He told me where his body was and other things that happen

by Sasha Mac
(Mpls., MN)

I moved back to mn. from nyc in fall '02 after 9-11 and all. I saw multiple flyers of missing Christopher Jenkins, and asked where he was in my head many times.

While taking a short trip to visit a cemetery, where my then boyfriend’s daughter was buried, (she had passed from auto accident), on the way back and driving over a bridge I clearly heard a voice say, "under the bridge". I looked at my boyfriend and asked if he heard that. He said no. I told him he's under the bridge. I was rather freaked out by this info and did not know what to do.

It happened another time too. There were two bridges we had crossed and one ahead 1/2 a mile. I said which bridge in my head. I did not go to any authorities as I thought they would not believe me. I had asked my date’s deceased daughter, in my head, to tell me where he was, and the passed hazmat firemen from NY to watch over her, tiffany, in heaven. SO maybe they all told me but I believe it was Christopher. They found his body the next spring under the bridge 1/2 mile ahead.

I also always dreamed my car would fall from a broken bridge with me in it and I would have a tough time getting out. The bridge on 35w fell last year a day after I turned around at same time day before and took an unfamiliar new route for some reason.

I'm an artist and painted large picture of nyc "falling into hell" due to homeless people dream (few knew my title) that resembled 9-11 10 yrs before. Other artists that saw it said it may have been a premonition from years before. I made a tsunami picture before I knew what one was. There’s much more that happens and has. (I try my psychic leadings watching Deal or No deal contestants and can often tell which case they will pick or which has large money amounts and they should not pick to win.)

I can sense evil around me sometimes and once told a friend, a guy whom I got a bad vibe from, was still there even though it appeared we were alone in the street I could feel him there, about two minutes later he stepped from behind some thick bushes 12 yards away.

The childhood street we lived on had bridge that I had recurring dreams about falling and is now being remodeled. I almost got in an accident seeing exact picture that was in my head of temporary water re-routing and machinery placement that I saw in my dream while driving past a week ago.

God has saved my life with these gifts more than once. Only a few friends know any of this and I feel a bit afraid of this so called gift, is it ok with Jesus? Thanks for listening.

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Jan 12, 2009
Dont be afraid to be Yourself.
by: Anonymous

You chose to be the way you are before you came here. You are highly attuned to your inner being which is the true you. Everyone has this gift but through disbelief from others throughout our lives, alot of people chose not to believe in thier own higher self. Respect yourself, respect God, and keep being you. You can help people.

Oct 03, 2008
You've Been Given a Gift
by: Anonymous

You've been given a gift from God, use it and learn as you go. Be thankful you can hear the other side, and listen and live by it. They may save your life someday. I hear my dad sometimes I believe he visited me three times since 2001, since he died. I have had a bad head cold and it is settling into my chest tonight, last night I was playing a game on my computer at 11pm, and I saw a shadow walking behind me, on the wall, I ignored it the first time and the second time and the third time I looked behind me and there was nothing there, all of a sudden as I turned back to the computer I heard a voice coming from the left side of me saying "it's dad," then a pause, and then I heard my dad's voice say again, "pnamonia!". I now think I may be getting it and he warned me because tonight I am having sharp pains in my chest from coughing so much. I guess I better go to the doctor now.

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