I Think I Am Psychic

by kimu-neko chan
(Marlboruogh, Ma, USA)

OK well people think I'm weird when I start yelling at air but I'm not. I will be yelling at Inuyasha or Miroku or someone like that or even Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew.

I saw your page where you talked about brain waves and such and how you stop "seeing" things at 7, I told my grandmother and mother of different things that happen in school and stuff and then my grandmother explained that in my family her mom was a psychic ,but she wasn't and my mom isn't or so she thinks.

I'm not sure , but whatever, anyways I'm always yelling at someone but no one else can see them, or even hear them, Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew , or Dren from Tokyo Mew Mew power, whoever you feel like calling him, he kisses me all the time.

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