Egyptian Clairvoyant

by Abla El-Azhary
(Nottingham, England)

I have loved working in Spiritual Churches up and down the country for the last 20 years and made a very good name for myself. I also worked in Egypt, France and USA. I love people and love to help. I am very accurate (it sometimes scares me lol).

I am giving readings from home and I go to people homes, if they bring few people together. I also do my own venues in pubs and centres and people love it so much they call me to ask when I will be back.

In one of my venue events recently a lady came to see me for the second time. She came back to tell me that a message I gave earlier suggesting she go visit her grandma and in doing so they would both enjoy a good time together. She said she followed my advice and they had a great and happy time together, something she was very grateful for because her grandma died two weeks later.

Another time I was giving reading at home to a man and told him his deceased mum was there and she was talking to me. She was saying something about a daughter. He said no I don’t have a daughter. He only had two sons. But his mum kept telling me he has and she should be fifteen years old. No, he said again. So I said think about it and started to talk about something else. Suddenly he said “Oh My God” and then he explained that he had known a woman many years ago. A friend of his met her not long ago and had told him that she has a daughter from him. But he didn’t believe him and didn’t do anything about it. He said she would be 15 years of age by now.

I bring lots of laughter and fun to my psychic events. They call me the happy medium.

My name is Abla I live in Nottingham England

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