Fun Psychic Exercise by Amethyst

by Amethyst

Psychic Amethyst

Psychic Amethyst

Here is a really fun psychic exercise, take a box of standard colors of Crayola crayons and some white paper, pick a color and color it on the paper. Have a friend sit across from you with their eyes closed. Send them the color by thinking of that color and focusing on that color. Have the friend imagine what color they can see on your paper. Tell them to say it out loud. See if it is the color you have on the paper. This can be so much fun and it will help show you a glimpse of our psychic side.

I have been reading oracle cards and tarot since the age of eight. I love to read and help my clients. It helps the soul to become comfortable with the problems put fourth by the universe.

Sometimes people feel the pressures of everyday life, relationships, career and money, my cards help to figure out what lies ahead and sometimes what went wrong. I can even locate lost items for you as well.

These gifts were handed down to me by my grandmother, at a really early age she helped to put me on the right path to focus on my talents. It wasn't easy that’s for sure. I attended a school called the Draperian, it taught metaphysics but later was closed down.

To contact me for a reading call 814-661-9488. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Psychic Amethyst

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Feb 07, 2009
Looking for Psychic Tips
by: Erin

Hi, I've had 2 psychic things happen to me. 1: Well, I've had Deja vu more than once. 2: I have seen somebodys aura. (It was just a bit of aura and I only noticed it for a split second.) I have always wanted to build up my psychic powers and I was just looking for a some tips.

Sep 26, 2008
A Wow Reading
by: Parris

Wow this amethist blew my socks off. She was really accurate, on the money and worth every penny. This woman really is the real deal. She won't tell you what you want to hear but what is in her cards. She tells you what is the truth, but not in a hurtful way, she's honest, and will help you in the situation you need help with. This is a real reader. She even helped me find my keys. Blew me away

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