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How To Practice Medium Skills And Open Your Door To The Spirit World

In this guide you will learn how to practice medium skills. Find out what you need know to develop your psychic abilities for receiving spirit communications. The key elements you will learn about are having emotional clarity, sitting in the silence while maintaining psychic resonance, how to meet your gatekeeper, receiving after-death communications, and ADCs in dreamiumship.

Tapping Into Spirit With Emotional Clarity 

In my experience there is only love and light in the spiritual world. If you feel fear, anger, or any negative emotions, it’s important to understand that is a sign of your own emotional imbalance. Practicing something like mediumship should always be undertaken with mental and emotional clarity. If you are upset and twisted in anyway, your energy is corrupted so it would be best to leave this endeavor for another day.

Learn Mediumship And Open Your Door To The Spirit World

There is no such thing as darkness in the spiritual realms. Here on Earth, there is only a lack of light or there is light. You can’t turn on darkness in a lightened room. But you can turn on the light in a darkened room. No evil powers! No dark energy! Just a lack of light!

Light is the Force by whatever name you choose. Evil is something carried out by people on earth with no light in their souls. People do not possess an evil power; they just have no connection to the divine light. If you cannot accept this yet it’s best to postpone working on your spiritual experiences until you do understand light and have complete emotional clarity.

Unlocking Your Medium Potential By Sitting In The Silence.

In traditional spiritualist circles, mediumship is practiced with a particular meditation known as ‘Sitting In The Silence’ {or Sitting in the Power) I relate the essence of sitting in the silence to what I call Psychic Resonance

The choice is yours. 

  • You can go find a local spiritualist group where beginners are welcomed into their mediumship circle. You then diligently follow their lead for sitting in the silence until you have mastered the state of silent stillness. This discipline helps develop your psychic abilities of mediumship to discern your own thoughts and feelings so well that you can easily detect the different feeling and thoughts that come with the presence of spirits, angelic beings, and spirit guides.


  • You can study and improve your psychic resonant mind state. To explain, we have four main brain wave frequencies to pay attention to. They are known as Beta at 21 to 14 Hz, Alpha at 14 to 7 Hz, Theta at 7 to 4 Hz and Delta at 3 to 1 Hz. Beta is fully awake consciousness. Alpha is our dream state, which is recognized by (REM) rapid eye movement. Theta is deeper sleep and a very deep meditation state of mind. And Delta is our totally unconscious very deep sleep state. Alpha is the magic zone! Here’s why. It is now known that the resonant frequency of earth is about 7.83Hz. Scientific testing affirmed and named it the Schumann Resources after Professor Schumann, who delivered the proof. In the late 1980’s I studied and worked with a seminar company teaching people to master this Alpha brain wave frequency at call. In each seminar of about 100 participants this four-day training culminated with everyone clearly exhibiting psychic ability. (Although the course was not sold as a psychic development course at all.) A few embraced this, (I went on to become a professional clairvoyant) and many were fascinated but not drawn to further develop these psychic skills, because they were more interested in their newly gained manifesting powers with the Law Of Attraction. (Yes, Law Of Attraction and Psychic Mediumship all happens in the same state of mind) 

So, if you are not drawn to finding a local spiritualist circle, you can learn to master the silence by taking a course on the Alpha State of Mind.

How To Practice Medium Skills For Spirit Communications.

The point is to commit to center your mind to be in a receptive state of relaxed alertness. For example, in a study conducted on mediums, aimed at examining their brain states when they are receiving communication from a Spirit person, one of the results was that the production of alpha brainwaves correlates with accuracy. The researchers came to this conclusion by measuring the brainwaves of several mediums as they answered questions about a person in Spirit whom they did not know and had never met. Their answers were then given to a living person who knew the person in Spirit, who anonymously checked the medium’s answers for accuracy. The wave activity of the medium’s brain was observed using EEG, and, at the time the medium was giving information marked ‘accurate’ by the volunteer recipient; this coincided with raised levels of alpha brainwaves in the medium’s brain. -  Lauren Robertson - Author of The Medium in Manolos: A Life-Affirming Guide to Modern Mediumship

Learn How To Practice Medium Skills With Your Gatekeeper

During this exercise you will sit in the silence with psychic resonance to meet your own gatekeeper. This is your guide who maintains your bridge between this world and the spirit realms.

In your meditative silent state project a single thought to your spirit guide. Until you have a name for your guide just say, “Gatekeeping spirit guide, please come to me now in love and light and let me sense your unique presence”.

Sit quietly and wait. Wait for some sort of sensation that is different from your present awareness. For me it was a distinct tingling in both hands, but it could be anything for you. Perhaps you feel like you are being hugged. Or maybe you see a light in the darkness of your closed eyes. Sounds or smells are also a possibility. Whatever you notice, sit with it for a moment or two and then ask your guide to step away from you.

Notice the change? This sensation becomes the calling card for your gatekeeper guide. Each time you are learning how to practice psychic medium skills with your gatekeeper you will become more certain of this guide’s presence.  “Gatekeeping spirit guide, please come to me now in love and light and let me discern your calling card by sensing your presence in this unique way”.

"Sitting in the silence over a period of time allows you to recognize your own thoughts and be aware of your body in a relaxed state. The idea behind this is to know yourself first, and then anything new which comes into your space will be felt and recognized at once. This is how we detect the presence of spirits around us. Each one will have its own calling card."  Gordon Smith - Author of Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship

Psychic Mediumship Training

(ADCs) How To Practice Medium Skills For Receiving After Death Communications

In love and light start with entering the silence with psychic resonance.

Call in your gatekeeper. When you have your spirit guide with you ask him/her to bring forward the spirit of a departed friend who has a message for you, or for someone who is sitting with you. Pay attention to any change in sensations. Welcome them into your energy field and be open to what you receive.

"Deceased friends and relatives share many personal messages with us, while spirit guides help direct us in life, and angels tend to be around for life lessons and emergencies. Ascended masters work in the background, helping guide us gently toward enlightenment".  Melanie Barnum - Author of The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages

"I keep a notebook with me now all the time because I know that I will forget her words after they fly past, often in seconds. This, I think, is because they are not my thoughts, not part of my mind, and have no place to land in my brain".  Anne and Whitley Strieber - Author of The Afterlife Revolution

A FREE hour with Suzanne Giesemann

3 Keys to Unlock Your Powers of Mediumship: An Evidence-Based Path to Communicate With Loved Ones & Others in the Spirit World.

In this FREE hour with Suzanne Giesemann, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of “evidential” mediumship and why it’s so sacred. 
  • Discover the 3 keys to mediumship: Belief in the Spirit World, alignment, and a shift in focus from the physical to the Spirit World. 
  • Learn how you can begin communicating with your loved ones who have passed. 
  • Find mediumship can be a path for your soul’s evolution. 
  • Hear about what makes a reading “evidence-based” - and how this form of mediumship raises the bar and meets the true goal of being an authentic and indisputable voice for Spirit. 
  • Experience a practice to connect with your guides and ask them for signs. 

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You Can Improve Your Psychic Mediumship Skills In Your Dreams

The dream state is a perfect realm for After Death Communications (ADCs).

In this exercise before bed, think of the loved one you would like to receive an after-death communication from. Learn how to practice medium skills by visualizing yourself and the loved one in a room where you are both connected by the heart chakra. See the light of green, heart chakra, light energy streaming back and forth between you.

Now ask that person to reach out and appear in your dream this evening, saying that you are open and receptive to their ADC. Retire to sleep understanding that you are about to enter the realms of psychic dreaming. 

Keep your dream journal and pencil accessible on your bedside table. Continue practicing mediumship in your dreams, especially when your psychic intuition prompts you to do so.

DREAMIUMSHIP: If you dream about your loved ones in Spirit, this indicates you have abilities as a medium.  Lauren Robertson - Author of The Medium in Manolos: A Life-Affirming Guide to Modern Mediumship

Comments About How To Practice Medium Skills

RE: About How To Practice Medium Skills  - by Steve Klein - Denver CO USA 

Every Psychic Gift is unique in the way they connect and receive information. 

  • Empathic - One who can feel the emotions or emotional state of others.
  • Clairvoyant - Clear seeing. One who can see past, present, and future visions of an individuals life.
  • Clairaudience - Clear hearing. Receives information through sounds. 
  • Clairsentient - Clear feeling. More broad than empathic whereas they can feel emotions and atmosphere around experiences, events, or individuals.
  • Claircognizant - is a sense of knowing.
  • Medium - One who can connect with those in the nonphysical world. Such as but not limited to Spirit Guides, Angels, and those who have passed on.

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