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Jules Kennedy - Psychic Advisor

Author of Dimensional Ascension

Jules Kennedy is an Exceptionally Skillful Psychic

  • 30 years professional psychic advisor & life coach in private practice.
  • 12 years social work, case work & volunteer administration experience.
  • Graduate coursework and undergraduate degrees in counseling & human development.
  • Certified “Light Body” instructor.
  • Certified Computer Applications instructor.
  • Author of Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers, Sexual Ascension, The Risen, The Light Work Course, and Opening Your Heart to Singing: Mastering Life Through Love of Song.

Psychic advice with Jules Kennedy – learn about yourself by knowing details of what might be happening on the “unseen” levels of experience, past, present and future.

Intuitive insight with Jules Kennedy – keen sensing of what may be coming for you in the near and distant future will help you navigate the present.

Relationship counseling with Jules Kennedy – look at important relationships in your life and how they affect your experience. Knowing can help you make changes and take control.

Psychological/Personality assessment with Jules Kennedy – we each have developed a personality based on psychological, astrological and birthright influences throughout life. Make these factors correspond and cooperate within your destined path.

Business/Career coaching with Jules Kennedy – find the type of work, business or career path that suits who you are and what you are becoming. Even businesses have a soul; find your business soul and work with it to spiritualize your entire life. Design your work life to flow with your inner being.

Soul pattern analysis – your soul has a pattern that dictates the path you are on. Learn about this pattern and how to work with it to have the destiny you choose. At higher levels of understanding destiny choices become more refined and exacting.

To address any and all of these issues along with soul mates, twin souls, karma & past lives, soul purpose, light work technique, multi-dimensional reality and more, visit Jules Kennedy's website.

Books by Jules Kennedy

Dimensional Ascension by Jules Kennedy
Psychic - Jules Kennedy

Book Description of Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers by Jules Kennedy. Dimensional Ascension delivers a powerful message that will help anyone speculating the deeper meaning of life here upon this planet. "What is my purpose?" "Why am I here on earth at this time?" "Will I ever be happy?" These are questions that many people today are asking themselves. Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers can help you answer some of the most pressing, intimate concerns in your life. By understanding and utilizing the multi-dimensional information given in Dimensional Ascension, and via answering the self-reflective workbook questions at the back of the book, anyone with even just a bit of curiosity may be able to enhance life experience. Begin to attain healthy relationships, explore vocational options, and manifest prosperity and happiness. Make your dreams come true by comprehending what is at the core of this existence, by knowing what your soul wants. Through Dimensional Ascension learn to tap into the power of your own mind, use imagination to create reality, and access the full capacity of love to transform every relationship in your life. You will recognize the workings of your psyche; the spirit of life beyond this world but also that which is inside of you.

Book Reviewed by Paige Lovitt on "Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers (Utopian Vision Ascension)" is very powerfully written by a channeler/clairvoyant. It is the first book in the Utopian Vision Ascension Series. Ms. Kennedy channels the information in her book from multi-dimensional guides. She goes into great depth to explain who these guides are and the twelve dimensions and what is happening on each level. The book guides the reader to search within to find answers that they need to be able to manifest prosperity and happiness, and in doing so, achieve healthier relationships with others and themselves.

In the back of the book, there is a workshop section that has questions for the reader to answer to further their personal exploration. This can be done individually or in a group setting. At the end of each chapter, a page number is listed that corresponds the workbook questions with the chapter that was just read. I found this section to be particularly helpful, because by studying my responses to the questions, I was able to see if I really comprehended the material or if I needed to go back and review it further in depth. The book can be read without doing these exercises, but I found that the exercises greatly enriched my experience. I also was able to gain some insight into why I am blocking receiving abundance in certain areas of my life.

Ms. Kennedy states, "If you act out of desperation, you create resistance...If you are attempting to manifest a situation in your life and things are not moving toward you, then you are also repelling the situation with your desperation." This quote held a lot of meaning for me and as I read further in the book, I found the means to work through this issue. I feel that by using this information, I will be a much more effective Light Worker because many of the blockages that slow down my work have been removed.

This is a fascinating book that I highly recommend to other Light Workers, or people who are interested in becoming a Light Worker.