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When you join my Inner Psychic Circle you get the Ultimate Online Psychic Guidebook and The Successful Manifesting Guidebook.

Inner Psychic Circle

If you have lots of questions, from what online psychics do, to how to reach out and contact the psychics who can best help you, this comprehensive guide will tell you all you need to know.


The Ultimate Online Psychic Guidebook reveals the types of psychic services that exist and where to access them, to what kind of questions to ask before you start a reading; what to watch out for and how you can benefit.

You get the Guidebook for free when you join my inner circle of psychics and friends.

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PLUS: One more free guidebook. In the Successful Manifesting Guidebook you will learn about making your dreams come true. In a simple way of tapping into the unlimited and infinite source of your being. Discover your strengths, gifts and potential that are always with you, each moment, waiting to be illuminated.

Free Pendulum Chart

The printable Pendulum Pad is available for free inside the Inner Circle. Ideal for use with a pendulum and can also be used as a Ouija Pad.

Download inside the Psychic Circle Members Area

I created this list of Tarot Keywords to assist those who needed a tangible single word meaning for each card while they learned.

These five printable pages available for free download inside members area.

Major Arcana + Pentacles + Cups + Swords + Wands

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