by Charlie

I have no idea why I am writing other than; I am scared to share with anyone else other than a stranger. I have had so many experiences, it’s hard to keep track or really know what to share. My experiences are short; they are very similar to the "Final Destination" instances. Not quite as long, as simple as a seeing baby tipping over in its high chair at Logans before it happens, or as complex as shaking a guys hand and picturing him dying five minutes down the road on his bike, and then having it all happen.

These are the most common. I have only had one dream, and it was so powerful... I probably shouldn’t even share. I have blacked out before and predicted a fire. When I was blacked out, I wrote on the counter, "on fire" this was the only time I had really shared my gift with a close friend out of fear that something terrible was about to happen. She appeased me and took out anything flammable from her car and home. Candles, matches, lighter fluid, etc. Of course nothing happened and I was ashamed that people might think I was crazy for being wrong. In turn I have tried to do some research on it... nothing very helpful.

But I suppose I am writing more for an answer to a question. About a year ago exactly, I was having, I suppose, dreams but I was awake. Sights I guess is a better term, nothing too dramatic, ( no dead people) but I would see Lightning touch the earth almost 3 to 5 times a day. No one else could seem to see it, no one but me. I tried to research signs like that, and the best I could come up with was an explanation that lightning was a sign of CHANGE. It made some sense, due to the fact I was moving away from my family and friends to a new city. So I let it go. Now I am having similar sights lol, that I’m kind of confused about and now I’m beginning to think I am really crazy. It’s the same.. it has only happened 3 times so far, but it’s small grey, dead kittens. I would normally blame this on traffic or maybe a litter born in my area, but every time I see it, it is in the same spot, in the same position.

Now let me correct myself, I know it is not the same dead kitten and I am just passing by it again over the weeks. Some days it will not be there and then it is. Does anyone know what’s going on? I have seen spirits, and talked with what I believe is an angel. I don’t know what to do, please someone make me feel like I’m not crazy.. loll or tell me if I am.

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Oct 26, 2010
You are not crazy
by: Anonymous

You are not crazy, I too have experiences that I cannot explain and I too have too many to list. Thank god I had a mother when I told her my experiences told me it runs in the family and it is nothing wrong with it or ashamed.

I too had an experience (dream) very specific about my sister n law being alone with my niece, now she is married to my brother and also has a son. In this dream I saw something electrical igniting in the house, but my brother and nephew were not home.

When my sister n law told me that she was alone with my niece, chills went down my spine and I told her about my dream the night before, since she knows how I was, she disconnected all the appliances in the house, nothing happened but knowing that I told her and nothing did happened I feel good about it.

I wish I could have more of these dreams and actually help people, I usually have dreams not knowing what they mean and then I read or hear about it on the news and then it makes sense.

Jun 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have similar experiences about seeing things
or having dreams at night but most of the time only when something bad is about to happen, but not very often.

I also use to see strange things but I never spoke to angels, and found out I was being drugged, and
after that I stopped seeing things such as ghosts, and shadows and only see visions when something bad is going to happen. My last experience was just before my husband had his accident, and I told him to stay on the main road, because I seen a deer but he didn't listen to me and went on the back roads and hit a deer with his motorcycle, he now has trouble with the leg that he broke, that was a year ago.

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