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I'm an Indigo Adult. Now what?

by Kaylor
(Michigan, USA)

Kaylor - March 22, 2009

Kaylor - March 22, 2009

Hi! I just found out two days ago, that I'm an Indigo Adult. I took the "test" on several sites, and answered "YES!" to ALL of the traits of an Indigo. Also, I am an INFJ, Jung personality type, one of the most common for an Indigo.

I've spent my whole life, not knowing "what I want to be when I grow up." I still don't know! It's driven me crazy! I've always felt like I was WAITING for something, but I have no idea WHAT!! I'm just....waiting.

I am Psychic, very intuitive, and I can read people like a book. I can get into their space, and they don’t even know I'm there!

I can also "manifest" things. I can make things happen. I know things are going to happen, before they happen. I've always had the sense, that I could heal people somehow.

My Numerology Life Path is a 7, which is the most Spiritual. I've always known that my life path would lead me to something very Spiritual. I'm still not sure what.

I'm lousy at relationship! I seem to attract men that are nothing but NEEDY, and they SUCK the life force out of me, and drain me. I'm in such a situation now, and hate it. My mother was very cold, and distant, and VERY controlling. That has caused me problems as an adult with anxiety. Now, this person in my life is not controlling, but he IS NEEDY! So, he DOES control me with that. He USES me for a CRUTCH! My life is ALL ABOUT HIM! I have NO LIFE! I feel like I've come FULL CIRCLE and he's the SATANIC REINCARNATION OF MY EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE MOTHER!!! YIKES!! :(

I LIVE for my Quiet time, and my Alone time! It's when I can ground, and center myself, and recharge my batteries. I love to meditate. I feel like there is something in the Universe that will tell me something. I do have a "Spirit Guide," who wishes to be called, "Twilight." She's always there, and I can channel him/her. I don't get any answers though, I feel like I am suppose to figure this out by myself.

SO! I'm an INDIGO ADULT! NOW! What do I do with this? How can I corral all of these talents, and gifts, and weirdness....and create a life for myself? I just want to be happy. No point in wanting to be "NORMAL," that ship has already sailed.....and I wasn't on it!

I want to help people, I just don't LIKE people! People are STUPID, and I can NOT deal with STUPID!! They pretty much "Cause their own problems!!"

My biggest that I will die....."WITH MY SONG STILL IN ME!

I would appreciate any information or advice from any other Indigo Adults. I'd LOVE to make some new INDIGO FRIENDS!!! Are we supposed to be getting together and DOING SOMETHING???? Or are we "waiting to be CALLED????"

Thanks! - Kaylor

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Feb 20, 2020
by: Corky R

I found out 2 days ago. Ive never felt so incredibly free from the unknown, but always feeling i have to save the world. It took 49 fucking years to finally find the answer. Ive been so anxious scared lonely etc. Im very excited to find out whats next, and when i can start what im supposed to do. This is soooo fucking crazy, i really thought i was insane, or evem that i died n i was in hell. Im extremely in tune, and im physic mostly in my dreams. The bad ones will always come true. Ive searched for so long, there were so many times i thought for sure id give up. I dont feel comfortable around most people, and fuck the crowds. Sorry for the language, but its how i talk lol. I would love to be able to find some friends here i can share stories with, and fell comfortable for once in my life. Thank you true God for finally showing me what this is. I truly feel blessed.

Nov 02, 2019
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this.

Today is the day I've figured out I'm indigo. I feel like I mirror everything wrote. It's indescribable how comforting it is to know there's someone else out there who feels this way!

Oct 26, 2019
Help please
by: Makaio

I know I have a gift I think I might be an indigo child , I relate to everything and tick all the boxes , I don’t know what to do next?, in my life I’ve had spirits communicate with me in dreams, and in real life , I’ve always felt different and have never been able to fit in, I’ve been diagnosed and am now on medication which I don’t want to be on, someone who’s wise and has knowledge on this please email me

Sep 17, 2018
by: Bnise0420

I also have taken all the indigo tests and can can say I also fit to a T.. I also was born to a mother who not only was a deputy sheriff she was abusive to me physically, mentally and emotionally. There was never a bond or affection or even love .. And I also have had most of my relationships to also be with very selfish and needy men especially the one I'm in now .., I feel so drained and lonely all the time .. I feel that there is somewhere else I'm supposed to be but don't know where that is .. please contact me .. maybe we can help each other ..

Aug 26, 2018
I feel the same
by: Nzelle79

Hi there :) oh wow! I feel like I could have written this. I too have always had feelings about what I'm meant to be doing. 2 days ago the penny dropped, I knew but I didn't know. I call my alone time TTO its my time to put myself into time out. Of my gosh I could go on. I messaged my mum this morning to tell her, once I sent it añd had actually said it all out loud I burst into tears, couldn't stop. How has the last 2 years been for you? Please share any small details you feel I need to hear. Thank you for sharing your story it made me feel less crazy and more excited again, I feel so incredibly special and lucky but shit scared right now xxx

P.s once I had my lightbulb moment I picked up my phone and it was 11:22 it was just perfect x

Sep 25, 2017
Add me !
by: Meli

Add me on skype guys : melibond64

May 06, 2017
The truth
by: Anonymous

Imagine the planet shifting and the only ones that know how to astral project make it into the promise land (off this earth) ? ask your self what now? mkay.

May 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

I never ever write on stuff like these.(I dnt even gave my own comp)but when I read about ur "biggest fear"I just had to!cuz for as long as I can remember, I always say that my BIGGEST fear,more thanking alone or eaten alive, etc,is"waisting myself"(that's how I put it)aka NVR getting2b needed_recognized& appreciated 4the stuff I KNOW I cld b amazing at. Maybe I'm wrong(tell me if so) but that's just too eerilysimilar 4me to ignore​!! SUMTHIN​ is goin on here, but like u&I hav no clue wut!if u wana talk2me,we&mailing mm r is best

Apr 29, 2017
Indigo well
by: Marc

Indigo Well?

I tick every box but I'm not spiritual at all I hate it.

Everyone wants to feel special don't they? Am I ridiculously smart or do I just believe. Now in my case I do what what is perceived to be extremely hard.

I'm actually unsure if I'm smart and I'm a whole lot of trouble

Jan 16, 2017
any indigos still trying to figure out
by: Anonymous

I am a 12 yer old indigo. I took over 10 tests and they all answered indigo. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I have seen many things in dreams that end up happening. I am trying to figure it out but i am wondering if i am too curios for my own good.

Dec 09, 2016
by: Shygirl

I'm speechless because it feels like you wrote this for me or as if this message is meant for me.

Oct 30, 2016
We are here for a reason, and I feel it is soon upon us.
by: Clay

Manifesting, dreams of a catastrophic event, walking the empty cities in these dreams, alien encounter at the age of 10. I have never fit in yet I am well loved. When everyone runs one direction I walk the other. I never fit into the world as it is. Because it is not right and I have refused to be apart of it. Still waiting for it....
Love and light

Jul 23, 2016
Kudos Indigos
by: Lisa

Dear adult indigos -You rock! Much love you. Am a Mama Indigo born 1968 as a scout and prep Indigo. Now 48 years old in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Have a 17 yr old son who is Indigo. I love you. Some practical thoughts from one who has run the gauntlet... First, get some self dignity, regardless of background, and recognize that you really do have the pulse of what is going on around you, and you have a value to bring. You... have... a...value... to bring. Your value has nothing to do with lecturing or convincing or defending a point with antagonists. Instead, your beautiful contribution to the planet is in HOW you live your daily life. You are WIRED to be different than your communities. Do not stress at trying to explain. Just be YOU. Osmosis is the key to human evolution. If you fall in love with the life you really want, and you fall in love with a simple embracing humbleness with your approach to life.... you achieve your soul mission. Others will notice the cause-and-effect of your approach without you lecturing one word. Go shine. Don't worry about justifying, convincing, or explaining - lost cause. Just... do your life on your terms. Trust your instincts. Do it. Take action. Do it. Do it YOUR WAY. Love and respect and recognize you all. This Mama Indigo in a corner of the planet in Georgia, U.S.A. Living my live on my terms...there is not another human being on the planet like me... AND... all of you have a valuable and relevant life course to gift. L

Apr 28, 2016
by: Castiel

I m indigo myself and i fell like i m the only one.....cant find love or friends they are all empty souls and weak....but my friend you can be sure of one thing.....something will happen....and we will be the ones who will survive.....we are the souls that will rebuild this earth after God make justice in this world

Mar 18, 2016
1991 Indigo Awakening. Sound familiar?
by: Aaron

Please take into consideration. I have been repressing my urge to learn more about why I am so different for the past 4 years due to feeling so alone and not fitting in with my peers. Something has slapped me in the face these past two days. Feelings stronger than anything from my strange childhood. If you like most indigo's have the strong feeling of something big that is going to happen, and how you will play a strong role in it then get ready. I have felt a message that has brought itself out of me and i feel very sure that it is going to happen soon.

The time is getting close for humans rise in consciousness, very close. The indigo children and adults that are feeling this too will need to help guide humans that chose not to believe what is about to happen. They are going to need a lot of help! please take seriously!!! This is my first time ever speaking out and I strongly believe that we who understand need to start preparing from this day forward.

Oct 13, 2015
Feeling lost
by: Kyle

Hey Kaylor,I found out a couple of years ago myself that I'm also an indigo. I hope you agree that for us to converse would help in express our feelings about the whole situation with 'What now?!'

I am finding it particularly difficult finding others that can relate and are prepared to take the ideas generated further to produce any steps closer to the desired outcome.

I feel right now that we as indigos require to unite amongst ourselves.

Please contact if you are inclined so we can achieve something ideal

I hope you get this, are not hesitant and look forward to speaking to you shortly x

Jun 13, 2015
Kaylor, i found out today. need reading asap
by: jpdartist

Just want to type words with commas only. Feel it better in different venue not here.

Feb 12, 2015
Where are the indigos!!?
by: Anonymous

This is also me! Where can I meet other Indigos??? I drive myself mad! Frustration with knowing there is more I should be doing with a higher purpose but can't find what! This earth is painful!

Jan 15, 2015
by: Kelsey

This string is a bit dated so I do hope that you or someone reading this can help. I could literally WORD for WORD copy and paste what Kaylor posted. That is MY life. It is really unnerving to discover this about myself and not know more about where I came from - what do I do with myself now?
I am 26... I have felt this way my entire life. No one understands me. I have the largest heart in the world to help any one, yet I despise most people because i cannot understand their actions, and the WHY for what they do... I need some type of answer please, my e-mail is

Jan 04, 2015
I am just like you
by: Joyce

Hi Kaylor,

I have read through what you have written and shared here. I am just like you but I cannot read people mind like reading a book.

I am wondering what I am waiting for and I know I am here for a purpose to help people through my life experiences. But I don't know how can I do it and how long should I wait till I can do it.

I scared to come out from my comfort zone which is hanging on to a steady 9 to 5 job which I don't like it at all expect the money to keep myself feed and pay off the bills.

I was in dilemma as I still cannot do what I wanted to do although I know my life purpose. I also wish to talk to you in details. Here's my email address: joyce.choy2012 @


Oct 18, 2014
What is our purpose ?

I read about Pladians and others having a goal, a purpose... I'm Indigo, they all talk of 'how to know' you are Indigo.... but I don't see a info on a mission. Ok, i'm what???

Jul 16, 2014
indigo adult with a crystal child.
by: jenn

Its hard for me to put in words what its like being an indigo adult. You realize how harsh the world really is. I wish I could stay closed up on my own property forever and not have to go out and deal with most people. I want to help others. people plants and animals. It makes my heart sing, it feels like I'm bursting from the inside out when I do. I want to be in Control of everything that is occurring around me. I cannot stand to be unsure of what is gonna happen next. I have been bouncing back and forth on a lot of different anxiety meds trying to fix "my head". But I cannot stand to feel like I cant think clearly or have a good grip on life. I do not like being told what to do by anyone. And I feel like I have a lot of wisdom to share with Everyone but no one to listen.

My daughter was born in 2011. I believe as of today that she may be a crystal child and my soul recognized it immediately. I have four children. I love them all with my heart and soul. But my daughter born in 2011 has always taken my breath away. like literally. For the first two years I tried explaining to people how I felt this odd connection with her that was different from my other children. People looked at me like I was crazy. It was like a strong feeling of recognition and being reunited with a loved one you thought was gone forever. It was that bursting feeling I get that makes me want to yell out with a crazy primal cry. She is about to be 3 next month and just this morning for some random reason I decided to look up crystal children to find out what I could. I went to at least 20 different sites and forums and my jaw was hanging open. Why didn't I see this before!?!?! oh, that's right, I believed I was crazy and started ignoring my gut and mind and began to live like a robot. I can only say this one thing to all of you. If you feel like your soul speaks to all energies around you, do not deny it. I want to find others like me. There's so much I want to tell everyone, Someone, Anyone. But someone who will not think I'm crazy. I know my post is a kinda all over the place, but I have so much I want to jot out.

Apr 08, 2014
It Is Time
by: ApriLynn

I shall be direct here as I'd rather communicate details on a more personal level and many of you may already feel that I am coming: My mission has been to help shape life based on talented truths such as Spirituality, Environmental Morals, Permaculture, community compassion, etc. To begin and also become apart of a network of communities and evolve from there. It is time for me to call out/reach out! Our roots shall intertwine, weave, and guide.

"3lemen7al Spirit"
A spiritual/Eco-naturalist-permaculturalist Sustainable Community/Village (what ever the label shall be) to begin, We need a team in Tennessee! I am looking for those who wish to/need to be involved. The first location of this series has been chosen which is in a valley surrounded by mountains and national forests and currently has ~10 acres, two streams, pond, field, forested area, 4 bedroom house (to be remodeled ofcourse), greenhouse/studio starter, some fruit trees, and more. Many visions of the transformation of this haven.

The first needed As early as April-July 2014 are the one's whom feel destined to be elders whom may live or migrate (If you are anything like me, you travel frequently).

Contact me: 3lemen7al @ gmail. com or come when the time is right.

Love and Sunny Blessings,

Aug 16, 2013
Me too - one of you.
by: Anonymous

Just found out yesterday morning - the 15th - and today is my birthday, that I'm an indigo star child.

When I was a child a therapist asked to study me because he'd never met a child who understood people's motivations the way I did. "Not only is she okay with what's happened (divorce) but she understands everyones sides of it. If you are not honest with her as she grows older, you will have a real problem on your hands. She'll know the truth - and you'll lose her trust."

The list of 22 questions on a website - I hit them all. And two, maybe three weeks ago, I shut off a street lamp when walking by it. It faded to going out. When I walked away it flickered back on, but when I focused on it, it went out again. And yes, I'm sure.

Loads of other examples. Couldn't go to college because if it doesn't interest me, I can't focus on it. Diagnosed with ADD. Extremely creative. I'm an actor, stand-up, writer, pro-photographer, singer.

I always have a desire to help people - but I fight it now that I'm older because people don't want to see things that are "truth" often. And so now I give them their space to learn on their own. But when someone comes to me - I am so happy to be a guide. Not the kind where I'm a doormat and they suck away my life force - been there, done that. With the help of Al-Anon, I don't do that anymore. But when someone REALLY wants guidance, and is ready to hear - it's like I hit the zone with my purpose - with who I really am.

What can be done with this? Still waiting to know what I'm supposed to do?

Mar 18, 2013
Holy cow
by: Anonymous

You just described me. I'm an indigo/ infj/ 7 with similar upbringing and issues. I got my direction two years ago. If you haven't got it yet- you will. Just trust

Mar 13, 2013
Let Go and Let Spirit !
by: Anonymous

Kaylor, Wow O Wow! Thankyou, you just described me and how I have felt since age four. I have taken several of the tests and I was not surprised to have 98% accuracy. I am going to move forward with my gifts that I have been running from. The need to help, heal, and motivate others (even though people drain me) is too strong to continue in isolating myself from the world. I strongly suggest that you end that relationship so that you can become who you are suppose to be in this lifetime....Otherwise, you will have to start all over again in a different body, time, and place. I am going to surround myself with people like me. I have had my share of Toxic relationships and they are a waste of time. They only suppress your gifts, and steal your short time here on earth!!! I wish you the best,


Jan 09, 2013
Yes, Bob is my real name.
by: Bob

To the Anonymous person below. My experience has been that sharing your experiences with others is one of the best ways to help people. It lets people know that they are not alone and it gives them the ability to connect with one another on a personal level.

This is the basis for witch every help group ever has worked. I posted my name and email on here and had several people email me trying to connect with me to further understand what it is they are going through.

Now I don't have any answers on this matter. Only my personal experiences. Me sharing that and you learning from it is the best advise I can give.

If you want some real answers, go see a psychiatrist and ask them about your negative attitude.

Dec 30, 2012
You're all selfish "helpers"
by: Anonymous

All I see is people talking solely about their "abilities" and experiences. You're not even connecting or coming together to're using this as a forum to talk about how unique you are. You are not. Everyone, no matter if they're indigo or not, thinks their special and have a purpose...

I get that it's nice to share with possibly like minded people but all you're doing is talking...about yourself...your life...your need to get over yourself and do what we're apparently supposed to others!

-annoyed and disappointed Indigo

Dec 30, 2012
hear me part 3
by: Anonymous

you are in tune when you are content with yourself. no matter your hardships or flaws, you accept what is. Really accept! when you realize this in yourself, the power will emerge and you will raise the bar of your contentedness by being progressive in your striving for well being and to be aware of this is a state of higher being. ie: an overweight person accepts themselves and for no one but themselves they decide to become healthier and lose weight. not fully realizing they become more attractive, more admired as a person and influential to those alike themselves. it is not simple and orientating it around an end goal will only set you back. you cannot have a goal, only a process. like the saying goes, its the journey not the destination. It will come naturally if your heart and mind are present in balance and stillness.
I have tried to keep this mini essay on living and realizing as an indigo as straight and as real as possible. I feel as soon as something becomes esoteric, fantasy deludes reality. so unfortunately i have nothing to say about psychic powers. but maybe think of it like this, if and when you reach a higher state of being, those psychic abilities you so wish to have do not look like the way you thought they would, but are more subtle and more integrated with you. and the signals you want, are there, you just have to become aware of them.

My name is nate and if you wish to carry on this dialogue i will be happy to give you a contact.

Dec 30, 2012
hear me part 2
by: Anonymous

So im indigo, what do i do?? firstly understand your creative switch is on. your are right brained dominant and in order for you to be a successful indigo, you have to adjust, learn and be aware of how to channel your left hemisphere, which is the side of action, logic. the majority of society is left brained. what makes you special is explained like this: all humans are born creative - a child learns to draw and color a picture before they learn to read. unfortunately society has ingrained in humanity that you have to maintain and develop a logical sense of reality otherwise you will float away with your dreams, so as one grows that creative sense is filtered out by society, school, anything bureaucratic really, thus not allowing the creative side of the brain to develop. you are special because you have maintained development of your right brain. but the real goal is, as mentioned before,is to channel your creative energy through your logical energy (energy in this context being your thought patterns that lead to action) and vice versa. achieve this and you will hold a great and ancient power. this power does not have a name as it is neither creativity nor logic. it is a merging of the two. the only thing i can tell you is this power is so humble and simplistic in essence that you will only realize you are using it when you have reached a state of clarity void of intention and goal. some call it love. i prefer to be less esoteric. it manifests when you are in tune with yourself. but when is that?

Dec 30, 2012
hear me part1
by: Anonymous

Im not going to reiterate that iv always known that im different. Nor that i feel the need to be different. In reality i can never really know how different i am as i have only lived through my own eyes and i dont really have a control to compare to. So i merely accept how i feel and perceive the shared world as my own personal fact (this is my disclaimer) ;)
To put it simply, i feel there are two types of people. the type that feels insignificant and scared in their existance. The only true and logical thing for them to do is follow the current of society, their parents and teachers and try to achieve a tangible success usually defined by someone else, ie: live life in the way you know works. The other type being one who does not refuse this former life path but rather feels that it is not how their life should be. call it a curiosity for something that is beyond what is logical. to know the source of all that is. To be aware of just how cosmic and special a human being really is instead of the mundane definition that has been accepted. This is indigo.

Nov 11, 2012
Confused with the clarity!
by: Anonymous

Hi! This is wayyy too strange for me. I was in a bit of an 'emotional frustrated' state and questioned about my purpose here on earth and said that 'Gods' playing a mean joke on me! Well a higher being of such! I questioned if my angels existed.

The next day an elderly man came in to the cafe I was in and started chatting with me. I've never heard of Indigo Child/Children before although I am spiritual in my own way. At that moment, I felt as if my angels were revealing themselves though him to me.

Yes! I tick almost every single box.. born into a Catholic family.. I still believed I could pick up when someone is sad or happy, I talked about energies even though I have never picked up an article or read anything about it. I believed that it was scientific! I felt I never belonged anywhere.

Growing up as a teenager, I used to receive dreams to tell me when something is to happen. I cannot control it, it happens. It was as if I was made to prepare myself for things that are about to happen to stay strong.

Anyways, back to the elderly gentleman, he told told me that I have to embrace my gifts and not be afraid of it and that I am an indigo child and my aura glows. He said something about me being not really human in a human world. I dont remember the exact words and a whole lot more things. I blushed so hard and thought I should burry myself as I've never felt so transparent before.

I learnt years ago to see myself as different in the sense that I am always ahead of people. Getting frustrated with people who just cannot understand common sense is of no use. Its not them, ITS ME! And since have learnt to be more patient and more empathetic.

Now, I have a question like many of you.... what is my purpose? I know what I have to do when Im older.... I actually presented a paper in my Uni a few years ago. My life history leads me to being an Indigo Child! Gosh!!! I am rather quirky and creative, studied Psychology to understand the mind, Social Science to understand and help people using their minds, and now, Im in the design industry as i cannot work with people as a psychologies or counsellor as I get so emotionally involved. My designs helps me stay 'normal' so to speak!

If any of you could help me. Can you share with me how to embrace this, what I should do, what helps? I would so appreciate it!

My email is and Im in Sydney. I would truly really love to make friends with anyone who understands me and I guess this is the best place to start.

I actually have been reading all about this today and saw this blog. This is so nice to hear people who have been in my shoes! I truly thought I was really odd and that I should make a superhero outfit and wake up crawling walls! Ok! i do like Marvel comics a bit!!!LOL

Nov 05, 2012
Im fading. Help!
by: Marcus

I've been alone for some time and I am beginning to fade. It's my spirit. I need help .

Sep 28, 2012
feeling so purposed that i want to burst
by: kleer

sometimes i feel so purposed that it sends chills and numbing feelings through my body. when i get close to that which i sense as "good" i feel light. i am driven to create -- if i can't create something i feel like i will implode. i am highly successful but that does not drive me, it's these feelings inside me trying to manifest themselves in my life. i want to know what is beyond the stars, in other galaxies. i want to feel the deepest connection to That which flows through us all. i want to help people through their own perception of the world. people are drawn to me, they drain my energy. i could go on forever...

Sep 19, 2012
anyone near Philadelphia?
by: Kate

Im 26 and just found out I'm an indigo a couple days ago and reading all these comments is like reading an autobiography. I've known I was different my whole life... tried to be normal but its like pulling teeth. I hated school with a passion, never fit it was an outcast basically...with one friend at best. Spent half my life depressed and almost suicidal. I've always had very vivid dreams and prophetic dreams. I also feel energies of people and places. I can tell peoples personalities just by looking at them. Used to play this game when I rode the train...I would look at people and describe to myself who the were, what job they did and what they were like. Sometimes people would sit next to me and just start telling me personal things about themselves and then said I don't know why I just told you that. Anyway I feel so happy now that I know who I am and that I'm not alone. Does anyone else feel like something is about to happen very soon? I'm just trying tigure out what I have to do now. If anyone can help or just wants to talk or lives near Philly...please please contact me..I could use a friend and maybe we can help each other :) sorry this is so long. or Kate Rumyantseva from laghorne, pa on fb.

Sep 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am happy that i am finally finding out why i've always felt the way i have. its like a vail is opening up that i am not the only one with these feelings and expriences. i would love to talk to other indigos and just be able to relate. you can contact me at!/marayap

Sep 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

anyone in san diego ca? e-mail

Aug 29, 2012
I feel like something's coming.
by: Positiveight6

I don't know if I want to label myself, so I'll just say I'm not the average Girl 6. For years I've felt like something is going to happen, that I need to prepare my family for. A feeling of being ready when the shit hits the fan ready! And its a Nudging feeling too, so i think i need to take heed FAST!!! Serioulsy

I feel people energy. Can can tell certain thing are going to happen or what has happened in the past. Love Embrace Light...,.,

Aug 20, 2012
by: Anonymousjesse

I want to know if there are people like me email me at would love a indigo friend

Jun 22, 2012
Indigo in Mexico
by: Anonymous

I reed all your posts. I´m a Indigo Adult living in Mexico which I love and work, its always a pleasure to knnow that we Indigos are not alone. Havent found a site where to find Indigos here but is very comforting to find you .
I have a Cristal Son aswell. Im 55 and feel better now.
Sorry about my grammar .
Peace and feel free to contact me

Jun 16, 2012
by: Ashley

I have heard it is best to be around and talk to other indigos. It is good for development and guidance. I am in need of guidance and would like to know there are others like myself. This is the first reaching out I have done. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in talking.

Jun 05, 2012
Just discoverd what an indigo is
by: Bob

Wow. We really are a lost group of people, aren't we? I'm 26 years old and just learned about this "indigo" thing a few days ago. All my life I felt different, extremely different from everyone else around me. I was placed into "resource classes" or "special ed" (I don't really like to call it that) in the fourth grade after a nasty divorce between my parents. Ever since then I can remember seeing the world in a different way. I can even remember my 5th grade teacher telling my parents that I approached every lesson (I actually participated in) with a unique and kind of backwards style. I can also remember in middle school when I would ride my bike home that I could predict that a car was coming out of a driveway up ahead and that I should be carefull so I wouldn't get hit. After I realized I was able to do this, with a little practice, I could eventually be able to tell what kind of car was going to pop out. I could even predict what color it was going to be and was right every time! The strenght of my intuitveness is also unbelievably apparent and powerful. I always know what people are thinking, feeling and really just who they are in general.
It's a little freaky finding out that there is actually an entire generation of people out there just like this but finally realizing that this is something that is a blessing and not some kind of disorder (like i was told it was my entire life) is such an incredible wieght lifted from my shoulders. So much is making sense right now and it feels like all the puzzle pieces in my life just fell right into place. My only concern is... what now? Is there a place for someone like me in this world? How can I embrace this and use it to my full potential so I can be sucsessful and create a solid secure life for myself? I don't want to follow the heard (well, even if I wanted to, the way my head works wouldn't let me) but I do just want to be happy. I mean I am happy... I guess... I just know there's so much more out there for me. I just have no idea where to find it.
If you wish to contact me my email is or you can find me on face book under Bob Huth

One more thing, I HIGHLY recomend watching these amazing videos I found on youtube called "Spirit Science." there's a whole bunch of them and they are literally life changing. That's how I heard about this whole indigo thing. You must check it out.

May 22, 2012
Indigo Time
by: Dow3ty

I have read all of your stories and there's no doubt in my spirit that it's time for us to connect with each other. We are about to undergo a shift in consciousness that will reshape this world permanently, I have been a traveller for a long time, using my intuition to live and meditation to guide me, my abilities are increasing exponentially since I realized who I am, my spirit knowledge has greatly returned to me all of which has been going on within a year's time period. It has always seemed as though I was waiting for something to come. This is it I will leave my email a_herringjr @, it is time for us to gather...

May 16, 2012
Uzbekistan Indigo
by: Nasima

I wish to be friends and meet my prince who is indigo too. Write me to nozimas @ hotmail .com

May 13, 2012
welll.... about time to be something...
by: Paul

I'm an indigo too so it seems. So much time trying to be normal.. well time to go back home and stop suppressing myself. Just thinking about when i was younger and felt like everything was a part of me, and being able to physically, emotionally and mentally feel all that surrounds me as part of myself, just that was enough to make me do something about my depressed boring life of trying to be another sheep in crowd.
my email is migalhas (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

May 05, 2012
Indigo Yet Powerless
by: Anonymous

I have an innate sense and knowing that I'm an indigo but I don't feel like I have any special abilities. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the word psychic?

Apr 20, 2012
I think like you
by: I'm indigo too

Hi, my situation just like yours. Whats name your soul guide? I have it too, and i can't change his. I say his becouse it a boy just like me and his in my head, and i love him. Whats name your soul guide? Maybe we can help each other.. My mail is vitake022 @ gmail . com . I wait your message.

Apr 17, 2012
A searcher
by: Anonymous

I Have been alone all my life not knowing who I am or where Icome from with unusual powers and gifts. Because of when I was born , my birthday is oct 23 1970 and my unusal abilities,and getting more powerful by the day .my research led me here. Ican not do this alone anymore I know their no doubt that I am one of you and that I was born this way and believe me you I have an unbelievable story that has never been told.I need help and do not know were to go or who to go to. Can you help me?

Apr 13, 2012
im awestruck
by: Nataile

Hi everyone .....reading all your comments ....its like , its almost like coming home ... I'm 55years old , and its been a lonely walk . Thought for so long it was just me , that was the" problem" To know there are others out there like me , the tears of sadness for not knowing for soo long , and the tears of joy , that i finally figured it out ,and found others like me , are just rolling down my cheeks. I find myself the last couple of years , outside at nite looking up at the stars and longing for home , which i must say has puzzled me. Always knew i was different ..... but was always encouraged to conform, so i thought i was the nutcase, being told so , so many times.... but the last few years , i've been separated from those who treated me so., and i have come to embrace who i am, to meditate on it , and learn to love me for who i am .... and it led me here ... It feels like i am amongst my real family , to hear your stories. Oh that we could have all known each other growing up , how much stronger we would be... but there is still time .... to fulfill the purpose we are called to ....its like the gathering time the gathering of the harvest... and what does the harvest do , but feed the people . wow !! everything i've read so far about indigos and light workers etc. says that we are to love .....that it will change the world ,....perhaps that is why we have been separated, and gone through such challenges to cause us to be angry , and resentful , .....perhaps to stall us, stop us , from achieving what we are here to do ....... I welcome all indigo friends..... together lets love the world back to life!!

Apr 10, 2012
I two am An indigo adult
by: Anonymous

I read what you wrote and can relate to it exactly and am in a situation with a man who does not understand me at all and feeds off my heart like a vampire.

I have no idea what im supposed to be doing. i to enjoy my alone time and quiet time to think. The only other indigos I know are a few of my siblings who live far away or have their own struggles finding a life here on this odd planet and my one year old son. I love him so much.I wish I could have more indigo friends I feel we should come together. After all we are the only alike from the strange world we have chosen to live in. Who better to understand us the each other of the same :)

Mar 07, 2012
always felt different...
by: chelsea

Iv always felt different, ever since I can remember. Iv seen things and people for what they really are. Iv been told I'm a different breed many times. Iv had people I don't know tell me I have a aura about me. I can only connect with certain people. Only able to read a handful iv meet in my 24yrs. I value my alone time. I don't like to be bothered, but love to help people who want help. I feel like I have to be the parent no matter where I am. I look like a child, but have been told I sound 32 when I speak. I too feel something is coming, but what, when, where, WHY?! I have so many questions in life! I'm not sure if I fit into the indigo adults catagorey, But my mind set and thoughts, the way I see things, people, animals, pain, happiness,anger, sounds similar to what iv been reading about. I would love to hear anybodys thoughts, opinions... Anything!

Dec 26, 2011
Indigo too
by: Juliana

Can´t we meet? Open a forum or a chat or something where we can talk and maybe give a hand to each other?

Dec 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have come to realise that im an indigo adult at 24 years old. I think i knew this already but couldnt get a name , I too have all the associated traits without getting into it . I can smell something my "spidey sense" which i rely on irrefutably is going hay wire the energy is so strong im struggling to think straight or use my intuitive skills at will it's making me anxious and impatient but i don't know what it is but it must be huge and for some reason im struggling to eat im not sick at all and i am physically fit so much so its worrying and not normal. What the hell is going on?????

I'm above average I/Q , very intuitve i.e im a human lie detector , have a job , girlfreind etc so i dont think im insane but im i right in saying all of us can feel something but can't put our finger on it??????????

Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I feel you...don't worry, the assentionhappened....let's work together

Dec 05, 2011
get together

Dear friends,

I'm about to cry. Suddenly everything makes a sense, all the suffering, the crying, the rage, the feeling like a foreigner and people saying 'what's up with you, grow up, get normal'.

Is there not an internet community on facebook/myspace or wherever. And if not, can't we open up one. Were we can talk, meet, celebrate, have seminars and make a plan for the world?

I send you loads of love, guys.

Nov 06, 2011
I empathise
by: Anonymous

Wow when I was reading pretty much every word on this I was thinking 'That's me'!!!! I feel exactly the same way, there is so much that I feel I want to do in this world but people really annoy me sometimes. Would love to hear from you :-)

Nov 01, 2011
Indigo girl in Spain
by: Minerva

Wow. s the only thing I could say. My mother told me that "I asked her" that I wanted to born! And when I did it I cried before I was completely out from her. That linked me to the Indigo Kids. I was born on 1989 and I always felt different and special. But I got the perfect family for my proper growing up process. So liberal, tolerant and lovely.

I'm in constantly change, I need to travel all the world, understanding it for changing it.
I'm studying Journalismus and my plan is to change the world of communication, especially of television. With an altruistic point of view I want to make the world a better place, this must progress. I always said it. And 1 day ago I just read about the Indigos. I feel that I need to do something, but I always thought that I should find people like me to do so. But I can feel the change. 2011 has been a big revolutionary year. I believe in the change of era. I believe in the universal love and in a greater future. Cheers and loads of love from Spain!

contact me : minervaburroni @ gmail DOT com

Oct 24, 2011
by: Anahi

omg! i love all u guys i feel like i dont need 2 read each word of each comment... i do 2 worry abt disasters. i feel like im alone still. i've always try to focus on my own mind bt it seems that i get involve wit all the minds around. seems like can feel wat there feelings, i can always feel wen there thinking bad, dumb, or something weird abt me. bt some how i change it, i get looks from them like their tying say u already know. i feel when somebody had jst talked abt me n then looking at me wit guiltiness. all this happens at work. Im a salesperson, i sell woman clothing. i can make a sell easly. sometimes i know wen ppl r lying, wen ppls are jelous. bt i can chang everything at the end. most fritning, i can, ugh! its weird bt imma say it anyways i can take somebodys sickness n then have it to my self n its hard cuz its painful bt then i get better n they get better. i can feel wen somebody is sick, or a bad spirt. wat is this i get afraid of this. i reject myself. most of the times im depress. i think in suicide alot. bt not right now dont get alarmed i wont do it anyways.
my lucky number is 23.

Sep 28, 2011
Now what is right!
by: Susan

My friend and I were just asking," what do we do now?" we need to get everyone together? It was nice to stumble across this steam albiet 3 yrs old. Has anyone got together. It seems like we have a lot to do. :)

Sep 20, 2011
Here is your answer.
by: Anonymous

For those of you who know that you are indigo.Great! Go get your Attunements. For those of you who have abilities learn to journey and get your records. Find out what your contract is. I come from an indigo family but did not know it. I'm clair-sentient I woke up last June 23 I already know what some of my contracts are and working to fullfill them.
I also feel something big is going to Happen in 2012. I'm not sure if it's going to involve just us. I'm trying to connect as many as possible.

How? Have everyone spin their Chakras. ground them first. Always guide them. Attunements are different from being connected.
Watch mark Meur for recconective healing. This new modality is so easy to give even a tree will take it.

Sep 14, 2011
I'm Indigo and INFJ too...
by: Kate

Hi I just read your post. It seems we have a lot in common. i think if you dug a litter further you will discover that like me you are also a human angel. You have chosen a human life to learn about people and understand the human way. It seems a lot of Indigos are Human angels. I would love to talk to you sometime about things and maybe we can figure out what we are suppose to do next together. feel free to contact me at work on
I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to talk.

Love and Light

Aug 24, 2011
Indigo Here
by: NYIndigo

I too am an indigo. Highly intuitive since I was a child. Multi-talented. Very sensitive and emotional. Also very sensitive to energy all around me. Even to those who may be miles away. Sensitive to music. I have issues with electronic devices and have had light bulbs blow out constantly (& other stuff like that). I can pretty much hear peoples thoughts as if they are speaking. I can tell where someone has been upon meeting them for the very first time. I am learning to control how i react to people because i know that just because I know certain things, I dont need to speak of it. I have been told by others that they feel like I am looking into their soul when i look them in the eye. I know i have a very strong presence when I enter a room and sometimes i feel as if i want to turn it down a few notches so i learned that visualization of soft colors helps with this. I have learned how to make others more comforatable and unafraid by giving them a hug in my mind. I can communicate and heal relationships in another realm. I cant explain it all. My latest and greatest revelation, is to not fight what i cant change but embrace it. I am an indigo, I am learning to balance. And I see myself being happier. I need to make time for people because it is enjoyable at times, but i must take time for myslef to rejuvenate. I have manifested many things and called people into my life. Its quite amazing but the part that is hard is dealing with feeling eveeryones emotions and hearing their thoughts. it is overwhelming for me, but I am working on my own types of healing for myself. So being an indigo is a good thing when you have balance. i love you Indigos! YOu are my brothers and sisters!

Aug 09, 2011
by: Anonymous


I resisted this for a long time, I always knew there was something about me but I resisted looking at it. I've travelled to many many countries, I've resisted accpting strange people that wanted to 'follow' me whilst i was in India and similar when I was in California, i'm from and currently in the UK.

I have abilities that I have and still do resist. I refused to be educated although I was always told I'm quite intelligent.

I live alone and stay alone, i'm just setting up as a meridian psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who works with epigenetic control, I've just set up my own website

When I 'consciously' think about the things I've done and do and are then asked to explain them, i cannot. In fact when I consciously look at anything i am baffled and hesitant. I am 48 years old now and have learnt many many things but i find it difficult to describe them, unless a situation arises and i find I can sort it out easily.

I have a twitter account that no-one follows whitecloud_Neil I'm not bothered at all that no-one follows me, although consciously I'm angry that some people that seemingly have nothing to offer have thousands of followers.

People, women especially seem very drawn to me, a lot make sexual advances that (yeah you guessed it) i resist.

Consciously i get angry and frustrated that the world is the way it is when its could be so easily a much happier place for all.

I have no-one to talk to, well not about me, not about what i know or what i see or what I feel.

I'm writing a book that i will never publish, i have written many things pages, notes, poems that contain deep messages of truth that probably no-one will ever see.

I am lost.... I want to remember what i came here for, i know my capabilities but I don't know how to implement them or on what.

Aug 02, 2011
by: john

We as Indigos are here to assist healing on a planetary scale, in all areas of reality. You are a healer of some kind, have no doubt, you simply have to find out how and where you are best suited to work your missions. The first thing you must do is seek balance in your own life. Work out old emotional baggage and new with equal vigor because you can't help anyone until you help yourself. Do this in any way that works for you, but please avoid over medication, as these can hinder connectedness. You must truly heal these wounds and come to peace with who and what you are and who and what everyone else is. What appears as stupidity to you seems like 'the way things are' to most people, so try to be more forgiving. Remember if they all knew, we wouldn't be here. I wish you luck on your journey

Jun 30, 2011
We are all in this together
by: Natasha

It is really so good to meet you all here and know that there are more of us, looking to find answers, maybe this quest is what connects us all.

I always knew there was something weird about me. Lately i've been feeling like I can't take people and wanted to be on my own. I found out today about being an indigo child.

I get the same feeling that something big is about to happen soon, this world needs to wake up feeling.

I'd like to make some friends too.

My email is natashajoy at gmail dot com.

Jun 20, 2011
by: Sunshine

I, like you am an Indigo.

ive always felt like i had a calling, like one day, something would happen, i would be attacked and then in that moment i will realize my powers,whatever they may be.
I keep on waiting.

something big is going to happen.. 2012? idk.
but i can feel it. I'm very intuitive and listening to the universe has never failed me.

I feel like im from another planet that has come to analyse and help mankind. or like ive been reborn as a human and im just like...what the hell is this? I refuse to live my life this way.RREFUSE. WE ARE ALL SLAVES. I hate the monetary system and the people running this world. They are doing it all wrong. Children from Haiti being sold for their organs, viruses being released to the public for depopulation of 80% Every 5 seconds a child dies from starvation.
I am so upset about this. The world SHOULD NOT be this way. I feel like i've seen a different world, and im just here suprised. and i guess i died and this is really hell.

WE HAVE A DESTINY! with oes, arewe supposed to just sit here and watch the world rot away. everyone is waiting for superman,god, batman to come save us all. But no. Thats not going to happen. We've waited for so long. We all have to get together. Us indigos. Do something about this. STOP WAITING! THE TIME IS NOW! THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!

DO your research people. The rabbit hole goes deep.

Things to research:

Jaqcue Fresco
Peter Joseph
Alex Jones
New world order
Food in America
Lyme disease controversy
Ancient Astronaut theory

Please get informed my fellow Indigos!! ITs how we get powerful, our drive for change.


What do we do?

I KNOW this is meant for us.
Who else could do it.
Its time to unlock our powers.

I'm terrified.
But Ready. Im not going down without a fight.
Hopefully you wont either.


-MEDITATE! VERY IMPORTANT! The more you meditate the better.
-Find out what you are eating. Most of our food is purposely poisoned. The more sick people a country has the more money they get.
-Take Vitamins. ESPECIALLY VITAMIN D AND CALCIUM! studies have shown that high doses of vitamin D can help cure cancer.
-WATCH OUT FOR SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE. Theyre everywhere. And trust me.. the more you pay attention, the more signs you'll notice. and then you'll start to wonder about free will.

-please be carerful about the information i listed above to do research on. Some stuff might make you depressed. really depressed. But change that depression into ANGER and DRIVE! Lets change this.
For the future children.

Stay healthy, educated and become powerful.

Sunshine. Worldpeaceproject.

Jun 19, 2011
by: Emmy


Life FINALLY makes sense!!!

The undead LOVE me!! So many things... to much to write

I'm always getting told I'm too sensitive tho and got SO many allergies!!! I apparently bring things out in others make them realize their potential, have spiritual gifts that are ridicoulous... like reading peoples lives when I never met them before... the best one is tht my nickname is TROUBLE and I'm forever being told that Im odd or an old soul... even a lost soul and a free spirit... at school i was known as the wierd kid... WOWOWOWOW so clear now and I love some of the comments on here... Something is coming and do we wait to be called

Nice to meet u guys xx

Mar 10, 2011
I need new friends too
by: Susanne Stahrberg


I understand where you coming from. I am not quite there yet... but soon.

I do see crystals energys and I am very senitive to things people consider unsual... like waterallergy.

I would love to be a friend of yours...

Hugs (kram)

Susanne from Sweden

Jan 27, 2011
@Philip Hall
by: Marina

I started reading the comments but didn't get very far... I'm still looking form many answers, but when I read Philip's comment I had to start writing right away... I got one of the "callings" and I would really like to talk to you, I believe I have a lot to say to you, so if you're reading this and would like to talk, please post an answer and we'll think of a way to contact each other. Namaste.

Jan 02, 2011
by: curtiss

whats happening is..god(or a higher power) is creating better humans. either this higher power has simply decided it's time to make people like us or if you beleive in evolution which I beleive is possible then we are evolving in to this higher being and adventually there will be nothing but us so called indigos filling this earth.( kinda sounds like world peace doesn't it?)
we are simply a whole nother type of breed. considering the previouse generations..the problem right now is that there is a mixture of both indigos and ones that are not. if I were to guess I would say right now it's probably around 25% of indigos in the world and the rest are not. and our kinds do (not) blend together at all this makes life for us very complicated. I don't know if theres actually much we can do right now besides wait for our numbers to grow since were so out numbered. But I know that when we do come together and are able to make a difference its ganna be amazing. as an idigo the future I see is a world without money anda world without greed.a world filled with people who are all loving, understanding, don't judge one another. live peacefully. stress free. cleaner air, cleaner water. we are ganna take such good care of this earth. becouse I've got a hunch that one of our missions is to save the world. fix what those monkeys around us not to be mean.. I just don't know what to call them..hmm.. maybe we should give those who are not an idigo a label as well. and I just want to say to all you indigos out there. I don't care what you've heard or beleive. we are the future and no1 or anything can stop us from being who we are. don't live in denial. that will slow down the process of us growing.

Nov 25, 2010
Indigo Adult or Mental illness?
by: Philip Hall

Hello All,

I have spent a couple of hours reading through everyones comments, I also did the Indigo Adult test, and passed with flying colours :-) . What brought me to this site was my recent fealings of SOMETHING BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN. i don't know what or why, or when, If i knew that then i would be a millionare lol.

The Questions i have are simple.

Am I an indigo child? or am i just looking for answers?
or Am I Not just a tad mad?

Maybe you could help me answer some of these questions, if i tell you a little bit about myself?

I have always been very self aware from an early age, like 4 or 5 belive it or not, I went through schooling rebeling, and getting into minor trouble. At the age of 11 i was expelled from my primary school, and had to go into special needs schooling. Throughout my child-hud i strongly rebelled, had child psycholagists, and got into trouble with the law. It wasn't easy being me. Living on a council estate, is tuff on anyone, let alone somebody like me, with greater awareness...

I am 35 now, I am a musician ( dance producer ) I have been fairly succesful with my life considering my younger years. But i have been dealt lifes death cards more than once, and always took it on the chin. The last couple of years have been really tuff Mentally, as i suffer(d) from Panic Attacks, and fairly constant anxiety issues. I am a lot better now than i was a year ago and helped myself bring myself out of the darkness that comes with those problems.

Recently, I have constant feelings that something BIG is going to happen?, Also my son 7, seems to be showing signs of this self awareness, and recently told me he heard voices, and can tell when things are going to happen before they do, and its really scaring ME!!!! as i don't feel i have found the answers myself as of yet!! ANY HELP HERE WOULD BE MOST APPRETAITED

The Questions i ask myself is Why do i feel like this, Am I normal, maybe i am just a freek/wierd psycotic even, and i dont feel i am able to be a Good Dad too my son if i dont know myself??? Scary..

I feel i can relate to nearly everybody i have listnened too on this forum, but am still skeptical of false advertising/Marketing stratergys or bible bashers lol..

I have a million things to say, but i will leave it there for now,
I believe i am an Indigo Adult, but if i try explaining that too my dad n missus am afraid i would be wrote off to the loony bin lol,
If anyone can feel me, please feel free to get in touch > forsey2009 AT


PS:- I appoligise for my crap spelling ( never one of my strong points )

Nov 16, 2010
nice to meet you
by: Anonymous

WOW, it's great to read indigos's stories, feels good to know that I am not entirely alone in this universe. Sometimes it feels like reading my own story. I am 30 and look like a teenage girl. Earlier I used to have problems with that, but now I am happy for my "eternal youth". I also have trouble finding out what I am supposed to do in life. School doesn't fascinate me anymore, I found out that it bores me. And going to work in the public scares me, because somehow I don't fit in. I seem to know too much. I get the chills from people who are opportunistic and egoistic. I hope to find my Indigo man sometime out in the world, so that we can unite forces and do some good to mankind :)

Nov 05, 2010
Just finding out about Indigos
by: Evan

I want to tell you how I heard about Indigos. I went to a friends wedding in San Francisco. I didn't have a date so I went alone. As I was parking my rental car I saw a girl just parking her car and she was alone too. She was walking towards me and introducing herself before I even locked the car door. We almost immediately started talking about rather deep and complex topics like reincarnation and dejavu, etc. We were locked into each others conversation. And it wasn't a physical or sexual attraction, it felt very surreal and more like we had recognized each other and wanted to talk about our experiences. At this point we had moved to an area where everyone else was mingling and waiting for the wedding to start. As we were talking, two elderly ladies walked up and introduced themselves. That alone struck us because my new friend and I were sitting off on a bench very much separated from the crowd of people, so for the two older ladies to walk directly over to us was striking. They said we looked very familiar and so they had to walk over. One of the ladies introduced herself an a spiritual healer, and the other lady was her partner. And once again the four of us immediately began talking about these same ideas of intentional creation, reincarnation, etc. The older lady who was a spiritual healer and self proclaimed guide, said we should look into indigo children because we both struck her as such.

This may not sound like much and I'm far from a good writer, but the whole situation was very surreal. We all had come from different parts of the country and it was just as if the four of us immediately were attracted to each other and recognized that we were of a higher vibration than the rest of the people in attendance.

Anyways so this is how I came to research what Indigo children are, and I strongly feel like I "fit the bill." I had a very traumatic childhood. My father committed suicide when I was nine, and my mother was cold, overbearing, controlling and strict. I've never felt like I fit in and I usually get anxiety in social situations, yet...I've always been very popular, honestly people love me, and I've always somehow been the life of the party even though I always felt like I was completely different than everyone, and had this sense that my path in life was very different.

Oct 15, 2010
Finally found you!
by: Ryan

I'm a 25 year old male, recently discovered I'm an Indigo child. I'll try not to bore you with yet another typical indigo life, but it is remarkable how similar peoples stories are. Where do we go? Is our purpose simply to invoke thoughts of higher consciousness into our surrounding until the consensus are all working together for a greater life? I have almost disregarded/ignored all formal education growing up, I made it to be 25years old by bringing a smile on peoples faces and love. I was usually the first or last person to leave or join a trend, very rebellious, and had a strong case of ADD. My parents can vouch for what a nightmare we had growing up with me. However I typically went with the flow to get what I wanted at the time. I had some amazing times yet I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do, because I had to suppressed a lot of natural feelings.

I look young and attractive, I act young when I'm not conscious of acting the age/manor I'm suppose to be acting and I have a lot of wisdom and intuition that shows as well. I rarely spoke my mind though, eventually I started speaking freely and found myself to be too out there and dead wrong on some things. (That was my way of learning though, nothing wrong with being wrong the first time I figured.) Sure did lose some friends that way though but the change has been good. I'm ready to lose anyone in my life now. Haven't lost anyone too close through death yet. I figure that will be a good test for me when it happens (you know to see if I'm walking my talk.) I am sensitive though. But as far as my peers go, I see a lot of people jealous, competitive, etc... and I think I'm over spending time catering to their needs. I need to move fast in life. I know there are plenty of loving fun people out there who should want to continuously uplift each other and not beat a brother down in their ways because of their insecurities. I love to talk and learn about topics related to life/death, health/fitness, science/religion/entheogens, politics/rights/conspiracy's, and frankly anything esoteric. Lets get our minds thinking! Not dude the games going into overtime bro!... That brings me to a question I've asked myself lately. Do I devote my whole life to this life or do we just live life with this advantage. I realize I have always gotten what I want (practically in everything its amazing) so now knowing I get what I want, I need to focused on what I really want. My intuition has led me great so far. There is something coming though I can feel it and I want a bigger part in helping aside from helping those in my circle. I'm ready to devote my life to something great.

I'm currently in San Diego, California. I would love to meet more Indigo's in person or help with real change. Also again I'm new so pointing me towards some good Indigo websites would be great too. Please contact me at


Love you guys sincerely, Ryan

Jul 21, 2010
Indigo Adult
by: Anonymous

I found out today that im an Indigo Adult. I always knew, even as a child, that i was put on this earth to accomplish something great. I didn't know what it was and yet i still dont know. I have went through some of the things you have Kaylor. Like not fitting in at school and family members saying im "gifted" because i learned so fast and knew so much for a child. I always found myself trying to help anyone in need. I always had certain feelings about someone when i met them for the first time. I'm so happy to have found out that there is other people like me. It would be so great to talk to an Elder Indigo about everything. Its all so new to me and exciting. I would love to have someone to talk to and help me through this part in my life. I'm not quite sure what my next step should be. or what it feels like when an Indigo is awakening. e-mail me at x0xMajax0x @ hotmail .com I would love to talk to someone.

Jul 07, 2010
by: guitar guy

It's a little overwhelming for me to open up to this concept. I've spent practically my entire life ignoring this part of me(maybe ALL of me)as a defense mechanism so I could attempt a 'normal' life. Emphasis on attempt.

I've been labeled "terminally unique" lovingly by my mother. My life has had to be isolated. The general thinking of people has always seemed rudimentary and depressing to me. Growing up I was a social butterfly but I feel like that was the chameleon in me now. My skills at reading people really make it quite easy (almost amusingly and sadly easy) to be liked. But as soon as I open up I'm always misunderstood. My lack of faith in humanity has forced me into isolation.

Recently I decided to open up and re-invent myself. I set up a date with a girl, who later stood me up... I met a different girl that night. Sho was incredibly drawn to me. I didn't understand why. She told me that I was an indigo and it was obvious. I was actually angry at the assertion... to some degree I think lots of people invent ways to feel special. I guess I've invented ways NOT to feel special.

Even though I've done many phsycic things. I've identified multiple spirits, names, and dates. It's been proven by known psychics. Give me 24hrs in a home and I've identified your scary supernatural culprit. I've been told I'm special for a long time (I'm 25 now) it didn't click until now. My intuitions have never been wrong.. aside from expecting the first girl to show up. :)

I've resented religion for so long. I've seen too many malcontents and sociopaths use religion as their inspiration and justification. How much blood has stained the earth at the expense of someone's god who was 'better' than the other's god? Or as a crutch. "it was not meant to be" which discounts any real personal responsibility. Or an overpayed athlete thanking God... which suggests somehow god cared more about the red team than the blue team. All this has soured me on anything of that nature.

But still... some part of me believes that there's something special going on here. And me being who I am just may be part of it. Wishful thinking perhaps, perhaps not. Anyway I'll insert spaces to avoid spambots. mad x pryme@gmailDOTcom. If someone can shed some light or anything feel free to talk.

Jun 28, 2010
You most definately ARE NOT alone
by: Cal

I've just met someone who let me read her copy of indigo adults, and it's brought me right back to where I should be... following my OWN path.

I suspect that most of what holds all of us back is fear.

I've been involved in a religion for the past 3 years or so, and it was so not me. I ended up pushing back against it, VERY hard, and now, I have to fight against my own doubts to simply trust the magic in me to lead me in the right direction.

DON'T wait or expect for people to understand.

Look at a bird just before it leaves a tree.

There is a moment where it must submit to letting go, but then it flies... I think our challenge is to grow, and we can only do that by realising that we have it in us to live the song our heart sings to us. There really is no point in trying to conform to what's expected of us.

At the moment, I myself am suffering from what I call severe "itchy feet syndrome". I need to get out, and go travelling, where to, I do not know, but the feeling of living in a small world is overwhelming at the moment. I know that I am really hiding my light. I've been a reiki master/teacher for over 6 years, but I know there's so much more waiting to happen.
That bubbling beneath the surface feeling.

I agree with many others here, we need to get together en-masse, maybe.

All ideas to symbiosis17 @

Would love to here from you all.


Jun 05, 2010
What are we suppose to do?
by: Anonymous

I am a indigo young adult, I been trying so hard to find what I am suppose to do now, why are we here?

Apr 13, 2010
Same Indigo Path
by: jo

Wow; I got almost the same pattern of life, I always have people to come to me for answers, and I see part of the disaster of this year.

I saw a tsunami, and earthquakes but this year didn't end yet I saw one north of my country Peru it will be June 2010 around 10 to 26 I don't know if mix with others in Haiti and Chile.

I told everybody that I knew around December 2009 about what I saw for this year, ALL IS TRUE HELP ME GOD, TO LET THEM KNOW., Ok, also I saw on TV a guy that saw the same thing. He was a psychic.

I?m a musician, I do not consider my self excellent, but many people told me they feel in peace when they hear me, mostly the old people.

Mar 04, 2010
Hello Kaylor
by: David

Holy shit! I'm responding to Kaylor's comments. I'm male, lousy at relationships, currently stuck living with a very needy ex girl friend and feeling the same effects. My mother was also cold and controlling, so I am dealing with anxiety issues. I'm empathic but my psychic powers are weak, though do exist. I have pointless premonition dreams and have heard voices since I was kid.

Dec 12, 2009
True Kindred Sprits
by: Sydney

Reading this post and the replies are like being able to breath again. I have always known that I was different. I spoke with a man that I felt to be my grandfather as a small child and years after, when he had passed years before my birth. I enjoyed cemeteries and would spend time there having "conversations" with various people about their lives. I knew that my grandmothers house was haunted but to keep me from being frightened, my mom told me that it wasn't. Later on I found out from her she felt the same, as well as had it confirmed by my aunt. I wasn't sure if this was simply "fam trad" or family tradition, as psychic abilities pass from female to female on my fathers side. But I started to do research and realized that there was something more to explain why my obsessiveness for the occult/paranormal/ethereal was ever present.

I learned early that I was an empath. I didn't understand why I hurt, physically, when I was told stories that ailed my friends or family. It also extended to situations that I had no connection to. I can go on and on with the stories but I know without question that anyone reading this that is an indigo will understand.

I did not have a horrible childhood, but I was never understood and I still am not, but it doesn't bother me now. I went through a long time of "who am I...why am I this way?" I would think so long on it that it almost seemed to stop making sense.

Its been a long time search for me but I finally have found what I have been looking for. I truly believe that if I can get solid connections with other indigo's that life will probably improve without little effort.

I wanted to thank you for this post as well as the replies, they help me more then I can say.

With love,

Oct 19, 2009
hey indigos
by: tonyb

Hey everyone,

Reading the comments on this page I fell I can relate to what most of you are going thru. I am 36 yo M and my spiritual life and being is something that I have always struggled with because being more advanced spiritually, mentally, physically etc. means that more often than not you are going to be alone. Relationships with "normal people" can be frustrating or even destructive. Most people around me don't know were I am coming from so I feel that I have to dumb everything down. Others try to manipulate me so they can feed of my energy.
The good news is, these obstacles are becoming easier to overcome. I always try to keep in mind what our purpose is here. It is to learn and to teach!!! Remember we are all here for a purpose. The suffering we endure is here to make us stronger, smarter, more effective. Don't wallow in it use it!!!
Also, I feel it is high time we all came together and support one another. Feel free to contact me anytime. My e-mail is teton.skier at yahoomail. com.

Oct 16, 2009
by: Stacy

Hello everyone, and Kaylee.

I just wanted to say what a solace it is to know I'm not the only one. My entire life I have been an outcast, black sheep, deemed everything from weird, strange, and gifted to bipolar. I am not bipolar, but I have always known I was "weird" or different. As a child and adolescent I was embarrassed and afraid of this and I socially withdrew a lot to avoid others noticing just how strange I really was. It was evident to me throughout childhood that others found me strange and unnerving at times and this really embarrassed me and hurt my feelings. As an adult, I am no longer embarrassed but I still know I am not understood and I often prefer to be alone. I too, feel that the vast majority of humanity is not only intellectually ignorant but astoundingly spiritually ignorant as well, aka: stupid. I won't rant about incredibly blind and stunted most people are. I too feel the need to help humanity and guide and heal people but I don't know how and trying to fit in here (on Earth) and mesh with the rest of humanity is difficult. I too feel as though I am waiting on something. I know I'm here for a reason, an important reason, but I have yet to receive any specific "call". So I just pray. I pray a lot, especially for guidance. I've been going through a tough time recently, and I didn't know why. Honestly I thought I was just crazy and starting to lose it, until I came to learn that I am indigo child too and as an adult I am making the transition from indigo to crystal. If you are an indigo, or crystal, you should visit the site or you can google "indigo adult" and it should be the first site that comes up. I have found the site to be very helpful and comforting. Also, I strongly endorse as much prayer as possible because we are nearing 2012, and I do not believe that to be the end, but rather a dramatic shift in life as we know it. The cosmos are changing, thus we are changing too (it is evolution of the strongest kind, both spiritual and physical)and I have found that the changes are not always very comfortable or pleasurable. Pray for guidance and comfort and protection for yourself and others. Prayer is the most powerful thing you can do, it is a kind of meditation, and it is very effective, especially for us indigos and crystals. Talk to the archangel Michael too, he hears you too, and I believe he may be the overseer of indigos. He will help.

Hope I haven't sounded too incredibly crazy. And I wish you all the best, and I will be praying for us all so that we may come together as we are meant to and answer our call when we are supposed to, whatever that call is. :)

Love and Peace

Oct 13, 2009
Indigo Adults
by: Kathy

Hi Kaylor and everyone:)
I have enjoyed reading your comments - being a 45 y/o Indigo adult i fully understand the blessing and challenges of "our" collective gifts.

I was also ostracized for my "gifts" as a child and subsequently was taught my abilities were shameful and not to be shared.

With that view in place i turned away from my own abilities and entered the "corporate" arena... 6 years ago, shifts and changes started occurring in my life - my "calling" became harder and harder to deny, but still i refused to see it for what it is... a blessing. I was told during that time by an amazing clairvoyant/numerologist that if i did not fulfill my destiny in this lifetime i would condemn a child (my soul) to go through the same childhood which i had experienced in the next lifetime...2 years ago i had a "minor" breakdown and shed the corporate "skin"... i am now a healer... and i am implementing processes and procedures within my life so that i may do that on a full time basis. I now have support from my Indigo friends who appeared in my life once i accepted who i was... and now individually and collectively we are helping others.
If you wish to correspond with me further please do so via email: katemb 66 @ hotmail. com
Love, Light and Laughter...
"Trust in the universe (sic) and the truth will be revealed"...

Oct 07, 2009
Young adult :)
by: Iulia

Hi everyone!
I`v found out i`m an indigo more than 1year ago and i still don`t know what to do with it!!I got answers for a lot of questions that were bothering me since i was 5!Many strange things happening to me without any logical explanation..many things that i kept hidden from my family just because at some point i tough they will think i`m insane!I even started to think that something`s wrong with me until i understood that things that were happening were not influence by me!It took quite a while to understand that and now things are clear...i know why!I`v got the answers!
Still...i know i need to accomplish my mission...i know i have to do an important thing...i have a goal but i`m blind...i can`t see it...don`t know where to start from!!i feel isolated...i feel like looking for something without having any idea where about it may be!!This makes me angry and restless like i`m lost somewhere in this superficial world full of stereotypes living after this superficial rules.I feel like i`m living someone else's this is not mine!!!
I think i just need some help..maybe someone who`s like share this feelings with...!
PS:someone was saying about getting all together and start the `conquer`..well i haven`t found my place in the crew yet but i will definitely join you!!;)...and an other thing...some people are scared of death here...let me tell u that WE NEVER DIE!!!
my e-mail: indigo953 @ gmail . com

Sep 24, 2009
I just found out
by: Anonymous

I just found out that I am an Indigo Child. I spent the past two days putting everything together and it makes a lot of sense. But, why do we have a purpose ... but none of us know what it is? Also, does anyone know how I can find other Indigos to speak with ... I can't see Auras, and I'm not going to go around asking people if I feel they may be!

Jul 30, 2009
You're not alone
by: Léanne

Hi Kaylor, just like many others I recognise so much of what you're saying. I often said that people seem so stupid. A nuance would be that most people just don't think for themselves, it's a shame, since it makes sure that they won't understand us. The feeling of waiting for something; I definitely recognize it. The journey seems so long, but I also know somewhere, that it's worth it. It does help to know I'm not alone in this. All though I've always been very spiritual, I'm also very critical and never just believe something. I grew up knowing about wiccans who are pretty down to earth, but things like indigo's seemed new-agy and way to floaty for my taste. I'm still trying to shake that feeling, because I recognize that it's just not about that. It's a lable people have placed upon it. Maybe being an indigo is actually completely normal and the rest of the people are weird ;).

Jul 09, 2009
I Know Our Purpose
by: Konrad McKane

We must unite and become cocreators of the world we want to live in. We must enact our inalienable rights. Watch zeitgeist addendum and you'll learn the answers. Research Jacque Fresco and the venus project and you'll discover a hope for the future.

Jun 16, 2009
The Earliest Indigos
by: diane

I'm 56 and (believe it or not) I'm an indigo. I read that some of us came very early to make way for the influx of indigos in later years. Life has been very difficult because when I was young people had no healthy concept of spirituality. It was all devil-stuff. My parents were afraid of me and my mother did her best to beat the spirit out of me. Reading about indigos helps me to accept myself a little more and has encouraged me to develop my gifts -- of which are many. THANK GOD, I have a wonderful and comforting spiritual guide.

As an Indigo Adult, you have a much better "self-identity sense" than I had. This is so because there are many people on Earth now who understand you, and because there is a lot of information you can read about dealing with the energies in and around you. I was called demon. You can find the acceptance I never did. That, my dear sweet indigo, is a blessing. My advice: Follow the spiritual/ creative path and you will shine. And, remember to find people like yourself. Your 7 life path (I am a 7 too) will cause you to want to be alone... but don't do it. Learn personal boundaries instead, and make friends with people who understand your desire for "alone time." Alone time feeds 7s. Loneliness hurts them.

Bless you, baby! :-)

May 08, 2009
by: mel

well ive known for a few years now that i am an indigo adult but i dont know what to do now..... i am having a lot of trouble figuring out where to go from here... i keep feeling like it will happen how its supposed to but sometimes i doubt myself and all that and maybe i have to make a big move in my own life and figure out what that is somehow....... anyways anyone who has any wisdom or ideas or thoughts to share with someone like me i would definitely appreciate anything~ im just glad theres a way for me to communicate with other people who feel completely like i do... ill never forget the moment i found out about indigos and that i was one.. it all made and makes soo much more sense to me than anything in this world ever has... :) also my email is melelstodAThotmailDOTcom

Apr 25, 2009
One more thing..
by: Robert J Jones JR

Sorry about double posting, but I forgot to say this in my other,and would like to have it said.

Like I had mentioned, if we were to all unite, or establish personal communication, I truly do feel that all of these feelings of hardship and struggle would soon dissapear. It's alot like if a Lion were to try to live with a pack of wolves, so to speak. Finding clarity in what our purpose is, and sharing our gifts with the world is how our "song will be sung". I felt the same as you about dying before anyone ever truly knows my potential, and I think the same goes for alot of the people on this website. Anyways, I am always available to talk to people, and would like to speak with more Indigos! My e-mail is ordo_magnus @ yahoo .com, which works with both yahoo messenger and MSN Messenger. (email spaced to block spam bots)

Apr 25, 2009
We are definitely all one of the same.
by: Robert J. Jones JR

The more I am reading other posts, the more I am seeing that we are all indeed of this one "tribe" or "unity consciousness". Everything I am reading is identical to what I had initially tried to write myself that was too long to be posted. And I had written it before reading any of the other posts. I strongly sense that the time is near that we will be gathering together, as you had asked. I sense a strong connection with everyone whom I have read from so far tonight, and can only imagine that if we were to be in the same vicinity, interacting with one another, all of us would truly see what it is we sense we are meant to do. I Feel the same about people as you do, and I am beginning to believe that this is because we are not meant to regress to thier mean, but rather dwell amongst our own kind to truly reach our potential as a collective.

Apr 15, 2009
same page
by: Jacqui

Hi Kaylor
its so strange i have had a very similar experience with this as you have. I have also just discovered being an Indigo adult and have purpose for a long time i dont know what i should do or what i want to do with my life, as you so aptly put it 'i dont want to die with my song still in me.' am afraid i have no words of wisdom for you just thought i would let you know that you're not alone

Apr 09, 2009
Looking for Indigo Adult friends (ONLY)
by: Pearley

Hi Kaylor I am a Indigo Adult also. I am inspired by your story very nice, Our life's seem a lot like mines. I just found out also 2 days also 2 days ago by a Psychic. I am looking for a friend to talk to. I am so confused of what to do now can you help me. Please email me or anyone else reading this column. Here is my email address PearlDurley @ hotmail .com Thank you!

Apr 08, 2009
Join our Indigo family & friends circle...
by: Kaylor

Hi Everyone,
Steph and I are becoming GREAT friends, and Indigo sisters! We just email each other, and be supportive of what ever is going on in our lives. We share any new information we find on Indigos.

You can tell your friends anything, and they still love you anyway! It's what friends do! You can tell your Indigo friends anything, and they won't look at you like you're nuts! :) They understand! They have hugs when you need them! They're your SOFT PLACE TO LAND!!! :)

With family....and friends..the more the merrier! You're welcome to join us! We'd LOVE
to have you! :) WELCOME HOME INDIGO!

Email me at kaylor AT cybrzn DOTcom (email spaced to block spambots)

I'll leave the light on for you! :)

Unconditional Love,

Apr 08, 2009
Hi Gianna.......
by: Kaylor

Hi Gianna,
Thank you for your post! At least I don't feel like I'm the only one with only one oar in the water! :O Thank you for that!

Apr 08, 2009
by: Gianna Volpe

I know -exactly- how you feel.

Mar 22, 2009
by: Anonymous


I've been hearing the call for us to get together and "do something." Wanna explore that with me?? I don't have more than one indigo adult friend, and he's not currently into the whole thing...

here is my email:

stmcc001 @ mail . goucher . edu

(Email spaced apart so spam bots do not pick it up)

muchh love

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