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How To Advertise Tarot Readings Successfully

Understanding the importance of your spiritual and metaphysical practice is the first step in learning where and how to advertise tarot readings successfully. Your services offer insight, guidance, and personal growth to your clients. It's your responsibility to convey these qualities effectively to future clients. To do this, you must build a strong, captivating online presence sprinkled with a sense of mystery and wonder to captivate your target audience.

Creating an eye-catching promotional campaign begins by identifying your unique selling proposition. What sets you apart? It could be your connection with nature, your rich understanding of the history and tradition of tarot, or your dedication to self-awareness and personal growth. Your marketing messages need to reflect this uniqueness while maintaining a balance between practicality and the mystical world of tarot.

Where To Advertise Tarot Readings

Leveraging online platforms like the Psychic Junkie Website, which attracts your ideal audience, is a powerful approach to advertising tarot readings. A short, classified advert, or a full guest post (both are free on this platform) would increase your visibility, ensuring your services reach individuals seeking spiritual guidance. Making use of such an influential platform is an essential component of inclusive and universal advertising, reaching out to as many potential clients as possible.

Honing your advertising craft means exploring new techniques and platforms. This curiosity and exploration will expose your brand to diverse audiences, providing opportunities for business growth. A good example of a marketing strategy to explore is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO can be used like I am doing now to naturally infuse primary and secondary keywords in this page such as "where to advertise tarot readings" and "tarot advertising," improving rankings on search engines like Google.

Boosting the attraction factor in your ads is all about positioning. Represent your services as a beneficial escape from the humdrum world, providing elements of fun, joy, and surprise. Tarot readings fill clients with a sense of wonder and realization. Your ads should, therefore, reflect these sentiments, inspiring your audience with imagery, content, and designs that resonate with those feelings.

In your advertising efforts, strive for authenticity and validation, assuring potential clients of the safety and grounding your services can offer. This can be reflected in testimonials, portfolio galleries, blog posts, and other forms of content marketing. Remember, connection and empathy are key factors in tarot reading. Your ads should connect with viewers on an emotional level, assuring them of the safety, respect, and grounding inherent in your practice.

How To Advertise Tarot Readings

Writing an engaging advertorial for influential platforms like the Psychic Junkie Website ensures your tarot services are promoted in an inviting, enthusiastic, and positive manner, engaging potential clients right off the bat. Be sure to emphasize the wonderful experience that tarot readings can offer, acknowledging that you comprehend their search for guidance and assurance.

Another efficient technique to advertise tarot readings is through your own social media channels. These platforms offer the chance to use powerful visuals and brief posts to create an aura of mystery, curiosity, and anticipation around your services. Engage your audience by posting interactive content, such as videos of readings or fun tarot tidbits.

Finally, offer value-adding content to clients. This might include free sample readings, informational e-books about tarot, or insightful blogs in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. Offering such value enriches their engagement and instills a sense of respect for your professional competence. In turn, it builds trust, fostering a stronger connection between you and your potential clients, bringing us back to where we began - understanding the importance of advertising your offerings effectively. The circle of promoting your tarot readings continues, each instance illuminating your value and commitment to guidance, assurance, and personal growth.

I offer free classifieds tarot advertising for fellow professionals. So, if you are looking for zero cost ways of promoting your small business as a tarot reader you will love this.

How To Advertise Tarot Readings HereHow To Advertise Tarot Readings Here.
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FAQs About Where And How To Advertise Tarot Readings

Can you show me how to advertise tarot readings here?

  • There are several options available to you for promoting your tarot business here on the Psychic Junkie Website. Firstly, I offer free tarot classifieds which can be a short 50 to 100-word overview. Alternatively, you can submit a guest blog post of 800 words or more. This is also an absolutely free option. For maximum targeted exposure, I offer a paid advertorial subscription in which I push your article out via my RSS, email list, and social networks every month.

Should I give free tarot readings online?

  • If you are looking for ways to attract paying clients, you are going to be disappointed if you start offering to give a free reading online. Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with doing free readings while you develop your skill, but you will discover this lost leader to be a real lost cause and it will not put money into your bank account.

How do I become a working tarot card reader online?

  • You can learn how to start a business as a professional tarot reader in 90 days or less with Tatiana Jones' bestselling course. Even if you are a complete tarot card reading beginner Tatiana will guide you through an entire process, step-by-step, teaching you everything you need to know, from developing your intuition, right through to becoming a professional high-income earning online tarot reader. I have organized a special introductory discount for you, so if you decide to join Tatiana's course using the link below, you'll pay only $27 instead of the usual $99 for the full program. Make sure to click here to find out more about it >>

How do tarot readers attract clients?

  • There are two side to this answer. 1) You go solo and do all the promotions yourself. 2). You work through an online network who already have a big community of customers. You are paid a percentage of the reading fees, but they do all the marketing. Obviously, the main advantage of going solo is that you earn 100% of your fees, the downside is that you will need to attract all your own clients. That means setting up your own website or blog and learning about search engine optimization. You also need profiles of some social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram that can drive traffic back to your site. Then you will need to think about writing articles with great information for your website and social media posts. It will also be important to write captivating content for guest posts on other high traffic sites in your niche. Yet another option is to offer your services on the Etsy or Fiverr online marketplaces.

How do I sell Tarot readings on Fiverr?

  • Selling readings on Fiverr is called freelancing. You will need to set up an account, a gig listing, and a professional tarot sales letter to convert viewers into paying customers. I cover the process in more detail on this page. And I recommend coming back to check out some of the successful businesses already selling tarot services on Fiverr.

Can I sell tarot readings on Etsy?

  • Yes, Etsy welcomes Tarot, psychic, and other divination readings, but prohibit metaphysical services such as distance healing and spellcasting. In her book, Raven Luna outlines how she makes a full-time income in her spare time, reading tarot through Etsy.
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Selling Tarot Readings on Etsy How I Make $3,000 a Month: Home Business Success - by Raven Luna
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  • Formats, Sizes and Types of Readings to Offer
  • Pricing Strategies
  • How to Set Boundaries
  • Setting your Tags, Titles and Descriptions for Success
  • How to Deal with Cancellations and Refunds
  • Branding Your Shop
  • Gaining Feedback
  • Ethics While Reading for Strangers
  • How to Deal with Upset Clients
  • How to Gain and Maintain Repeat Clients
  • And More

As an added bonus to market your tarot business on this marketplace Raven also includes a list of terms clients search for most often on Etsy when seeking tarot readings.

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Develop Your Intuition And Become An Online Tarot Card Reader

You can learn how to become a professional online tarot card reader in 90 days or less with Tatiana Jones' bestselling course. In this short course, Titania teaches everything you need to know to start an online tarot reading business - with zero experience required! You do not need to be psychic to read tarot cards online! It is all about being intuitive and “connecting the dots”.

Tarot Reading Entrepreneurship

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How To Advertise Tarot Readings Here
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