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Danger Alert

by S.A.S.E.

I have always known I was different then other people and I tried over the years to find out what I am. I am only 13 so I guess physic abilities blossom with puberty. How it started was that I and my mother where driving back some place, though I forgot where, and we had turned onto a high way. All of a sudden I felt terrible. I felt nauseous, like I was going to hurl, but my stomach didn't hurt. Up ahead of us was an old pick up truck. I could tell that the car's owner knew the owner of the one next to it.

Out of the blue, the car in front of us slammed on the brakes. If it wasn't for my mother's expert driving skills, we would have crashed. The feeling I had made me sure that if not for my mother, someone would have gotten hurt.

Another time, I was at my home, in bed, trying to get to sleep. My mother was to go on an audit, or to work in another city, the next day. I almost fell asleep when I had the urge to tell my mom not to go. Like a lightning bolt I shot out off bed. I believe I made it to my bedroom door when sense knocked into me. It didn't make sense to tell my mother not to go, just by my silly imagination. In these times, you can't refuse to do something your boss tells you to. My mother could have lost her job, just because of me.

So I calmed my racing heart and told myself a lie. 'Mom's going to be alright.' I went back to bed, completely forgetting the event.

The next morning my mother dropped me off at my grandmother's house. I am too young to stay at the house alone at night, and my grandmother had knee surgery, so she couldn't come to mine. Later in the evening, my mother called five minutes after she left the airport. She called to tell me that she got into a car accident. The whole back window was shattered and my mother walked away (obviously) alive, yet with four bruises, two of which that were two inches taller than the average female hand (mother measured) and just as wide.

If I could barely stop myself from preventing an injury such as that, I fear that if someone were fated to die, I would not be able to help myself from doing everything in my power to prevent that.

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Jan 16, 2011
Been there too!
by: Anonymous

I am 32 now and had abilities all my life. Some are gut feelings. If there bad enough I listen, but sometimes I dont know what the feeling is sometimes, but if I take a few moments to meditate on it or pray to God about it, its usually revealed to me. Some come in pieces, like dejavoos, but something will let me know that what i need to watch for, it is the irriest feeling deep in my gut. Ive also had dreams about the future. Some have allready come true, some have yet to happen, some futures are unchangeable, yet some are. It really depends on you. Most of us, thoes who see the future, have fellings of hopelessness. Kinda like the movie knowing. Be the best you can be, and listen to your feelings and premonitions;)

Jul 11, 2010
Just Me
by: Michael

I'm 14 years old but I discovered my powers of precognition at 12 and I really suck at using this "gift"

Sadly for me I've begun to ponder the things I don't understand like how my powers came to be and why I have them and sadly I know a lot of answers.

I also have a 12 year old friend who also sees visions but I made the mistake of telling him the truths I discovered instead of trying to show him.

This makes my life even more stressful than before because I want to show him the truth without scaring him.

I'm not sure he can handle it if I barely can.

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