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Insanely Curious

by Stacy
(Ohio, USA)

My story is not too out there, however, I do need some guidance or an opinion on this. Whether you think it could mean something or not. I am 19 years old and I've had a pretty easy life. I've never had to go through anything too crazy. My whole life I've always been able to "see right through people", honestly, the moment I meet people I can usually tell the EXACT type of person they are. When I was 17 I started getting these 'bad feelings' like when my friends and I would go out I would always be able to tell if something bad was gonna happen or not. I recently lost my grandma and I had been praying for a sign or something and I have this picture and it was THE night of the day she died, the camera I used did not have a flash so this is not an object created by flash. I snapped a picture of my sisters boyfriend 'playing' in the kitchen and this ghostly looking object appeared. A few months ago I had a dream about my grandmother. in my dream she had already been dead but I was at her house (in the dream) and she was too, when I hugged her, although I was dreaming I could feel it so strongly.

I watch the movie Remember The Titans quite often, there's an actor in it that I found attractive and I googled him and it said he had made appearances on Fresh Prince, a show I watch all the time, I thought to myself I wonder if I've ever seen him. The next day I was flipping through channels and Fresh Prince was on, I didn't think anything of it but someone came to the door in the show and it was the actor from that movie! Things like this happen ALL THE TIME.

As of a couple weeks ago, I've begun to see flashes zoom by me of white and black. I can't make it happen and I never know when it will but when it does, it really does happen and I'm not crazy! I was in a store with my friend and I could hear someone talking, I looked all around and no one was. These things are happening more and more. I keep going to new places but somehow I remember them, as if I dreamt of them before or something.

Please give me some type of direction as of what these flashes and noises could be, I'm not scared (for some reason) just insanely curious! Thanks so much!<3

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