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Flight of a Song Bird

by Kimberly
(Moosup, Ct. USA)

I once ( Channeled Energy ) healed a bird that was doomed and on the brink of death when one of our cats got a hold of it. It was mangled, bleeding and surely to die.

When I saw the cat in our back yard with his prize, something in my heart and mind cried out as I tried to shoo away the cat from the bird.

The tears began to whelm inside me as I placed the almost lifeless, mangled bird into a small wicker basket lined with a soft white face cloth and brought it to my bedroom and closed the door. The evening sun was starting to set as I then began to pray for the peace and suffering of this little bird while I touched it gently.

As night began to fall, I left my bedroom door closed so the cat could not come in and finish off what he started.

The next morning as I woke I went to check on the dead bird? and it was GONE from the basket. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye across the room on the floor all alert and ALIVE. It looked right at me for a few moments as if to say: Thank You! then up it went and flew across my bedroom and out my window.

Coincidently? the screen was torn and it flapped like a "Pet Door" would ( it was summer time ). That is how the bird flew out to freedom! It was truly an amazing sight as my own heart felt the... "Flight of a Song Bird".

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