The Crystal Ball Reading
For Seeing Your Past, Present, And Futures

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What are crystal ball readings?

Fortune tellers use crystal balls as a portal between our material world and the abstract realms of higher consciousness. Are you not curious to know what a psychic sees for you in a crystal ball?

A crystal ball is not a toy. For instance when an amateur takes it to a party to tells fake fortunes the bungling wannabee may be subject to the side-effects of crystal potency, such as headaches, dizziness, upset stomach and more. This powerful divination tool demands and deserves more respect than that.

Crystal Ball Readings

On the lighter side, did you know crystal balls come in colors? I expect every psychic fashionista owns one in several colors! Rose quartz pink is popular as it signifies love; amethyst quartz purple is linked with high spirituality and intuition; cobalt blue obsidian crystal clears the cobwebs to foster mental clarity. But, the grandfather of all is the clear quartz crystal ball.

An ancient spiritual methodology called scrying is put into practice in the crystal ball reading. It is possible to scry through gazing at any reflective surface, such as a bowl of clear water or a mirror. After much practice, the psychic may successfully enter a trance state, where it becomes possible to ‘see’ images in the mind's eye.

Here psychical stuff gets intriguing.  But, prepare for disappointment if you only expect to hear about coming into pots of money, or traveling around the world in your own jet etc, from your fortune teller.

Instead, an authentic psychic will use the crystal ball as a link to your spirit guides, your higher self, your angels, and so on, to scry for answers to your questions about your past, present and probable futures.

How do crystal ball readings work?

  • Your psychic places this/her hands on the crystal ball, closes their eyes and concentrating on your question. goes into a light trance. A connection on the Astral plane is established when their body begins to vibrate and tingle.

  • Then your psychic will remove hands, opens eyes and then gaze into the crystal ball. A cloud-like smoke may form inside the crystal ball. This is the focal point where images, colors and visions will appear -much like when you see pictures forming in clouds in the sky. She/he will tell you a little story about what is being seen, in relation to your question.

  • When the story winds down or the images fade out, the psychic will break the Astral Plane link and detach from the crystal ball.

  • To complete your crystal ball reading, your psychic will rely on years of metaphysical experience and intuition.

Note:  Resist the urge to interrupt during the reading. Psychics practice for years before they can scry and speak simultaneously. Interruptions can often kick them out of trance and back to the material plane.

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