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Indigo Freedom

by Gladys Chamberlain
(Rouses Point, NY)

"Freedom to be one's SELF" - I've always knew I was different from my family members(siblings, parents, aunts, etc). It was very difficult being raised by a non-believer of anything except her religious belief/s.

At the age of three years and ten months old I experienced "Remote Viewing". It was sometime after dark when I woke up to a silent apartment. Fearlessly, I walked bare footed, crushing cockroaches as I went through the kitchen. I opened the locked kitchen door, and walked out into a dark hall and stopped at the top of the stairs. As I looked down, a light shown brightly on four men dressed in identical clothing, with high boots and helmet's on their heads. They were holding a red, white and blue flag that I now know was Iwo-Jimi. I let out a scream and mother came out the open door and led me back into the apartment and into my bed. No, she did not say a word.

That was my first experience that I remembered. Around the same time "Atar" showed himself to me - my personal guide. He was a wonderful spirit guide, filled with love and understanding for me. He stayed with me until I was in my 50"s. Do not know what I would have done without him by my side.

So from my first known experience to my many, many experiences throughout my life I never knew I was an Indigo until recently. I found a site called Powerful Intentions and joined. From that site I joined a group called Indigo adults and that is how I discovered "ME".

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Nov 25, 2013
So happy you found yourself
by: Ms. Starr

So happy for you. I know how you felt growing up. I was lucky because we, the females in our family are also. I am glad you found your way. So many get lost, and are diagnosed with mental illness and are given drugs to stop voices and visions. It really is too bad for them.

Happy for you and if you ever need anyone just to listen. We are always here.

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