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Found My Father

by Kay Mc Hugh
(CA.. USA)

My Father left my Mother and I when I was 1 1/2 years old and spent the next 25 years riding the rails and living the life of a hobo. He stopped by once when I was about 4 and again when I was about 6 and after that, I only got a phone call, or card from him every few years, but never from the same place.

When I was about 25, I was laid off of work and was home watching a talk show. I hadn't had any contact from my Father in about 5 years. One of the topics was finding lost people and they gave a phone number for a place called "Seekers of the Lost". For a fee, a name, birth date and social security number, they would find ANYBODY!! So, I gave then the credit card number and laughed it off...thinking, "Yeah...they can't find him."

The very next day...he called me. I was SHOCKED!! I said, "That was quick!!" And he asked what I was talking about. I told him what I'd done and he said no one had contacted him, he just got the feeling to call. He also said that he thought I might be a "Sender" and that it runs in our family. I didn't really believe him, he was a drunk after all.

A month or so later, I got the info from the company. They had found a man who was older than him and had a different 1st name and completely different Social Security number. I guess I really did "vibe" him to call me...after all those years...less than 24 hours after paying my $39.99 to find him.

As a foot note...just as I was editing this submission...my brother, by my Father, whom I've never met, and just recently got in touch with...called me. He's done that before...called when I was just about to call him.

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Jan 18, 2010
It happens to me too
by: Anonymous

My friends or family always seem to call when I am thinking about them, or, the other way around, I call them and they say, "I was JUST about to call you". I think that when you are close to people, your energy's kind of converge in a way. I can't wait to read more stories on here, because it's good to know that I'm not "a freak" and it's not just coincidence.

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