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Incredible Sensitivity

by Kate
(Grand Junction, CO)

I really hope that someone could maybe tell me I'm not crazy and help me control some of this sensitivity and hear me out. I remember being able to feel and hear strange things all the time since I was five. When I was younger I used to get so scared to be alone because I would feel negative energy around me. I would never sleep well because I'd be waking in the middle of the night from tight terrors which I still have. Normally they will start to occur when I have a change in my life that is beginning. I have had sleep paralysis twice and each time was because of fear of the unknown. I have waken up from a bad dream so scared that I couldn't move it felt like something was sucking the life out of me.

I have also had a near death experience. I was 13 and I saw the white light during surgery and before that I had a very lucid dream. About a year ago in August I had a good friend pass away and ever since then my sense for things around me have increased in numbers. It's like the presence of my friend never really actually left me. The creepiest thing about that is I swear I saw him in a pink shirt after he died in the back of my house. I still to this day think he has something to tell me and we some how have unfinished business.

I have also always been able to see strange shadows and lights, and I have been able to hear things people can't hear and feel things other people are feeling. It has gotten to the point of knowing when my fiancé is going to have a migraine when he is all the way in Hawaii and I am in Colorado. Now the lights that I see and shadows I see come out from the corner of my eyes. At night especially when I am lying in bed I'll start to see twinkling white lights and there will sometimes be an occasional black light. I'll occasionally see the white lights during the day. The white lights feel good and calm but the black one feels ominous and creeps me out. I know this sounds completely crazy but then around me stuff just starts appearing out of no where. I'll see shadow figures along the wall that flash in an instant. Sometimes it gets to the point that I get so scared I don't know how to control it.

Will someone please help me figure out what is going on?... I'm at a loss and I just want to learn how to control it.

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