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Heaven Sent Greeting Card

by Ian

The front of David's Heaven Sent Greeting Card

The front of David's Heaven Sent Greeting Card

David died recently, taken by cancer very quickly. The morning after his passing David's wife called me with the sad news. I felt so disappointed that I had not visited him in hospital before his untimely death.

We had become friends through our Greeting Card Home Based Business. David had let me know a few weeks ago that he was told he only had months to live and that he needed to put his affairs in order. Months! - I took for granted the preciousness of our limited time and found it was weeks not months for my greeting card sending friend and I missed him.

Later in the day I had to go into the city for a meeting. I walked to the ferry, stopping at the Post Office to pick up my PO Box mail. I grabbed the bunch of mail, stuffed it into my bag and headed to the wharf to board the ferry to the city.

Opening my bag, I took out my mail and found a misdirected piece of mail (meant for another mail box) amongst my letters. It was a greeting card front, (exact dimensions of our own greeting cards) with the picture of a tunnel showing light at the end. The words ?The light at the end of the tunnel? printed boldly across the top.

How magical that this mail-room mistake happened the very morning after David's passing? For me a clear sign that David had made it to the light. In my mind I see David in heaven and he has even managed to send me a card with the exciting news that he's arrived safe and sound there! Truly a Heaven Sent Greeting Card

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