy, or follow a female lead. One feminine inspired choice holds more promise than double the male energetic options. Other things I notice are while having a good foundation may feel secure to you there is no reason not to go for more money and higher certifications. 

If you have already applied for multiple jobs I would say you land the best one. (And you will probably have a female boss)"

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Psychics answer questions about money

Crystal Ball 2 - Focused on Money Questions

"It’s a good time to save some of the money that now flows your way. There is pressure to spend freely as the cash flow seems never ending. BUT stash some away because you may see the river run dry. This is not a bad thing, it will be part of a transformative period that leads you away from one thing and into another. All in all, what I see coming is fresh fields of financial opportunity. But it appears that you would miss this altogether if you did not have a little shake up on your hands.

I also see travel on the horizon, (borders are crossed) perhaps that is something worth saving for.

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Psychics answer questions about love

Crystal Ball 3 - Focused on Love Questions

"Love’s eyes are about to be opened. If this is a new relationship you are entering, the signs are of a strong bond that sticks. If it is an existing bond, then things are to get a bit hot and steamy. If you are wishing for a certain loving connection I see you get your prayers answered, but perhaps not in the exact way you may have planned. 

All in all, I have a vision of love pushing forward towards you. Do not limit your expectation as there are multiple ways the universe can deliver your heart’s desire."

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Psychics answer questions about spiritual matters

Crystal Ball 4 - Focused on Spiritual Questions 

"A strong female stands behind you. A butterfly broach or pendant may have some significance. The message I’m getting is one of pushing forward against some sort of resistance. Soon enough you will have plenty of choice and opportunity at your feet. Keeping thoughts and emotions pure will always have an illuminating effect on your future pathways.

I also see a gift being brought to you. This is more than you may have thought possible and outside of your present realities. You will not be waiting long."

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Psychics answer questions about wellness

Crystal Ball 5 - Focused on Wellness Questions

"I see some sort of hands on healing, perhaps Reiki, doing good things for you. There are also signs of sadness over the loss of past vitality and an uncertainty on what to do about it. What may not have worked out well in the past may have a more beneficial effect when tried again. 

Now I get a repetitious vision of past negativity having a new and more positive way forward. So, this signifies to me that it would be well worth while re-trying a remedy that may not have worked for you last time. 

I also envision a golden light beaming upon you and retuning that vitality."

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