Indigo Adult Scotland

by Gillian

Well, a client came into my shop one day , we get on really well and she mentioned about indigo children, I had never heard the term. Anyhow I went on to the internet and read about them. I did wonder though, children do grow up and will become adults, so do we get indigo adults? I thought common sense wise we must. I then did research and read the list of characteristics and thought yes that's definitely me.

I never thought any more of it, that was nearly 2 years ago, and today I was doing a session on a client (I am a hypnotherapist and reiki master) and she is quite psychic like me, I don't normally talk about these things unless people are interested.

I said I would get a particular website for her and I couldn't find it but found yours instead. Now how good is that. And believe me I have been doing a lot of searches tonight.

So all 26 traits I have got, I work for myself, I love it, people ask is that not boring, well no it's not. I always ask questions always have, have dreams from various people that have passed on. I feel things from people and definitely can cry at lots of things, in fact it can be embarrassing.

Anyway that's all for now as I am getting tired.

Bye for now


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Mar 25, 2018
searching for other indigos
by: Savanna B

Hi there, I am a young indigo in search of others like me. I have never met anyone else that is an indigo and I feel very alone. I live in the west coast of Scotland and I would love to meet up with any other indigos close by! email me if anyone is interested!

lots of indigo love xxxx

Oct 07, 2016
indigo adult in glasgow..seeks otger indigos in scotland
by: Kate

Omg..l really need to find other adult indigos in Scotland so we can maybe create a meetup group in glasgow or other citys..there are no adult indigo groups in scotland lve searched EVERYWHERE .we need to unite together so we do not feel alone and so we can help and understand each otherreach our full potentials..we are here for a very special purpose and to fufill it we need to unite...please lets come together and help each can find me on fb my name is kate davenport please add me and message me!!!

Nov 25, 2013
by: ashley

I am indigo I have searched Scotland to find another indigo clairvoyant like myself I was so confused would b great to chat xx

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