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Dark Tormenter

by Jessie
(Norman, OK)

When I was a teenager, one thing I could count on was the dark figure that would appear in my doorway every night.

It was strange though how it had this dark cloud around as if it were a polluted aura. Anyway, every night it would probe my mind with this dark aura, sounds weird I know. It was as if it were trying to possess me. I would fight it until I no longer had the energy.

One night this happened, and while I was asleep, I felt like my body was being shocked. It felt almost as intense as the time when I grabbed our electrical fence. I was paralysed and couldn't even make noises of pain. When it finally subsided I was terrified and decided it was time I changed my tactics.

I started to develop this bubble that would swallow the room. It became harder for it to attack me, but it wouldn't go away.

Well then I went to boot camp and it didn't follow me hehe. When I came back I slept with my back to the door. It came up behind me and leaned over me. I could feel the usual kind of fear start to build in me. Then I whispered "I'm not afraid of you." It walked out of the room and out of my life. I realize now that fear is the real tormenter.

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