Inherited Psychic Abilities

At first I thought my dad was just trying to be silly when he talked about seeing the future. I have had dreams that came true and I thought it was just déjà vu.

But then I had a vision not in my dreams, but while I was awake and when my dad described what happened when I had a vision I knew something was special about me.

I could relate to how it felt to have a vision, it is difficult to explain but my brother then said he has had visions as well. I decided I wanted to see if I truly was psychic so my brother tested me with cards; I got every single card right, my brother tried and he did get all of the cards right. Is it possible psychic abilities are hereditary?

If you ask me I'd say yes.

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Oct 16, 2012
How To Embrace Your Psychic Powers
by: Anonymous

I wish you’d give more information out for free (but don’t we all) on how to embrace your psychic powers... My mother was very in touch with these things.

The main story I remember, she was at a bar and a guy was there drinking who appeared sad, my mother though, felt how horribly strong the sadness was and went to the man and said "can you please tell me about the red car? Because that’s what I see and I know it’s the cause of your sadness".

The man just looked at her in shock and then said my son just died today in a car accident and yes his car was red, how could you know...?

I've never experienced something that strong but I've had a lot of little "coincidences" and I’d really like to know how to make them as strong as hers was.

May 11, 2010
Deja vu
by: Anonymous

Sometimes I experience deja vu. It's just like I feel that I've done something before but I really never have. But sometimes it's more complex such as I feel like I've done something at the exact same time and the person I'm talking to says a word that I think I've heard while I was doing that exact same movement or something. I can sometimes remember it from a dream, but sometimes I can't.

Apr 09, 2010
Inheriting abilities =)
by: Anonymous

You are lucky my dear that your family has abilities as well as you, gives you people to talk experiences about. My parents just think I've lost my mind. My grandmother had visions of the future in dreams and also she attracted people like she was magnet. That's all I know aout her since she died before I was born. So yeah I agree with the whole inheriting abilities theory, although my abilities are quite different from what I hear of hers.

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