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Indigo Septuagenarian

by Sylvia

You guys think you have it bad? I’m a 70 year old female Indigo. (A Septuagenarian Indigo) When I was seven years old (1946), I had to send my "friends" away, because the priest told my mother I was possessed by the devil and had to be exorcized. I was arguing with the priests and nuns and telling them they were wrong. Back then children where seen but not heard. My special place was sitting on the roof of our garage under a cherry tree. I talked with Red Feather (my spirit guide) and the fairies. Mom overheard me and said it was time to send them away as they were causing me trouble. She didn't seem to mind them.

I was always in poor health and not expected to live to adulthood. By the time I was 12, I looked and acted like an adult. I became a nurse (RN), then a mother even though the doctor said I couldn't get pregnant even with a miracle. (cancer of the ovary at 13, no periods) I have a son (IEE) who accomplishes amazing engineering feats. My daughter has two Indigo sons 16 and 9. She teaches 3rd grade at a charter school and is a magnet for indigo and crystalline children.

At the time I was going through all the illnesses, misery, not fitting in, weirdness, knowing a patient was going to have a heart emergency before it happened, patients pains being removed and coming into me, being aware of entities around dying people, etc, I had blocked out all I knew at age 7.

When I was 38, I had an "out of body" experience while my body was being given CPR. I visited home and was allowed to remember part of it. I chose to come back, but couldn't remember why. Now I know. I had to be there for my grandsons and to help my daughter understand them, and in turn we helped her to understand her special students. Many parents are aware that their kids have problems (ADD, ADHD, Autism), but don't know what to do with them. She has to be very careful when talking with the parents or she could be in serious trouble. The kids (not just in her class) seek her out and know they can talk to her.

When I was 65, I met a man who led a metaphysical group. This was how I reconnected with Red Feather... now Joe, and my spirit friends. I had to start over as a small child being told when to dress, eat, and sleep. At first I could hear voices and feel their presence. As I progressed, communication became more internal. Within 6 months, I was remote viewing, astral travelling, auto-writing, my body was being used to teach others while I was on "Vacation". Then one day a spirit came and I couldn't hear the others. It was frightening at first, but I later learned his purpose. I was living mostly in the spirit world and that's not why I came into body. I had caught up with what I needed to know since I was 7. A short time later, I was hospitalized with a severe infection of my left kidney, cancer of the right kidney, and a tumour on my adrenal gland. On the second day, a clot hit my lung and I wasn't expected to live through the night. I was very calm as I could feel all my spirit friends around me. The lights in my room flickered like crazy when others were there. My family and friends came to say goodbye. One of my friends (a holy man from India) gave me the "ashes of Sai Baba" and asked I be given what I needed. Shortly after they left, the nurse came in and found I could breathe deeply on my own. The clot was gone. The doctors still can't explain it, but can't admit verbally that it was a miracle. I still have medical problems and I'm still being given what I need to cope.

One of the things I learned is that we get our bodies from our parents. The body is the container for our spirit and sometimes it is so weak and damaged that Father (God, Allah, etc) has to patch it up (miracle)so we can continue to do the work we were sent to do. Was it hard living my life? Absolutely. Do I wish I hadn't gone through all the above? No, it made me what I am today.

My Septuagenarian Indigo Advise: Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. You will know who you can talk to. Comply when you have to, but never forget who you are. Pick your fights. Keep your spirit friends close and ask them for help when you need it, or just need to talk. Thank Father and your friends for being there for you. They appreciate the acknowledgement. Try to be patient. You will eventually get hind sight. Help the younger ones when you can. But most importantly, learn from them.

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