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I Am HottoH.

by HottoH

Hello. I am HottoH. I am not psychic; or rather I am not sure. Therefor my story is for those whom it may interest. Dreams have always been controlled by me, except for one. This dream I have had ever since I was around 4 years of age and it is weird.

I find myself in a city I have no knowledge of and my sister and I are taking out garbage bags two each. Suddenly an incredibly negative feeling takes hold of me.

Now locked out of the house I am hiding under a round table filed with fear. I can see all eight legs of the table, above the table and all around myself at the same time. Then my 4d vision begins to spin, that's when I wake up every time. Weird or what?

I dream of a white and black owl sometimes too, thus my name HottoH was born. The owl is a prick!

Anyway my mind has always been in a state of gathering energy since elementary school because of an animated show named "Dragon ball Z"

I remember walking on a warm summer day pretending to power up as I walked. I was imagining rocks lifting around me and an electric aura around me. Get this! Minutes into my "power up" a wind came from nowhere and clouds. I ended up at my friend Mathew’s home at the time because the weather was that bad; however not long after being dragged into the house by his mother, it was nice again. Synchronicity?

I learned how to talk without talking recently. Very useful, if I could explain I would but I cannot. I can teach however;) I need help!


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