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Grandma In Dream.

by Paul Walsh
(Kinoulton, Nottingham. England.)

My Grandma; Maria

My Grandma; Maria

I thought I would share this little story that happened this week. On the previous Sunday evening I couldn't sleep through feeling anxious about what I didn’t know, this continued until the Monday night at which point I dreamt that I was sat talking to my grandma. Now the only Grandma that had passed away was some 30 yrs ago, this I found strange as she had never entered my dreams I left the dream as being of no significance.

Anyway of all things, on Thursday this week I received a message from one of my relatives in Australia on Facebook (I'm in England) offering there condolences on the passing of...and yes you have guessed it; my other grandma, she had gone into hospital and died on the Monday night.

Try explaining that one as imagination! I hope this brings a little comfort to those who have lost loved ones. May god be with you.



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