Granny's Venetian Veil

by Cary King
(Athens Ala.)

My Grandmother and two of her uncles and one aunt where born with the Venetian Veil over their faces.

A Venetian Veil is some kind of afterbirth that covers a baby’s face when they are born. I think it was called the Venetian Veil in the past. I don’t think Granny was born with it or myself, but I do think I got it because of my granny's abilities, but I wasn’t blessed with the strong gift she had. I believe Sylvia Brown had the same thing.

My Grandpa knew about one of these psychic uncles’s before he met my Granny. He said a lot of people where afraid of psychics, card readers, mediums and "Hocus Pocuss"; especially card readers. They felt the gift was of the devil.

But Granny told things and startled the family. My mom in 65' decided she wanted to be cool and smoke cigarettes. So she hid a pack from Granny. Granny went right to the hiding place and mom got a good talking too. All three of her kids, Annie, Barny, and Vivian Jo, could never get away from things like a little taste of being teenagers that we all seem to go through. Granny knew exactly where they were and what they'd been doing.

My Grandpa was a big teaser and he loved to get Grannies Irish up. My grandparents where two of the most giving and loving people I ever met. We use to tease Granny, about the tempers, and the midget born on her side of the family, (the Dempseys). Her name was Little Dolly Dempsey and she had the title of the world’s smallest hillbilly. She advertised coffee during the forties war time. I used to wonder if she was a little Tangia Bering herself.

My grandparents taught me the way that people should be treated. Grandpa passed first and I’ve heard him clear his throat as he did in life when I spent the night. Grandpa loved his dogs and they followed him everywhere. Even the neighbours dogs would follow him if he walked past their house. Granny use to say that Granpa was part dog. After Pappa died my brother and Granny where in the backyard and noticed all four dogs including my collie were standing at the backdoor looking in as if someone was standing there. Wagging their tails as they did when he came out to go walking.

After Grandpa died, one evening Granny she said she looked out the window and saw my Grandpa walking up the road to the house. All the dogs where following him. He had his arms crossed behind his back as he always did. Granny said the feeling she had was indescribable. She watched him walk up the road, by the house and then to the back door. She said she expected him to knock.

Granny’s brother was a high tempered man who drank, cussed, and fought. He stopped the drinking part at least. The night after the funeral it came a terrible thunderstorm and my grandmother was afraid of storms. The only thing she was afraid of because we had been through the tornadoes of 74. The night after uncle Clint died a bad storm came. Granny and my mom were sleeping in the same bed because Granny was getting sick. She said she saw Uncle Clint come through the window on a surfboard. He didn’t know anything about a surfboard. But she said he sailed all over the room, back and forth. He said, "Mae, you have no reason to be scared of storms again!!” We all laughed because it sounded just like him to do something silly to make us laugh.

Granny passed in 06, and we grieved her passing so much. My mom and I dream good dreams about them all the time. But my mom was most distraught. My little nieces have a swing set and granny would sometime sit in the swing and gently rock back and forth. It was only a few weeks after passing that my Dad on a hot summer day with no breeze said," Come here Annie, look at this!! The swing went back and forth as if a little women was swinging. Granny showed herself to bring a sign of comfort.

Thank you Granny.
Thanks for reading,

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