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Fulfilled Indigo Adult

by Nailah

From as far back as I can remember I've always felt different. As a child I would take things apart (dolls, radios etc) to see how they worked. I could never concentrate in school, my mind would be in the clouds. I always felt like no one understood me, yet I knew I had a divine purpose for being here.

Depression came in the early teens for me. Drugs did nothing but make me sick and limited. I can remember attending church as a child and feeling like I wanted to run out the door screaming. I felt so uncomfortable. I knew didn't belong in a conventional church environment. It felt like a lie. And I always know (whether I want to believe it or not) when someone was lying to me.

I always felt like I was being encouraged to experience different belief systems. I was fascinated with different cultures. As I got older I saw the world differently from most. I grew interested in the afterlife and spirituality. I wanted to be free to study what I wanted. I dreamed of traveling the world and seeing beautiful places and people.

Once I started embracing my higher-self, things came so much easier. I knew I was an healer in another life. I started doing healing work (reiki, reflexology), using tarot cards and birth charts. These things came so natural to me. I could see and feel things that most people couldn't (clairsentience). It was amazing! I finally felt at peace in my body.

It wasn't until my youngest daughter told me she saw and heard spirits that I really started looking for answers. "Am I an Indigo child?", I thought. Most importantly, are my children Crystal Children?

I feel so fulfilled now that I know what I am! I look forward to what awaits me and my children in the future!

Nailah Rose

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