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Hello GrandMother

by A
(Northern California)

Dreamed About Gram

Dreamed About Gram

In May 2009, I had the overwhelming need to go visit my Grandmother at her grave side. I could not find her grave, and told her that I would come back, and talk to the family. The next day, I told my Mother that she had dreamed about Gram. And she had. I also told my Mother that my Aunt and several of my cousins had dreamed about her. I called my family to confirm my instincts, and I was correct.

The first part of June 2009. My cousin calls me, on his cell phone. I was home baking cookies. When I answered the phone, he asked what I needed. I told him that I did not call him - -he said I called him twice. The problem? I did not know his cell phone number. I told my cousin what had happened about a month before, and how I knew several family members had dreamed about my Grandmother. I told him, it was Gram's way of saying hello.

The fact this happened to me, was no surprise to any member of my family. We all are pretty sensitive people, and take our gifts for what they are, gifts. For my whole life, I have seen auras, and what I like to call "shimmers" (spirit). I feel I am an empath for my ability to feel another's feeling, and medium for spirits who want to communicate with their loved ones.

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Most Significant Psychic Experience

by Lily
(Morganton, NC, USA)

When I was fifteen, I accidentally got pregnant by my abusive California-born boyfriend, who immediately dumped me and spread cruel rumours about me at school. My parents didn't approve of my pregnancy, and I didn't receive any prenatal care.

That fall, I went into labor at home while my parents and brother were at work, and I was too panicked to call for help. I prepared a warm bath for myself and labored for about nine hours, and when it was time for me to start pushing, I began to panic. I sat myself down in the bathtub and started to cry.

Suddenly my dear grandfather (who had died from a brain tumor the year before) appeared next to me, kneeling beside the bathtub. He put his arm around my bare shoulders and told me, "I have been watching over you since the moment I arose to Heaven. I have faith that you can do this. I'm here with you, and everything will be okay." I looked up at him and smiled, and he took my hand and helped me brace myself and push. Thirty minutes later, my little baby boy finally came out, and I lifted him from the water. My grandfather handed me two pairs of haemostats that I had set beside the tub and helped me clamp and cut the cord. He even held my son while I got out of the bathtub after my placenta came out and got dressed.

He handed me my newborn baby, and I looked down at him and looked back up to thank my grandfather, and he was gone. That was the most significant psychic experience of my life, and that was the turning point in my faith. After that day, I became a practicing Wiccan so I could explore my grandfather's visit in more depth, but to this day it still feels like a dream. My life changed forever five months later, when my son died in his sleep. I now know that my baby boy is playing with my grandfather in heaven, even if I'm not Christian.

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My Grandfather Dream

by Just Eight

Every night I predict what will happen the next day. On the night of my eight birthday last year I had a dream that my great grandfather died that night. I woke to a SUPER cold chill and there he was at the end of my bed waving. I of course fainted and the next morning I forgot about what I saw and just said it was a dream. Then, the phone rang it was my mumum (grandmother) she said that Papy Dock never woke up from his sleep.

The next day at church during joys and concerns I told them all with tears in my eyes. But strangely before he died I was very scared and nervous about something but what? I ignored it like an idiot and never told. I was too scared to tell of this experience, I thought people would say I am crazy or something, but right now I can still hear a noise like it is saying "Thank you for crossing me over, wolf" a little girl's speaking and I am freaked out because she is talking to me!!!!!!

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The Grandfather Mystery

by Ivory Collins

I was home alone after school and I heard something coming from the kitchen like a banging sound. I got up from the couch and looked into the kitchen and saw the cabinet opening and closing by itself.

But that’s not the Grandfather Mystery. My father has an office room in our house and about a year earlier my grandfather died in that room. Whenever I go into that room I get a spine tingling feeling. I took pictures of the room and I noticed in one picture I saw a mist going across a certain spot in the room. So I stood in that spot and it was extremely cold. I was far too scared to hang around and left the room quickly.

I haven’t been able to enter that room without getting light headed or chills ever since.

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Telepathic Grandmother

by KC

Several years ago, my grandmother was in a rehab facility after being released from the hospital. One night about 3 am, I was awakened from sleep in my own home by a loud and insistent knocking, like someone knocking on the window or the door to our bedroom. It brought me straight up in bed; I listened for a few moments, then got up and walked toward the living room to investigate. My cell phone, which was in my purse at the far end of the house from the bedroom, then started ringing. It was my grandmother's rehab nurse.

My grandmother had fallen in the bathroom at her facility 15 miles away, and had pounded on the wooden bathroom door to get someone's attention. The nurse was calling me to let me know that an ambulance was taking my grandmother to the hospital.

We often kidded her thereafter that she must have had a lot of strength in her arms to be able to make me hear her from that far away.

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Knowing death was coming

by Mary Smith

When I was 14 my grandfather was dying from Cancer. He had lived with my family most of my life and we were very close. We knew he was getting worse but thought he had at least weeks left to live. There were things that of course were known traditionally as signs of death such as robins and birds. For a week before my grandfather died a bird kept on banging into and pecking at our living room window. It was the same bird all the time and it was that bad that the window was all marked from where he was hitting it.

On the morning he died I got up as usual at 8 and got ready for school. At about 25 past 8 when I was supposed to get the bus, I got this feeling that something was going to happen that my grandad would die while I was at school and I was that certain that I started arguing with my mum that I wasn’t going to school that grandad wouldn’t be there when I got back that something was going to happen. She told me he was fine that he would be ok and she told me to go in and say goodbye to him and to go to school. I hadn’t seen him at all that morning and my mother went in to check on him at the same time I went to say goodbye. As soon as we walked in my mother could tell he had taken a turn, he was dying and within 5 mins of going into the room he died. I never understood how I knew he was going to die. I have never had any psychic experiences before. I am 18 now and I always wonder how I knew that morning.

Can anyone shed some light on my story or has anyone any similar stories.

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Nov 30, 2011
Bump in the night is.
by: Hanna Wolf

Thelma was my mothers next door neighbor. She drank beer everyday & indeed came to visit carrying a couple of bottles in a string bag. Her husband Alf had hit her & she had a broken rib for which she was taking pain killers. It was new years eve 1973 & I was 22 years old. I had gone to pick up my sister in the car, she was going to celebrate the coming of the new year with us. We were all standing outside & I gave Thelma a big hug & wished her a happy new year & as I held her for those few moments I was filled with such a sadness & I knew she was going to die & the knowledge went away. Sometime during the morning she passed away. The beer & the painkillers. That was the first time. Once this stuff starts it just keeps coming in leaps & bounds, a bit like Pandora's Box really. I am not the only one I know like this & we all have different experiences. What I know for sure is that we MORTALS are like this ( superbeingish)to begin with, science needs to get it's act together. And it's a scary place.

Aug 16, 2011
Feelt that my grandma was goint to die
by: Gujo

When I was elleven years old, I was visiting my grandma in another city without my mother during christmas holiday. My mom was working, but promised that she would come to grandma in two days. When me and my grandma went to bed for the night I got a terrible feeling that something was going to happen to my grandma. I didn't know what was going to happen, but i knew that it was something bad. I called my mom and asked if she could drive home to grandma so I didn't have to be alone with her. She said she couldn't and I cried the whole night and couldn't sleep.

The next day my uncle said to me that I had to sleep at my cousins house that night because he was taking grandma to the hospital because she had pneumonia, and they didn't know how long that would take. That night i felt the same bad feeling. I called my mom and begged her to come. I cried so much because I was afraid for my grandma. I didn't sleep much that night eighter. I just couldn't.

The morning after my cousin shouted that my mom and uncle had just arrived outside their house. When they entered the living room i could see the tears in their eyes and I instantly knew my grandma was dead!

It was the strangest feeling i've ever experienced!

And the next week the priest visited to arrange the funeral. When he left the house me, my mom and uncle sat down in the living room when suddently the TV turn on. I know for sure that i turn off the TV properly!

I've never experienced anything like this again. But I want to know more of the reason this happened to me. Why did i get this feeling. How could i know?
My mom have had a dream once that turned out to become true the next day.

Anyone experienced anything like this?

Dec 03, 2010
just wondering
by: Anonymous

i was wondering when you know if you got a stomach turning bad feeling and thats how you knew cuz that's what happens to me when somthing like death to a loved one comes?

Aug 25, 2010
You are not alone.
by: hybrid1000

Hi Mary,When i was 8 years old my parents had gone shopping leaving my sister in charge of us kids, i was happily playing when i suddenly got the feeling that something was wrong and i turned to my sister and said "mum and dad have had a car crash" she told me not to be silly and said that they would be home soon, it was another 2 hours before they got home because they had indeed had a car crash though luckily neither of them was hurt.

Also when my Granda died i was living 300 miles from where he lived and didn't have a phone or any other means of contacting him, but on the day he died i had gone to bed early feeling poorly, then at 10pm i was woken up by a noise at the bottom of the bed, i sat up and there was my Granda standing at the bottom of the bed, he looked at me and said "I've just come to say Goodbye love, but don't worry i'll always be by your side, if you need me just call my name and i'll be there" then he disappeared, my boyfriend told me i was hallucinating, but 3 days later i found out that my Granda had died at 9.59pm on the day that i saw him by my bed.
I have had many more experiences like these over the years and i'm sure you will too if you embrace your Gift.

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Intuition High or Low

by Josie
(New York)

I’m at a strange place right now. I believe in cosmic alignments and fate and the paranormal and interventions of the dead... but in all my 30 years I never had a true experience... Now I’m separated from the man I swore I’d marry and I never wanted marriage mind you...

Yet I had two dreams about him that came true. I had a moment where I stopped in my tracks and saw him in my head and he passed me two mins later in his car wearing what I saw and I hadn’t seen him in 3 months... Then two weeks before this I had a dream of my grandmother warning me and reassuring me in one dream... two days later my son was put through a battery of medical test for his heart and kidney's which turned up nothing thankfully... I never met my grandmother she died many years before I was born and I am the only one in the family that looks like her...

I’m freaking out is my intuition at an all-time high? Or is my life at an all-time low and my guardians are intervening?

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My Granny

by Qwerasdf

I’m 22 years old and I want to know if my granny is trying to tell me something through my dreams..

My granny passed away when I was 6 years old but I was very, very, close to her. My mother was her only daughter she had along with 5 sons so she was very attached to my mum and me also. After she passed away I keep getting her dreams quite often but she has always been very nice to me in every dream....

I recently had this dream where in all my relatives are in a wedding and I saw my granny and I am so excited to see her that I go around telling people that she is alive.. Nobody believed me, but later other people also saw her and that is when my dream ended and I woke up completely startled! I realized that I was sleeping sideways on my left hand and I got completely scared because I felt someone is holding my right hand. I tried to console myself saying it’s just goosebumps but I freaked out because it did not reduce.. I ran into my mother's room and told her I had a dream about granny and went to sleep after a while....

When I got up in the morning mother called me and asked me to explain what happened, once she heard my story she told me that she has similar experiences every now and then. She also told me not to get scared because it’s just my granny...

When my granny passed away there was a lot of problem regarding her death, since we are Hindus we had to follow a lot of rituals because the time and date she died had a bad influence on the house. Later the room she died in was locked for few months. For the next few years they locked the room same time and date and nobody was supposed to stay in the house only for that period of time. I don’t now know why? And I feel she keeps watching me if I am alone and tries to give me other messages through my dreams....

She died because of kidney failure and she had a lot of responsibilities before she died. Is there anything I can do to help her? And help myself? Because I have been facing a lot of problems lately. Please do reply......

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