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Intuitive Guidance to Awaken Your Magic

by Jen Gordon

Jen Gordon

Jen Gordon

We all have our own psychic awareness and beautiful life path that is tugging at our hearts and life is constantly pushing us to actualize our deepest hearts desire. Including you! Life wants you to experience its magic.

Our desires are the universe trying to express itself through you. Your deepest hearts desires are to be yours!

After spending many years in corporate marketing, I have chosen a path of a teacher of consciousness as it is my life's purpose to return people to the love they are.

I use a culmination of the following gifts to help guide you and heal your life:

Energy healing:

I work with your energy field to help remove blocked energy to get through the layers of lack of consciousness that are blocking your own intuition and own life's magic.

Intuitive empath:

Understanding how you feel, I can look into your emotions to see the energy you are radiating out into the world to help you channel your energies into places of light and consciousness.

Akashic record reading and clearing:

I can help you understand the soul expressions that your soul has chosen at every stage of consciousness to help clear and remove old patterns from past lives. Patterns that have occurred through countless lifetimes.

Clairvoyance and clairsentience:

With the psychic abilities to hear and see guidance from the other side, I can talk to your guides and higher self to communicate guidance that you aren't able to tap into.

Let's play with the energy and bring the magic back to your life! To expand your consciousness is my life's greatest joy.

My psychic, intuitive guidance services allow you to get to the heart of what is challenging you to use the experience to transform and expand your world!

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Dec 18, 2016
Gifted Intuitive and Healer
by: Brandon

I reached out to Jen when I was in a funk and really needing some help getting past the blocks that seemed to keep me stuck. I can say that as a psychic and intuitive myself she is the real deal. It is not often that I meet people who can follow along and say what I am seeing before I even mention it. She read parts of my soul group that I was sensing that were staying hidden and helped me bring them into the light. The blocks I was experiencing seemed to dissolve and the next day I became very motivated and feeling light and found my flow returning to me again. Very grateful for the blessings of her gifts.

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