Find your Spirit Guides.

by Valerie Henson

I lived in a small country town and this was a strong Christian community. Oh, how I wish I could believe like everyone else, join a church and God would save me from all this. It's just that, I always, had this part of me that said. Well, there are so many religions in the world. Why is this one right and the others are wrong.

I was also a bit of a rebel, always a little different than the rest of the crowd. So, I went on my own spiritual church at the library, reading books on ALL World religions including, Hinduism. I remember, having a close friend, who is Iranian and she converted to Christianity. Her story was, I had a dream, where Jesus came to me, and said, I am your guide now. There was no turning back for her.

Wow, I thought, not in disagreement, just that, I guess the important thing is to choose a belief that feels right for you. That's the most important thing. Apparently this gave her happiness. Although, for me, I never could grasp the sacrifice for your sins thing. I was still keeping what she said in mind. So, I continued my studies on religions, until one day, I thought, what if, what if, ....we can choose our spiritual guides, setting the holy books aside for one moment. What if? Jesus was a guide, Angels could be a guide, Goddesses could be a guide?? Even, Allah could be a guide....hummm....maybe that's the answer; we all have our personal guides that we call on for help.

It's really not about, religion, it's about our guides and we can choose. It's our choice! It can all work and we call be one.... oh well, just a thought.

Psychic Valerie Henson

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May 26, 2012
by: Dave

We were given these gifts for a reason and my personal opinion is that God gave them to us to help others.

Apr 18, 2012
I agree.
by: Zakatachi

I have been the same way. Religion, Is a man made thing and Spirituality Is not. God, Chi, the electro-magnetic force In all things, the power of the universe. It Is what It Is and It Is all the same thing. We get to choose what we call It and we get to choose how It shows Itself to us. Or perhaps, how It chooses to show Its self to us.

Nov 03, 2011
Not sure of psychic connection
by: Bernadette

I have always had weird happenings since a little.girl, my sisters n brother have the same issues, we all have different abilities, but lately I have been dreaming of talking to people who have past, I have strange feeling like someone's here, and smell scents, alcohol, and cigar..all of that I have.dealt with, but now I am hearing like a little girl cousin was with me and she verified the noises n we inspectedno logical reason and what makes it worse its had to be pretty loud because I only have 4% hearing in my ear...I just need some answers or help, always been drawn to the paranormal...

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