The Most Famous Psychics
On The World Wide Web

Ian Parkin is the verified author of this post.

I keep tabs on the world's most famous psychics. I use the popularity of their websites for a true and accurate form of ranking the top 10. This list is updated regularly.

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I formulate my list by using The Official Alexa Traffic Rank Extension (the global leader in analytics) to discover the most successful sites on the web, and then rank my list of famous psychics accordingly. I had also used Google Page Rank in the past, but this algorithm was retired by Google and is no longer a means measurement. 

Famous Psychics - Top 10 Ranked by Website Popularity

Some important factors in assessing these sites.

  • I rank the websites of Famous Psychics based on The Official Alexa Traffic Rank (Chrome Extension) (ATR) as this is the most accurate representation of actual fame on the web!

  • With Alexa, the lower the number equates to the higher the FAME of that website.

  • I have included the count on sites linking in. However it is the quality of referring sites not the quantity that is used in the Alexa algorithm.

  • Alexa rankings change from time to time so I update these stats as frequently as possible to keep this Top 10 list verified and true.

  • You are welcome to suggest sites for this list if you find I have missed one. (use this link). I will check ATR for your recommendations and place them in the appropriate order on this page. 

I last updated this page: August 2019  - Changes since last update noted as |Same|+Up|-Down|

Famous Psychics - Top 10 Ranked by Website Popularity

Ian Parkin
  • 1st - Ian Parkin
  • ATR: 240,373 (Up from 377,752)
  • Sites Linking In: 88 (-)

Ian Parkin is the owner and principal psychic of this Website. 30+ Years Providing Professional Psychic Advice and Coaching to his clients around the world from his now home base of Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia.

Edgar Cayce
  • 2nd - Edgar Cayce
  • ATR: 378,526 (Down from 342,869)
  • Sites Linking In: 755 (-)

Edgar Cayce the "sleeping prophet, is the most documented psychic of the 20th century.

For more than 40 years Cayce gave psychic "readings" to thousands of seekers while in a hypnotic state, diagnosing illnesses and revealing lives lived in the past and prophecies yet to come.

Sonia Choquette
  • 3rd - Sonia Choquette
  • ATR: 703,721 (Up from 877,068)
  • Sites Linking In: 33 (-)

Sonia Choquette is celebrated worldwide as an author, spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, and transformational visionary guide. Her psychic gifts were evident from the young age of twelve.

Now an enchanting storyteller/teacher, Sonia is known for her delightful humor and adept skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties, and into a healthier energy flow.

Tana Hoy
  • 4th - Tana Hoy 
  • ATR: 794,952 (Up from 992,735)
  • Sites Linking In: 69 (+)

Tana Hoy was born with a very rare psychic gift. He not only has the ability to “hear” the voices of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones on the other side, but he can also see them, and talk with them!

Tana first became a famous psychic when he predicted the tragic Oklahoma City bombing on national radio – 90 minutes before it happened! Ever since then, he’s been in great demand.

Uri Geller
  • 5th - Uri Geller
  • ATR: 1,023,737 (Up from 1,437,279)
  • Sites Linking In: 108 (-)

Uri Geller is one of the world's most investigated and celebrated famous psychics.

Famous around the globe for his mind-bending abilities, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy and mystery. He first became aware of his unusual powers when he was five.

James Van Praagh
  • 6th - James Van Praagh
  • ATR: 1,053,197 (Down from 825,219 )
  • Sites Linking In: 174 (-)

James Van Praagh is a survival evidence medium, and is able to bridge the gap between that of the living and that of the dead. He provides evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages.

His work has brought spiritual insights to millions with his numerous guest appearances on such shows as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Larry King Live, 20/20, The View, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, Beyond Belief, Biography, Coast to Coast, 48 Hours, and a multitude of others.

Theresa Caputo
  • 7th - Theresa Caputo
  • ATR: 1,154,050 (Up from 1,401,062)
  • Sites Linking In: 46 (-)

Theresa Caputo was an earlier TV reality show star of Long Island Medium. A New York Times best-selling author, and an incredibly busy mom, wife, and all-around family gal. Seeing, feeling, and sensing Spirit since she was four years old, it wasn’t until her 20s that she learned to communicate with souls in Heaven. 

John Edward
  • 8th - John Edward
  • ATR: 1,630,609 (Down from 1,541,575 )
  • Sites Linking In: 129 (-)

John Edward is a psychic medium, author and lecturer. He has, over many years, helped thousands with his uncanny ability to predict future events.

John is also recognised as one of the world's foremost mediums by accurately communicating with those who have crossed over to the Other Side.

The Psychic Twins

Terry and Linda Jamison, known internationally as The Psychic Twins, are the most documented psychics in history, with an unrivaled track record of over 1,500 accurate world predictions. They are most famous for their stunning predictions of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the Pentagon attacks of 2001 (on the international radio show Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, November 2, 1999). They are also the only people who predicted the Paris terror attacks of 2015, Belgium attacks of 2016, the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the Orlando Florida terror attacks.

John Holland
  • 10th - John Holland
  • ATR: 2,885,526 ( Down from 1,582,868)
  • Sites Linking In: 98 (+)

John Holland was born with an inner-sense of knowing and learned to deal with the beginnings of his psychic awakenings.

After a near-fatal automobile accident when he was 30 years old (His Wake–Up Call!) his system amplified his psychic skills and brought them to the surface.

John has become one of the most respected psychic mediums and spiritual teachers on the world stage today.

Not in the Top 10 - but they are Famous Psychics

Allison DuBois
  • 11th - Allison DuBois 
  • ATR: 3,176,987 (Up from 4,600,941)
  • Sites Linking In: 50 (-)

Allison DuBois is an American author and psychic medium. Using her psychic abilities Alison has assisted U.S. law enforcement officials in solving crimes. The life and times of Allison DuBois formed the basis of the hit TV series Medium.

Gordon Smith
  • 12th - Gordon Smith (no link as site is not secured by https)
  • ATR: 12,462,241 (Down from 5,973,976)
  • Sites Linking In: 14 (-)

Gordon Smith is a Scottish psychic medium and spiritual teacher. After years balancing his work as an internationally renowned medium with his day job, and as a barber in his native Glasgow in Scotland, Gordon is now acknowledged as one of the world’s famous psychics conducting mediumship events around the world. 

Adam the Dreamhealer
  • 13th - Adam McLeod (no link as site is not secured by https)
  • ATR: 13,839,946 (Down from 6,718,056)
  • Sites Linking In: 48 (-)

Adam McLeod has studied for years to bring a scientific framework to maximizing outcomes through the power of our own harnessed intentions.

AKA as Adam the Dreamhealer, his energy healing journey is miraculous and is opening a new path through the world of the paranormal.

Lisa Williams
  • 14th - Lisa Williams 
  • ATR: 18,257,211 (Down from 4,695,660 )
  • Sites Linking In: 51 (-)

Lisa Williams - is a UK psychic medium who became famous after an invitation to visit the USA led he to meet the television host and media mogul Merv Griffin. 

With hit TV shows Life Among the Dead' , 'Voices from the Other Side' , and 'Lisa Williams Live'  as well as private readings, Lisa  also tours, gives messages from Spirit and teaches Spiritual Development Classes online and throughout the world.

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