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Freaky Halloween

by Bryan

On Halloween Night

On Halloween Night

My name is Bryan, and I currently live in Wisconsin, I moved here recently from Florida, which is where my story takes place.

On Halloween night, me and two of my best friends went tricker treating (I was and am currently 14) and we were fooling around, me and one of my friends have been known to be psychic (I’m an empath, aurora reader, and can see demons- is that all?) she can see demons, and also other unclear things.

So we decided to walk into the park, which has a bi forest in it, when we felt uneasy, even my other friend felt uneasy, and he has no recorded psychic ability. That’s when I felt it, and so did she.

This is where I also learned I can communicate with others mentally, which I forgot to include. An unknown energy "spoke" and asked who we were, we obviously didn’t reply. It was rapidly approaching us, and it was black and white, with a face like the ink blot things doctors use and ask what you see, but it kept changing.

We decided to run, and literally run. My friend (the non-psychic) kept turning back, but I told him to stop and get going. Later we decided to sit in my room; this is when I explained to him what I could do, and what it was.

Later that night we found that a little boy had been hit by a car not too far away, as in, within a 5 mile radius, we decided it was either a demon to bring him to hell, or an angel to bring him to heaven.

Now that I think about it, a picture we had taken that night had my friend in it, and showed the shadow of a tree in my house completely black and looked startlingly like someone holding a scythe over his neck.

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