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by Z

Oh I have a million strange stories. I have an unusual purpose in this life - like so many of us. The FBI could do an entire X-File on me. They probably have already.

Well, I guess I'll start by saying this - I was born on Valentine's day of 1977. My mother was born on a day that land’s on Thanksgiving every few years. My son was born on 9-11-2000. My husband was born on a day that lands on Easter every few years .... and so on and so on - You get the picture. We're all born on strange correlative days. No Halloween though ...

Anyhow I have had the strange happening in my life that I am always drawn into situations with famous criminals and such. Besides all my psychic experiences and all. Well, every time I turn around there is another famous criminal at my door step, or at a meeting I attend somewhere - or contacting me about an item I have for sale. Just showing up - it's not like I sell drugs or anything crazy.

I started attending a school and then it was shut down by the FBI and the owner was arrested in a very large internationally known case. I find I am always drawn into these situations to help people. It's usually that somehow I befriend the criminal or someone in their family and then it starts, my mission to stop the criminal that was once my friend, my client, my co-worker etc. People I know so often think I must be doing something wrong to draw all these people in my life, but if they only paid attention to their companions a little better they themselves would know the truth - there's enough bad to go around if you care. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer has a new meaning for me now. I have found that this man who owned the school was an even worse man than known - and I have continued to try and stop him from hurting any more people. He's going back to prison again in a few days - thank goodness.

Well, so anyways there have been so many I don't even know where to start. So, let me just say that I was going through an old box of letters of my mother's after she passed and I found letters written to her, including some niceties about me and my sister, the letters were from a famous serial killer - Robert Rubane Diaz. I often think he was innocent - but only God knows. His son was also recently discharged dishonourably from the military for that famous case where he leaked information from Guantanamo Prison. I can only continue to do the work that has been chosen for me even though I don't always understand it.

Every day is an adventure - a movie scene of some sort. I met an Arabic Muslim man the other day and he gave me his card and then I happened to see on the net that he was a suspected terrorist. He has been on FOX news a lot.

I just keep walking through this maze of terrible people trying to stop them and knowing that I must've chosen this life somehow.

I met a woman by chance - well by fate really - her tongue had been sliced down the center and much worse things that I won't mention. Her tongue had been sewn but was still healing - she walked and talked ever so slow because of her pain. She never told me her name - she was about to be taken into FBI protective custody. I had never met her before - she stopped me and told me about my family and where they were from - which shocked me - She said "You are of Gypsy blood from the Yugoslavs. Your family should've told you! Be careful what you say. You have the gift, the gift of making things happen with your words." - She was taken away by the men in black & I never saw her again.

I read the tarot for a friend of mine in my tavern I once owned. He got the death card - the fool card - the arrow in the heart card. He was genuinely a strapping fool of a man, funny as they come, emotionally disturbed with thick dark hair, handsome & troublesome women chasing him around.

He wanted to know if he would ever find love, he had a lonesome heart and an empty wandering soul despite the fact he had been hitched and unhitched 4 times and had 6 kids as evidence in only his mid 30's. I didn't tell him he was going to die because of the death card - I just said he had a lot of bad cards and if he didn't change his ways he was going to be in a world of problems.

He didn't listen; he took back his fiery brunette ex girlfriend that he had stuck in the face in weeks prior. We're pretty sure he is also the one who accidentally burned down the tavern that same week with a flicked cigarette. The fiery brunette - well she poisoned him and he died that same week. Nobody knew he was poisoned until after the autopsy - so his spirit bugged me and bugged me in the night - he wanted justice for his death. After she was arrested and charged he left me be.

This guaranteed on my soul my friends, is all absolutely true - Guaranteed. So pay attention to what you do - because wherever you are - someone sees you......

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