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Lifelong Psychic Abilities

by Cathy

My first psychic experience was at the tender age of two. I was, but wasn't, at the scene of a murder. I saw the young lady, lying on the beach. I knew something wasn't right but at that age, I couldn't wrap my head around it, let alone put it into words.

Then at the age of seven my next door neighbor died, he came to me in my bedroom early one morning and told me so. I went downstairs, looked at my mother and said...."Hooker died, didn't he!?" She looked at me with a puzzled face and said..."No."...the phone rang moments later. It was Hooker’s family letting us know he's passed in the night.

At the age of fourteen my I had a dream... I was standing in my kitchen, my mother was across the room talking on the phone, when she hung up the phone, she said..."Come on Cathy, we have to go to Rockland, your aunt just died." I woke up and looked at the clock; it was 5:20 a.m. Later that day at 9:30 the phone rang, it was my sister telling me our Aunt Barb had died at 5:23 that morning.

Throughout my life these types of things happened over and over again, I'd share my experiences with anyone that was willing to listen, most people just brushed it off as coincidence but I knew in my soul it was more than that. I've lived a paranormal investigators dream. I've seen full body apparitions, and heard the energies of those that have crossed over whisper messages in my ears.

Everything changed the year I turned thirty eight.

My family and I were going through some extremely scary medical mysteries. My son was in and out of the hospital with abdominal pains that no doctors could give us any answers for. I, myself, was having extreme health issues and I was feeling weak, confused and scared. One night I woke up feeling extremely ill, sweating profusely, barely able to walk I made my way to the kitchen for a drink of water. The last thing I remember was tipping the jug of water and thinking to myself..."I'm not going to make it!" The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor, spitting my teeth in my hands, lying in a pool of sweat in an absolute haze. I couldn't figure out how I got on the floor and how had I broken my teeth. I screamed for my husband to wake up and come to help me. I could tell he was scared by the look in his eyes and he asked me if I wanted him to call the ambulance, I declined.

The next morning, I woke up, knowing I needed to know what happened to me. I was scared to death; all I kept thinking was that I had a brain tumour. I'd been having surging feelings of electricity in the middle of my brain for weeks that I couldn't figure out. I left the doctor’s office with no answers, they assumed I was dehydrated and just needed rest. I knew better, something happened to me last night and it seemed like they didn't care.

On my way to the dentist the next day, I was in a room filled with people that I knew from my community, but didn't know personally. All of the sudden, I kept hearing...well, not hearing, but feeling, well not feeling....it was like my own voice speaking to me, but what I was experiencing wasn't making sense.

Suddenly a man, that I couldn't see with my physical eyes and I couldn't hear with my physical ears was asking me to tell his widow, who was sitting next to me, that he was okay and he was with their son. I tried to brush it off, but the feelings wouldn't go away. I knew I was taking a huge risk, I knew this was going to sound crazy. But I couldn't push the feelings away.

After telling this lady what I was hearing, she was brought to tears.... her husband had died years earlier from cancer and her son had died just a few years after that and she'd always wondered if they were together. After relaying that messages, more and more were coming through for everyone else that was in that room.

I could compare what I was hearing to being underwater with a gang of hyper high school girls... excitement galore. But everyone, (every energy), was talking at once. Finally after approaching two more people and giving them the messages they were so excited to hear.

I finally realized what was going on. Everything clicked.... the passing out the night before, the feelings of exhaustion, feeling week, overwhelmed but excited about everything at the same time was in reality a re-birth of sorts. Since then my life has completely changed.

I've become more spiritual, I'm learning all I can about how to use my psychic abilities, how to use them to help others. I know that some use their gifts professionally, but for me it's not about making money, it's about making everyone see, free of charge that there is something better, that life does go on.

Thank you for this site, it's helped me tremendously!


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