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Psychic Dream Meanings

Psychic Dream Meanings found within your night-time phantasmagoria. Otherwise known as free interpretations of dreams.

Psychic Dream Meanings.

I woke up feeling so guilty.

I had a dream that there was a party happening at my house. Lots of people were there, most standing around the kitchen. I was talking to a co-worker/friend who came in the back door, with his mother and her friend. I was having a great time, and then all of a sudden I felt like I was in a panic. I couldn't find my husband anywhere. I had an overwhelming feeling of abandonment and hurt. Like he didn't care for me just what was best for him. I was upset, and getting angry. I went outside on the deck, trying to look in the garage for him. It was cold, and raining. When I reached the garage door, I fell and hurt my knee. Upon opening the door, it wasn't a garage, but more of a loft with a big bed. Next thing I knew I was having an affair, on the bed, with my co-worker. I did end up finding my husband, and had told him that I had cheated on him. When I woke up, I was in tears and felt guilty. I remember feeling that it was so real, like I really did make love with someone else.

Leila - Moncton, Canada

Ian's psychic dream meanings.

  • Leila, there is a simple message here, perhaps a warning. Someone other than your husband IS interested in you. Don’t be naive as to his intentions. He may well play a subtle game which you could take as an innocent intention or friendship. But if you don’t close an emotional back door, he will slip past your guard. And if you were to allow your self this forbidden passion-fruit it will most certainly be the end of your marriage. Your husband would have no further interest in you at all. But don’t worry, I see you staying faithful and happy.

I'm Sharing Bath with his Ex-Girlfriend

Me and my boyfriend are in a bedroom, the door is open slightly. Two people walk past the door into the room next door. These people are my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. I walk to the room they're in and open the door, I speak to them. Then all of a sudden I’m walking into the bathroom and I see women’s clothes on the floor and I notice a bra hanging from the sink. I turn to look at the bath and my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is lying in it. She smiles at me. I apologize for walking in on her and turn to go back out. But then suddenly I’m lying in the bath with her. She smiles again and I smile back.

Shelly - Tamworth UK

Ian's psychic dream meanings.

  • Shelly, No need for any insecurity with your boyfriend and his ex. She is not a threat to your relationship. The ex girlfriend may also be trying to tell you about a similar situation you are, or will both be, in. If you boyfriend cheated on his ex girlfriend which led to their separation, beware of your boyfriend’s fidelity. However, it’s more likely they separated in a friendly way, more due to them simply growing apart; in this case you have no need to fear your boyfriend being unfaithful.

Happy Sharks behaving like Dolphins.

I’m in a sea-life park with everybody watching the dolphin show. But I see that the dolphins are really sharks with big smiles. I’m invited to swim with the dolphins and the officials wont take no for an answer. I wake as I’m thrown in the water.

Mary T. Chester UK.

Ian's psychic dream meanings.

  • Mary, don’t leave it till the last minute to say no to a business or personal proposition. Trust your intuition above the advice of the group around you. Joining something just because everybody else seems to be happy is no reason to deny your hunches. You can spot a phony. Trust your own judgment. Avoid a situation before it's too late.
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