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Distraction For Zener Cards

by Lynn
(Cornwall, England)

I was trying to "do" the zener cards to no avail when quite by accident I hit on a trick, for want of a better word, which started me on this wonderful journey.

The thing when you are trying to pick which card is right, you already know but your mind is focused on what your brain is saying.

Whilst doing the zener cards I became pre-occupied as to where my i-Pod was, because of that I was paying little attention to the choices I was making, guess what? Yep my next 4 choices were correct, this from the woman that was hard pushed to get one right.

So that’s where you start, have a look at your choices but DON'T let your brain decide. Think of something else then at some point look at your choices. Usually, if done unawares, it is the one your eyes go to first. From there you can start to recognise the "feel" of your right choices and before long you will make them without the distraction technique.

This psychic test uses the Zener Cards.

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