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Indigo Adult

Bright Orb.  Can you see me?

Bright Orb. Can you see me?

I am a 24 year old Indigo adult. I've known of this since I was a child when my grandmother told me of the star children. But being that of a very strict wealthy family, as a young teenager my views were thought of as psychotic and I was put into mental institutions instead of just being shown unconditional love and understanding and feeling (which is all I wanted).

This is just a short intro to the downfalls (I've fallen pretty far) I have suffered from alone. Now I suffer as I leave my body whenever in a social situations as to avoid any ignorance. Even though I feel alone, I now know that I am not. I know that reaching out will pull in what I need to have for myself.

For those interested in astrology and indigos, my sun sign is Scorpio. I can talk a lot more about this. My chart has a lot of challenges in it that intrigue me for the future as I connect with my chart more and more everyday.......

MY sun and moon are opposite each other (Scorpio/Taurus)
MY rising is Cancer
MY north node and south node are opposite each other (Taurus/Scorpio)
Then my DAD's sun and moon are opposite each other as well (Taurus/Scorpio)

If you know a lot about astrology as I do, you will see all that opposition and feel sooo bad for me :( Haha. But at least I know my challenges... and the rewards are ten times sweeter than normal. But this is only because I have no choice but to move forward.

Yes, as an indigo child, I was greatly misunderstood. But now that people are starting to wake up and live in the NOW (I foresee this), I can use my great gifts to everyone's advantage :).

I am asking if anyone has any suggestions for further adult indigo healing. I am interested in crystals that would suit me. And anything else that you think would help.

Thank you for listening (all I ever wanted),
Very Evolved Being of Light

The picture I uploaded is of some of the family and me. I'm the one with a bright orb over my head :). I have arrived.

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Nov 22, 2009
Indigo Adult
by: Mikayla

I am a 21 year old Indigo adult. Since I was a child I was often scared by the many spirits I considered evil that surrounded me making me miserable. I was wondering If there are other fellow Indigo people who feel or have felt negative vibrations from other dimensions as I do; and understand why some sensitive beings like us are the target of this negativity.

Mikayla - Canada

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