Why False Fortune Tellers Give Psychics And Mediums A Bad Name

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I feel I need to touch on the subject of false fortune tellers again owing to the forums I see on the internet and the ratings and feedback given to us in the profession.

As a working psychic medium I will say and agree that there are many charlatans in my profession but equally there are many excellent psychic mediums too. However before you start to criticise us, you need to have a basic understanding of how the laws of the Universe work and also many so called Psychics will jump down my throat when I say this, "It's impossible to foretell the future". The genuine psychics and mediums amongst us will understand this, but let me explain.

Why False Fortune Tellers Give Psychics And Mediums A Bad Name

We are all subject in life and after death to the laws of the Universe, namely there is cause and effect, every thought and deed we have and do will cause ripples of energy and affect others. One you will know well as 'Karma' i.e. you are accountable for all your actions and what you give out you will get back tenfold, us Spiritualists know this as 'Compensation and retribution for all souls'. To put it even simpler, if you bear bad thoughts and actions towards others you will have to pay for it either in this lifetime or in another but positively if you do good deeds and think positively for others you will be rewarded. Positive thoughts and deeds attract positivity and likewise negativity attracts negativity. This is known as the 'law of attraction'.

How this transpires is whilst we are in spirit before we incarnate, we know our faults and failings and WE choose to work on those to make our souls purer, so we choose experiences and challenges some of which is to payback for what we have done before. We also through every lifetime wish to experience all aspects of life, the good and the bad to enrich our souls and the older our soul the tougher the challenges these tend to be. But think about this, if we knew what was ahead of us in our lifetime, especially the not so good, would we wish to go through with it? probably not, so our memory is wiped from our 'physical mind' our souls however retain this memory and this can be explained as our 'higher self or intuition'. Life is not easy on Earth it was never intended to be for Earth is our classroom and we are all incarnated on Earth to learn and grow. We thus have this soul memory of what we need do, but the Universe and spirit want us to learn from our mistakes, they want us to choose for ourselves to learn willingly so they give us 'Free will'.

Now what has all this got to do with Psychics and Mediums? it is the 'Free will' that complicates readings, we can see your soul path, we are sensitive enough to attune to your souls, but we have no control over your 'Free will'. Sometimes our guides and helpers will only give some information and not the desperate information you long for, this is because, either there is a soul challenge for you or another party involved. So can you see how it is impossible to be 100% accurate. Guides will only give some information if it will not impinge YOUR chosen destiny. Our personal guides and helpers and loved ones in spirit want to help us get through those challenges, so they will help us meet like minded souls to help us along the way. This may be the understanding friend, who has been though these type of experiences themselves who in turn can support you through your soul lesson. Sometimes these people will be here for a few days, the transient or the long standing but rest assured Spirit will never let you fall so far you cannot get up.

One common criticism I see on these forums arise through ignorance, and that is, 'If psychics could tell the future they would know the lottery numbers' after all how many psychics do you know are lottery winners? The answer of course is not many, not because we are rubbish psychics but because genuine psychics and mediums are old souls and we are working at becoming purer souls, our challenge is to experience as much as possible and I can guarantee the genuine psychics and mediums among us will have had a tough life. This is because we need to have experienced all those awful things so we can be supportive and understanding and be able to show empathy to others.

Only the ignorant, young souls would come out with this. Only the ignorant and young souls would liken psychic mediums to false fortune tellers. Indeed Psychic Mediums are NOT fortune tellers we are here to empathize, support and guide YOU through your challenges and sometimes we are given snippets of the future but only if it won't affect your progress. Mediums on the other hand also give 'Survival Evidence' of life after physical death. The future is not written in stone, you make your own destiny, YOU chose it and YOU alone are responsible for it.

Now if there are psychic mediums out there who read this and disagree with what I'm saying, I would question their motives, the word 'Charlatan' comes to mind.

Astrid Brown - author and professional psychic medium.

Astrid Brown is an author and a professional psychic/medium

Having a background in nursing Astrid became interested in many holistic therapies, became a Reiki master and went on to become a college lecturer in holistic studies. Much of her work is inspired and channeled from spirit so it often has a philosophical slant. She writes periodically for online magazines and works for a large international psychic company as a medium. She resides in the UK.

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Why False Fortune Tellers Give Psychics And Mediums A Bad Name

Why False Fortune Tellers Give Psychics And Mediums A Bad Name
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Psychic Medium that disagrees - by: Christine Rivers 

I was born a 6th generation Psychic Medium that we know of. I'm now spiritually aware of my gifts. I begin receiving messages from spirits at age 5. I'm currently living my Divine life purpose as an Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor My mission is to connect with and counsel all whom wants to awaken their spiritual gifts and Divine life purpose I wait for a sign from them I don't push myself off on people I have already helped many and I do a lot of work for free, I said all of that just to state my motives. Now we know nothing is written in stone but I have vision and guidance that come from the spirits and God with that guidance I'm able to see what others cannot see and it comes to pass. Before I was aware of my visions and spiritual connections being God's work I would hide them and pray to stop them but they still came to pass. Sometime my visions are cloudy but they still come to pass. Yes Psychics can see what's to come but when I'm giving a client a reading and I'm reading off their energy and what their feeling at the moment and for whatever reason their energy chance and their not feeling the same way after their reading and want and pray for a different outcome then I can see the outcome changing from what I seen happening but that don't happen to often.

You Are Missing The Point - by: Astrid 

You are actually missing the point here Christine, Fortune Telling is entirely different from Psychic Mediumship. You have to also bear in mind too what we receive from Spirit is down to OUR interpretation as we relay this to clients so you cannot give an accurate reading to a client for we are human whilst on earth and we can relay the message inaccurately. So nothing is written in stone. A genuine responsible spiritual medium knows this and must accept it is impossible to foretell the future.

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