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Dead Communication

by Sally Ann

About a year or two ago my family was in need of financial assistance. It was very hard for us to afford things such as clothing and basic foods. To help with this my mother went to a place similar to the Salvation Army.

When she went there she found a container full of suit coats, most of which were my perfect size. After some time I finally tried them on, and I put my hands in the side pockets.

At the bottom of one of the pockets the seam had torn and below it laid a deeper pocket. Inside this was a piece of paper. I pulled it out and it is a small card with a rose and cross on the front cover.

After opening it up, I discovered that it was the funeral cards given to people that attended my great grandmother’s funeral.

At the very top it listed her full name, date of birth and death. I don't know if this is signs of communication of the dead, though I found it too extreme to be coincidence.

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