Developing Your & Your Child's Intuition

by Elly Molina
(Washington, USA)

Here are some simple steps to follow that will provide a roadmap to train you and your child to access and develop his/her intuitive abilities:

Step One: Create the Attitude of Belief and Expectancy

Firstly, it helps to know that children are naturally in the alpha or theta brainwave state or even a heavily mixed combination of both. Research has shown that human beings are more receptive to information delivered on a subconscious level in alpha and theta and with children having the natural propensity to spend most of their time in these two states your child can expect to get results.

Step Two: Get into Action

Sit criss-cross applesauce with fingers in the Zoot position. Criss-cross applesauce is an endearing name for the traditional “Easy Yoga Pose” or “Sukhasana Pose”. "Zoot" position for fingers is when the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger touch each other and then hands rest gently on the knees.

If available, have a set of blinders and place it over the eyes. Now, it is your opportunity to safely guide your child through a meditation practice. I like to teach breathing and how to run energy through your body.

At this point, you can have meditative music in the background. Make sure that your music is in alignment with the alpha or theta brain frequency.

Here’s a simple breathing technique: Have the children breathe in deeply and exhale. During the exhalation, focus on being grateful (make sure they have an age appropriate definition for the word that is not attached to any judgements or morality). During the inhalation I have them focus on accepting the breath of life and all the wonderful things about themselves and others. I have them accept all the love they can hold on the inhalation.

After a few deep breaths it is time to run the energy through their bodies. This is a guided exercise. Tell the child to see the white light energy run up his/her left leg, traveling up through the body to the arms, the fingers, and back up to the shoulders, around and in the head, traveling down on the right side through the shoulders, the arms, the fingers and back again down the hips, legs and feet.
You can have them do the energy run at least three times. The focus here is on breathing, being in alpha or theta, and running energy throughout their body.

Step Three: The Process

One exercise I enjoy is having the children know they are going on a journey in their minds.

It is best to begin with a simple exercise that will guarantee success. Have your child sit yoga style, with his/her fingers in the zoot position with blinders covering their eyes. Do the breathing exercise described above and have your child focus on his / her breathing and nothing else. Now, releasing all expectations of a desired outcome, tell you child that you are thinking of a color. Make it simple. Have the child know that you will be thinking of one of three colors; red, black or blue. Tell your child to see the color that you are thinking of in his/ her "mind's eye". Have them take off their blinders and mark the color they saw on a sheet of paper.

Two things are crucial here. You, the sender, must also be focusing solely on the color you are sending and you must be able to clearly see this color in YOUR mind's eye. Your mind must be clear of all distracting thoughts and your focus is only on the color you are "sending". Your child, the receiver, needs to know that a color will "pop" into his/her mind immediately. It is most always the first color that will appear. Our left brain immediately has something to say about invalidating our first choice. Go with your first choice. Your child will also learn to strengthen and trust his/her intuition through this process.

Developing the Process

It is advisable to use simple items for the viewer to send. Colors are best for the younger children whom I will call “receivers". Have children remove their blinders long enough to choose a color marker they "saw" in their mind's eye and mark the paper immediately.

It has been my personal experience to save sharing the results until the activity is completed. It becomes very easy for a young child to want to "get it right". This is another area of concern that becomes important, namely interference from the identity.

For the most part, if the sender keeps the activity simple and direct with avoidance of rewarding correct answers, intuition and psychic abilities will develop at an accelerated pace.

Also worth looking into and developing are meditation practices for guided and creative visualization. There are numerous available. For best results a short practice daily or a minimum of 4 to 5 times a week is optimal.

As your child develops his/her ability you can add shapes, such as squares, circles, triangles, etc. ( keeping it as simple as possible for the first few months) numbers, and a deck of playing cards, for the older child. After a few months of dedicated practice, you can move on to sending and receiving scenes and objects.

The idea is to keep these activities varied, fun and simple. As your child develops his/her intuition, there is a rich reward and an access to realms of possibility still unavailable to most of us.

Elly Molina is a psychic, educational consultant and author of Annabelle and the Domino. She also trains and develops children in Mindfulness and Intuitive & Psychic Development.

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