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Harry's Incidents

by Harry

On vacation in Wisconsin, sitting in my trailer I heard my mom say my name, so I woke up and went to her. However she was sleeping so I shook he and woke her up then asked her if she called my name, she said no and went back to sleep. I went back to sleep a few minutes later.

The next day when I woke up we went to a picnic. I was playing Frisbee with my friends. It landed in front of an old man so he picked it up and gave it to me. When it was handed to me and I looked in his eyes I saw him being hit by a car. The next day he was hit by a car that didn’t stop at a red light.

On another situation, my parents took me to go see the doctor after I hit my head when I fell off my bike. In the doctor’s office my doctor explained to my parents how I was special in an odd way. They got scared then he said how it was not the "retard" special it was an incredible special... Counsellors say the same things...

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Apr 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

You mean, you have the ability to see the future?

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