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I'm Psychic and Only 20

by Alex Patrone
(Columbia, PA)

I can read people I have never met before and their stories. I can read their past, what their significant others look like, what disorders they have, how many pets or siblings they have, etc. I just have the look into their eyes. Sometimes they ask questions sometimes I just go off on my own with it.

I can not tell the future yet but I'm working on it. Sometimes I'll just see a person who looks normal on the street and know that he is homeless. I see a lot of pain most of the time. It's easier to see people's pains than their joys. These days it seems as if the energy of pain over rules the joy in peoples lives. It's not like every person I see their story just seems to pop into my mind. I need to focus on it also sometimes little things about a person will pop up. Other psychics have told me that they can see my wings and that they are wings of fire. I can't see them yet. I wish I could, it would give me more proof so that I wouldn't doubt myself so much.

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Aug 01, 2008
by: MM

HI there .....will you tell me about my future?

Jul 21, 2008
Hi There
by: citlaly

Hey I just wanted to let you know that {why} you could mostly see in people is pain! Because that's why you're here. To help those who need you to guide them and release their pain. And help you also with your psychic abilities and when this happens you'll feel so good like when I try to help someone and I have that chance I feel so good this also helps you mamita :O)

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