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First time for everything

by JJ

When your 7, you ask silly questions; what happens when you go to heaven? Why can't I go on that ride? Why is the sky blue? Well I was struck stupid when I was seven years old, and had my first vision.

I started out dreaming, like any other night, (I almost always dream,) when suddenly it changed. I was in my French room, and I was asking a class mate for a pencil. Then I felt pain in my hand, and when I looked, a pencil was through my hand. There was a LOT of blood, and I could feel my hand twitching for real.

I woke up a little shaken, but just forgot about once I was at school. I was in French that day, and had forgotten a pencil, as usual. SO I went to ask my friend for a pencil, she said I could borrow one, suddenly it was déjà vu. The lighting was right, my angle was the same, and my view of my friend was the same. Then I stopped reaching for the pencil. I turned my head and my hand was only a few centimeters away from a pencil that was sticking up. I was, at that point, freaked out, so I took the pencil, and went back to my seat.

As I got older, I found that I had a lot of different psychic gifts, and I understand what happened, and I embrace and practice my powers more. All I have to say to all the other psychics in the world reading this, DO NOT INGORE YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES. And whatever happens, just trust that they're with you for the better.

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