How Do Tarot Readers Know What The Future Holds For You?

How do tarot readers know? I wrote this article to help you understand real readings, what they are, what you can expect, types of readers, and their abilities. Tarot readings have become very popular and have gained a huge amount of growth in the past several years due to their accuracy.

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First, the belief that Tarot or any type of divination tools and methods is evil is a concept that is very outdated, yet still holds strong among many religious communities due to a fear-based belief system. Any belief system that is based on fear is within itself destructive, fear breeds hatred and anger. 

How Do Tarot Readers Know What They See In The Cards?

My Answers To FAQs: "How Do Tarot Readers Know?"

How do tarot readings work?

  • Tarot readings work like all tools used for divination, because they are connections to your own subconscious mind, which is the unbiased middleman the sends the messages from a higher source through to the conscious mind. Tarot is one of these tools and within the field of readers you will find many who are in the field of psychiatry, hypnotherapists and scientists such as Carl Jung, and the great Albert Einstein himself. If you have a good awareness of your subconscious then understanding tarot cards will come naturally. If this is something that is seen as wrong or evil, then we are all wrong and evil because the messages are sent through our own subconscious, which we all have.

How do tarot readers know what they know?

  • There are many types of tarot readers, all have their own personal way of doing it. When you study tarot you open up your own mind to a deeper awareness of yourself, once you understand yourself you understand others because we are all connected, everything is connected through energy, we are all energy and the cards themselves represent energies that we all experience during our lives be it through ourselves or through seeing others experience it.

How do tarot readers know what to look for?

  • Tarot readers come in all styles, some are simply intuitive, they "feel" things as they are looking at the cards to help guide them through the reading which seems to be the first major thing a reader will notice when they learn the cards and have connected with them via the images and card meanings being put in their minds subconsciously. Other readers are clairvoyant and not only do the cards guide them, they will "see" things in their mind for those who they are reading for.

How do tarot readers know what to listen to?

  • You will also have readers who are clairaudient, which "hear" things being told to them as they are reading. And of course, there are the Mediums. Now mind you that most Mediums who start off as Mediums normally will not use Tarot cards, all divination comes from within, and all other types of things used are simply tools to get a stronger connection for those who are not as open yet to picking up these energies. Those who have worked with themselves and opened their abilities can use the cards along with mediumistic abilities, and all other forms of psychic ability as "seeing," "feeling," "hearing," and even smelling and tasting things.

What should I expect in a tarot card reading?

  • What you can normally expect with a reading is to get an overall look at the energies that are working in your life at the current moment. Many of these are within your control and you are able to make changes in your life to bring about a positive outcome by changing the way you think... Our thoughts are power and turn into actions, thus placing us in a vibrational state which brings about future things that will happen in our lives. Although there are energies that are out of our control, it is how we handle these situations that makes the outcome. Being the Humans that we are we tend to stay on a cycle, we have the same thoughts and it keeps us rolling down the same path and leads us into our future, which is shown clearly via tarot card imagery. All dependent upon the abilities of a reader and the connection the reader makes with the client will determine how well the reading goes. First and foremost is to have an open mind and belief that you will have a good reading, this helps very much so, have faith in the reader that you go to. Second and this is extremely important, any questions that you have need to be as specific as possible to get the desired answer you are looking for. Most readers such as myself tend to start off with a general reading and see what the most important messages you are supposed to get comes through concerning your past, present and future. What you can do to change negative outcomes, and of course these readings bring about more questions to be answered at times. But I find it very often that the questions people have are answered in the general reading because of the fact that this is what is on their minds and the most important thing going on in their lives so the cards will mirror the situation and show where they are headed with it. A real reader will tell you how to go about changing things in your life, may suggest positive affirmations, thoughts to think about and so forth, but they will not try to remove these so called evil spells from you, stay away from this completely.

How do tarot readers know how much to charge?

  • As for tarot reading pricing, this has become a big issue in this industry. The fact is that most readers charge a very large amount, because they have worked in the industry for many years and feel that it is worth it if someone wants true guidance because they can give this to them. But do not let this fool you, the old "You get what you pay for" is not always the case. There are many good readers who do not charge a huge amount. The reasoning behind the large fee seems to be more of the fact that when a reader is good, you cannot get this service anywhere else, but from the readers point of view, they must pay their bills if they are doing this full time for a living, and often there are not huge amounts of readers getting tons of readings every day of their life. The truth is there are readers who do have a very good reputation. Not to brag, but there are psychics such as myself, who have read for the famous and have been recommended by TV and Radio personalities. But as most of my readings are for for the common person I keep my fees low. I think everyone should have the right to get a reading if they desire, not just the wealthy, and in today's economy this is the case that most do not have a lot of money to spend. Either way, do not be fooled by price, find those who have had readings from these people if possible and see what you can find out before paying a high price, there are many good readers out there who are very affordable.

Guest post by Scott Dodson

Scott Dodson is a professional tarot reader and psychic medium.

Scott Dodson is a professional tarot reader and psychic medium.

Scott has been practicing, and working with Spirituality, Tarot, Mediumship and other forms of divination for many years. While his main mode of divination is Tarot, Scott has also worked as a professional astrologer. Understanding tarot and being a psychic medium he will sometimes get a connection with loved ones who have past. When loved ones come through with messages he is able to expand upon your specific questions in the tarot readings.

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