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Horrible Magical Witch Story.

by Kitty

I am a witch. I come from a long line of witches and gypsy's. When it came to my turn to be taught the ways my mom did not want me to learn. I feel like her decision was very rude of her. To decide for me; to give me a future without magic is not how I want to live my life. My grandma tried teaching me some but my mom cut it off. My mom won’t let me study witchcraft for some odd reason I do not know of.

Also, Rather from being a witch, I feel like a gypsy, a psychic. I can predict what will happen next, For example I somehow knew You can call it predicting if you want. that I was not going to go to a place I had planned to go to today. And the prediction actually came true. This is not the first time it happens. I make predictions every day. When they pop into my head I can visualize it. And I want to know if what I think I am Other than witch is true. Also, I've been getting this sudden urge to know who I was in my past life, I think I was one of the many witches that follow in my generation. I am a beginner witch, but don't get me wrong I am very powerful, Like I said before I do come from a long line of strong, powerful witches. The only bad thing is that my mom does not want me to follow it because we have a prophecy, Or mostly like a hex someone put on our family ever since the first witch of our generation came into play, Every woman in our line has three kids, Two boys and one girl. The two boys eventually die and the girl is left to die old, But not just a simple death, The witch suffers a great deal of pain through her life. Then she has two boys and one girl and so on. This has been happening for a very long time, My two uncle's died, My mom was the one that's left and one of my brothers already died, I have another one and I don't know when he will leave us, We have tried to get rid of the hex but we can't. Back before I knew I was a witch, Which was when I was about 3 or 4 my mom and grandma made a ritual to look back into all of out ancestors to see what they did to have this horrible hex on us. But it didn't work because they needed another blood witch, And the only one available was I, But i never even knew of that until they told me who I really was. But now that i am ready and powerful enough to do it, My mom cut me off and doesn't even want me to TALK about our magic, or barely even lets me talk to my grandma. I know, it's a hectic situation, I'm extremely sorry for making this so long.

Thank you again for reading my life story.

Blessed be;

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Dec 01, 2011
by: Tori

Hey girl,

I read your story and i too was intrigued. I am just now going through a transformation into a stronger and powerful witch.I am not sure how to handle it yet and i don't know where you resign in but maybe we can chat if you would like. please email me, let me know who you are and i will remember.


Also , I am sorry your mother has been hiding the magick from you, that must be frustrating since you are invested and interested to have magick in your life. When I first came on as a witch I was nervous/excited/scared all at the same time..and there was a point in the growth that my spiritual guide decided to hold my powers. I was frustrated but he did this to help me decide if i was focused and ready to have the power and responsibilities of the power and meanings of a witch.. I want you to keep your chin up maybe there is a way to seek advice from other wise women ( witches ) to help figure out how to break the hex.

hope to hear from you soon love.

Dec 20, 2010
by: twitch675

I'm not too sure how long ago this article was posted but im very intrigued to know that there is someone besides me here with psychic abilities. Your story made me wonder though if this could possibly run in my family as it does in yours, as I have never spoken to them about it.

If you happen to read this, email me at thetwitch13 @ hotmail.com if you want to discuss any of this, I'd appreciate talking to someone similar to me.

Aug 25, 2010
Don't give up hope.
by: hybrid1000

Hi Kitty, I know how you feel because i am also Gypsy with all the Magical Gifts and my mum didn't want me to learn the Magic either, so my Granda taught me a little bit of Magic, when my mum found out she stopped me being able to talk to Granda.

I'm sure that your mum is only trying to protect you, maybe she thinks she can break the Hex by not letting you follow in her footsteps but this won't work i can feel that the Hex is too strong.

I strongly suggest that you tell your mum that although you love and respect her very much you need her to teach you the Ritual to find out who Hexed your family and why as this is the only way she can protect you from the Hex and possibly save your brothers life as well. Perhaps then she may be willing to teach you. You can contact me to let me know how you got on if you want to. My e-mail is hybrid1000 @ hotmail.com

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