Hope and Faith

by Hope and Faith

Being a medium my life can be very strange at some point and time. I am used to living with my gift now, but it took me a long time to get comfortable in my own skin.

I call myself hope and faith because of my struggles and the compassion I have for others. I like to be the person someone can talk to and ask for help. I try to be a listener and the understanding one when someone who is confused. I did say try, some people are so complicated they get confused talking to a good person.

I have been through so many strange psychic experiences I don’t even know where to begin. I will tell the most recent one. A year ago I had moved into my first apartment I was so excited but scared at the same time. I fell in love with this apartment the first time I saw it, but I had a tight feeling in my chest when I entered the building. At this time in my life I wasn’t that in tune with my abilities so I ignored it.

I lived there for three months and nothing was wrong but then out of nowhere I started picturing an old man in my head, he didn’t say anything but his image would just appear in my head for no reason. Then there was a woman who appeared in my head too and she was devious and crazy. I thought I was going crazy. When it was time for me to go to bed I would hear loud banging noises in my apartment. When I would get up and walk around they would disappear. This went on for three weeks. There would be times when things would turn off or on by themselves or my cell phone and computer would freeze up for no reason and at the same time. I was seeing a white light in my head and there were a lot of different people flashing in my head asking me for help.

I thought I had a chemical imbalance. I knew I was psychic but I had never experienced anything like this before. My boyfriend got me a kitten and he was hearing the same thing I was and he would start shaking, that’s when I realized I wasn’t going crazy. I contacted a medium and she confirmed what was going on with me. She picked up what I was going through immediately. She told me I was not psychic I was a Medium and she said I was advancing which made me very sensitive to spirits. She had me repeat a spiritual verse three times. I thought it was a joke but I did it because I was scared to death. What she told me to do really worked, every single spirit left me alone. I haven’t had that problem since then. She also told me that I have to be stronger because I was a very powerful person with this gift.

Being a medium is a blessing but sometimes it can seem like a curse. You know so much and you always have a side to you that if others knew they might turn on you or see you as a freak of nature. I have a lot of other stories but this one was the scariest.

My daily life revolves around being psychic and it does work for me. I always know things like if there is going to be traffic congestion, who’s in what mood at work, and how to approach people in difficult situations. I’m also very good with pets; I know there personalities and they seem to understand me very well. For others who are like me stay strong don’t break, we are on this earth for a reason, helping others will make you stronger.

God bless - Hope and Faith

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