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Just For Today

by Jeremiah Skyler
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Psychic Jeremiah Skyler

Psychic Jeremiah Skyler

A few years ago a woman contacted me for spiritual and psychic advice. I'll call her Linda to protect her identity. She was very upset because her husband, let's call him Jerry, had withdrawn from her.

The advice she was receiving from her friends as well as the people she worked with was that she needed to think more about herself and to finally cut him loose.

It seems Jerry had lost his job and decided to go into business for himself. After nearly 2 years of working non-stop, weekends, evenings, just constant work in the guest house behind the main house, Jerry had failed to make a significant profit with his new business. Then he tried to go back to work for a company, but no one was hiring. And that's when he became withdrawn.

He stopped spending time with their 8 year old son and he only came into the main house to drop off his dishes into the kitchen sink. He stayed up late and slept in late. Jerry and Linda spent no quality time together and their sex life seemed like it was finished.

After her first psychic reading with me, Linda seemed surprised at the advice I was giving her. "Hang in there," I said. This went against all of the advice of her peers as well as every self help book that had been handed to her about how women should not become doormats.

What I said to her in that first psychic session and in the readings that followed was that the heart was both foolish and wise. Logically it was foolish to stick around in what looked like a dead end marriage. And yet, she did take a vow for better or for worse. More importantly, I was getting unbelievable and intense waves of intuition that she needed to stay. Don't kick him out. Don't demand a divorce. Don't seek couple's therapy. Don't hand down any ultimatums. "Just keep your heart open to the man you know he really is inside."

Well it wasn't long before several of Linda's friends started telling her she needed to stop going to "that psychic". Apparently the perception was that I was "disempowering her as a woman". She told me what they were saying to her and asked me what my reasoning was behind telling her to basically just do nothing and try and keep an open heart. My honest answer, "I don't know. I just feel it strongly."

That was the last time I heard from her until one morning I got the call that Jerry had dropped dead. She asked if I would come over and I did.

I was still new at giving readings and to be honest with you I was pretty freaked out on the drive over to her house. When I arrived there were other people there, in the living room, in the kitchen. I was introduced as a "friend" and got to overhear some people talk about "that psychic". I heard a woman say, "So he's really psychic, fine. But how come he didn't know that Jerry was going to die?"

I don't know. I am guided by an invisible force that I do not fully understand. All I can tell you is that I can only speak what is being revealed. And what is revealed to us is what Spirit sees fit to reveal to us at any given time.

As is turns out, shortly after Linda stopped coming to see me, Jerry sort of turned a corner. He actually apologized to her and said that he had been fighting a very bad depression. He knew it wasn't fair to her or their child and he was going to take steps to fight it. He really appreciated how she never stopped believing in him even when he had stopped believing in himself. Her unconditional love was restoring his faith in people and in life itself.

Valentines came around and he took her out for a nice meal. The roses were still in the vase on the bedroom table when I arrived the morning after he died.

The night before, Jerry stood up out of bed to go to the bathroom. He walked into the hallway, turned on the light, lost his balance and fell. He clenched his heart as Linda immediately got up and called an ambulance. When he arrived at the Emergency Room it was too late. Jerry had left his body and was pronounced dead at 42 years old.

Linda and I sat on the couch together and talked after people finally went home and it was night time again. She said that the last 2 weeks of her marriage to Jerry were the best 2 weeks they had ever spent together. She said that if part of the meaning of life is to just be able to finally open up your heart and really love someone, then Jerry's life was a success. And the final gift that he had left her, his last and final Valentine's gift, was the knowledge that all any of us have is today. In a moment, in a flash, it can all be gone. And it will be, for sure, sooner or later.

I share this story with you, not just as an anecdote of my psychic experiences, because I think this is about so much more. The meaning of your life is found in the ones you love. And the measure of your life is found in the depth with which you love them.

No matter what your situation is in life, no matter what you think your problems may be, today is absolutely beautiful...

Jeremiah Skyler

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Aug 11, 2009
How do I reach Jeremiah Skyler?
by: Anonymous

I cannot find him on www.psychicanswerstoday.com or www.psychicanswersnow.com - they just seem to be sites for all kind of things, and not his private homepage.

Feb 15, 2009
Trust your intuition
by: Anonymous

Encouraging people to listen to themselves often urges that they learn to detach from external messages. Many people benefit from learning to hear their core voices again. An intuitive is not going to divulge information unless asked and even then is supposed to use caution. Nothing perceived in energy fields is carved in stone about the future. Many futures are possible.

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