Develop Mental Telepathy

Develop Mental Telepathy? I never thought much of telepathy as a psychic process. Gee, what was I thinking! After being showed by my angels how to use telepathy so that I could use both psychic and telepathy skills in my readings I’ve not looked back. I can’t do a reading without utilising the process to develop mental telepathy they showed me these days!

Word origins of telepathy mean ‘distant – feeling’ it is the ability to perceive information from one mind to another without any logical connection. It is simply an extra-sensory perception – mind to mind.

We are all able to delve into another person’s mind. Our brains emit brain waves, similar to radio waves, so you just need to be on the right frequency, the alpha state of mind, to pick up their thoughts. It is not a special skill. It is sitting latent in all of us; we just need to activate it. It is not even a spiritual process, it is just another sense that is not awake yet, it’s the 7th Sense!

You can even develop mental telepathy so that you can communicate with animals. A collaborative research project on telepathy with animals by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Aimee Morgana on the abilities of her African Grey parrot N'kisi, was published in a paper in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. When it comes to pets, it is widely known that they have psychic and telepathy skills. Animals will send thought forms in way of feelings and symbols. Whilst they understand some commands of our language, they cannot think and reason to the level of humans. Therefore when you develop mental telepathy you will receive telepathic messages from your pets. You will understand the psychic and telepathy messages in images or feelings you receive from them.

Telepathy is different to being psychic. During a psychic reading, a psychic, like myself, receives information that is given to her by guides and angels. This is vastly different to the telepathic process as you are reading the thoughts of another’s mind.

It’s a really handy thing to do when you are having problems with a boyfriend or girlfriend who is not communicating to you. It's worth learning to develop mental telepathy for yourself.

In ancient days people used telepathy to communicate over long distances. These days, we have telephones, internet and other devices for communication and have lost the ability to use our minds. We rely on people to “talk” to us when there is a problem or if they want to know something.

Much work has been done in modern times by the scientific community to legitimize “telepathy”. The most widely accepted and well known telepathy experiments were those of JB Rhine at Duke University. In 1927, Rhine used ESP Cards designed by Karl Zener, called Zener Cards, funnily enough! These are a set of 5 cards with simple figures such as a plus sign, a wave, a star, a square and a circle. Try this psychic test based on the Zener cards. The idea behind the cards is that a person will hold up a card and the person being tested is expected to “hit” on what the figure is. An expected score of someone guessing which card is being held up would be around 20% correct. The more times a person is tested on a 25 deck of cards, the more statistically significant the test score becomes. Over time, if the person that is tested has not learned how to develop mental telepathy the scores would average out at around 20%. A person who has learned how to develop mental telepathy however, would be expected to score considerably higher.

It also has been proven that telepathy exists stronger between family members and close friends. This is because generally they are all on the same wave length. Like attracts like.

You Can Develop Mental Telepathy


Telepathy is an asset when conducting psychic readings about relationships and the client wants to know what the 'other person' is thinking about. I can just read their mind to see what emotions are there. Love, jealousy, anger, resentment, excitement, anticipation are all emotions that can be picked up telepathically from a third person in a reading.

I am a clairvoyant and telepath and have been giving psychic and telepathy readings for 30 years. I specialize in relationship issues and can telepathically connect to your partner and find the answers to the questions you have. You can ask any question you want and actually get the answer straight! So if you want to know how your partner feels about you, whether they or coming back to you or when you are going to hear from them again, you can speak to me

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