Indigo Psychic Adult

by Renee
(Arnold, MD USA)

From a small child and into the present I have had/have so many experiences, feelings, knowing, seeing- many things to include: light orbs, shadows, beings/entities, events. I have dreams and feel things about people and places that I don't even know.

I'm extremely emphatic and I pick up on so many things. I know this is a gift, but it's a double edge sword. Without it I don't know how I'd maneuver through this life. But, then again, having this gift is so very hard to just be and fit in. I am a redhead and I have sensitive skin, sensitive to chemicals, EVERYTHING within and around me. I'm the epitome of "Princess and the Pea."

My energy seems to effect machines and anything electrical. (Only when I get upset.) At first the folks at work didn't believe that, but now they see.

I am a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant working with the elderly. I have a very special connection with the geriatric population. They know (especially the ones close to transition) that I am a genuine person. They will say "Honey, you know, you aren't like other people. You are real, like an angel.")

Because I can feel most things, I have frightened off many of my boyfriends/friends only to receive calls, years later, with an apology stating that I always knew what was up and it scared them.

When I was 20, I "asked" not to see entities, but that it was alright to feel them.

I have a very hard time, with people of authority/work managers as I can feel when they are BS-ing me. They feel I am trying to be difficult, when I am just responding to what is being presented to me.

I would like to learn to channel this gift and use it for not only good, but stop picking up other people's negativity as I have a difficult time determining if it's mine or theirs.

I feel most at peace in the mountains and around trees. I also have a special connection with animals, etc. As some birds and frogs, etc. will let me pick them up in my hands.

I also feel presences around me, mostly gentle and kind. Sort of like a protection. I just tell the other's to go away and that they are no longer needed here and bless them on their way.

I have so many strange connections to people and people they know, it makes my head spin. Very unusual connections.

Any comments? I sure could use a kindred spirit (on this plane.)

With light, Renee

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Dec 04, 2011
by: Kimberly

This is exactly what has been my experience. I'm 33 yo and coming to terms with this. It isn't happenstance when it continuously occurs without rhyme, reason, or rationale.

Jan 18, 2010
It Is A Blessing
by: Marrissa

Just like to say I just finished reading your story and feel at ease because all the things you say I have had all the same and feelings. I feel different from other people like; I don't belong. But I would like to use my gift to help others.

Happy to know I'm not the only one.

Jan 17, 2010
I feel you
by: Anonymous

Wow I totally feel you on that. I'm nearly the same except I've learned to block out my sensitivity. and I've learned to also keep my emotions deeply in check so that i won't effect the machinery around me. I feel like that has a lot to do with my guardian angel though which is fiercely protective of me. I've sent in my story as well so if you want to read about me my story is called the indigo seer.

Jan 07, 2010
Renee You Are Light
by: Knowhow999

Be of good cheer, kiddo. You really have a great gift. I friend of mine once said, "Nothing of real value is ever easy". Being sensitive is challenging. Stay away from psychic sponges who may unwittingly suck energy from you.

I suggest you check out your local area for spiritual/mystical/psychic groups in your area. Check the Internet/newspapers etc.

There are many folks like us out there. Sounds like you have figured out how to shield yourself pretty well. Try and associate with high vibrating people. You will know the energy when you feel it.

Local colleges sometimes have bulletin boards where you could even post inquiries on. Also check your local library or other meeting halls. Try and avoid people less evolved than you. Some fundamentalist folks are frightened by our gifts so try and steer clear of intolerant types.

I wish you much success and continued joy in your life---Blessings, blessings

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