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Ghost and Haunted House Clearing Advice

Aleta Mason is the verified author of this post about ghost and haunted house clearings.

Is there something evil in your house? Do you or your pets see, hear or feel a presence in the house? It may or may not be "evil" but if you or your pets are scared, sick, depressed or irritable, it is quite possible that it's a not-so-friendly ghost or entity.

Relax! There's a solution ! You don't need to be religious or go to church to get the help you need; but you may still call on protective beings. Jesus said "fear not, for I have already conquered evil."

The "dark side" may try to scare you but their power is limited. The most control they have is through fear itself. Remember that you have guardian angels !

Here's my ghost and haunted house clearing tips:

1) Immediately say a prayer.

  • There are many protection prayers all over the internet. I recommend googling "invoke archangel Michael." Choose the prayer/invocation that you are drawn to. I highly recommend, though they won't all include this,to add at the beginning " Archangel Michael (3x), I call you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit..." Invoke him daily.

2) Remember and teach your kids the simplest call for protection.

  • "In the name of Jesus, Satan be gone" Say it aloud. Everything dark must leave when this is stated.
Ghost and Haunted House Clearing TipsPsychic Aleta Mason's Ghost and Haunted House Clearing Tips

3) Open a few windows (to allow the dark energies a way to exit)

  • Burn sage or a mix of sage and cedar over an ashtray or metal pan, walking through each room clockwise, saying a prayer such as "In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit I cleanse, purify, sanctify and bless this house and everyone in it, including people and pets. All that is evil, hurtful, deceptive or destructive is banished infinitely and eternally and must leave NOW." These are my own words, but there are many house blessing prayers online. Choose one that feels powerful to you.

4) Take a salt bath with regular table salt or sea salt.

  • Use about 1/2 of a typical salt carton per bath. Soak at least 20 minutes. Dip head under a few times. Then SHOWER, rinsing well. You may state a cleansing prayer during bath and again when shower, adding that all remnants of everything that is not for your HIGHEST GOOD is washed down the drain. Ask for the negative energy to be taken care of by God as He sees fit. Do this daily if you feel a need, until you feel calmer and safer, then once or twice weekly until all negativity is gone. You may choose to do this once per week forever, to keep your negative thoughts and negative energies of other people or entities off of you. You will sense when you need it and when you don't.

5) Put an un-broken circle of salt around the outside of your house.

  • Include your circle of salt under doormats right up against the wall.

6) Light a 7-day white prayer candle once or once weekly.

7) Some believe that drugs and alcohol (even one drink) can weaken the aura.

  • Consider letting go of these, at least until the danger has passed.

8) Think about what you bring into your house and what you allow into your mind.

  • Do you watch horror/violent movies, tv or games? Do you watch the news? war documentaries? Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between reality and what's on the screen. Studies have shown that our brains and bodies react to what we see as if it's actually happening to us. Are you traumatizing yourself or nurturing yourself?

9) Earthing.

  • Lie on the earth. "Earthing", lying or walking barefoot on the ground has been found to be very calming, healing and strengthening for the mind and body and the aura as well.

10) Get outside and look at the trees.

  • Studies have also shown that looking at "chlorophyll green" the natural green of living plants, changes our brainwaves, similar to the effects of meditation. For more information on protecting and strengthening yourself, google phrases such as "psychic protection", "protection prayers", "strengthening the aura", "house cleansing" and "house blessing"

11) House blessings

  • You can do a lot for yourself, family and pets, but if you want help, look for house blessing practitioners in your area. Google them, or go to local new age/metaphysical shops and ask for referrals.

God bless and protect you and your loved ones.

Peace to you!

Psychic Aleta

Aleta Mason of Psychic Readings & Healing Albuquerque

Psychic Aleta Mason

“I have been called to this work. It is my life purpose, confirmed by many dreams and signs that have guided me to it. My family recognized my gifts at a very early age. There were always books around the house on metaphysical subjects. I started training in metaphysical, spiritual subjects and the healing arts in my 20’s (back in the 80’s). I feel uplifted & peaceful at the end of the day, with the knowledge that I have spent my day helping people. I am grateful that I’ve found my calling and for the opportunity to serve with integrity and compassion. I have many years of experience with ghost and haunted house clearing”

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